Wall-Street Sit-In, Sept. 17, 2011

Wall-Street Sit-In, Sept. 17, 2011

2011 September 15

Josh has assisted me to discover what the FBI memo and poster for “Days of Rage” relates to.  It relates to a non-violent sit-in or occupation of Wall Street to be held Sept. 17, 2011. To characterize it as “Days of Rage” seems to me an attempt to scare people and lead them to believe it’s violent. I have no difficulty supporting a non-violent sit-in.

Our Mission

On the 17th of September, we want to see 20,000 people to flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat one simple demand in a plurality of voices and we will not leave until that demand has been met.

Like our brothers and sisters in Egypt, Greece, Spain, and Iceland, we plan to use the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic of mass occupation to restore democracy in America. We also encourage the use of nonviolence to achieve our ends and maximize the safety of all participants.

Who is Occupy Wall Street?

Occupy Wall Street is leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.

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With so many American's unemployed, many people will have the time to participate.  Who is launching this event?

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Hundreds Expected for "Occupy Wall Street" Protest

Hundreds of people are expected to join a protest in New York City on Saturday dubbed "Occupy Wall Street." Organizers say they intend to "take over Wall Street" and stage popular assemblies. Organizer Justin Wedes said the protest is being called to help spark a mass movement against corporate dominance.

Justin Wedes: "More than having any specific demand, per se, I think the purpose of September 17th, for many of us who are helping to organize it and people who are coming out, is to begin a conversation, as citizens, as people affected by this financial system in collapse, as to how we’re going to fix it, as to what we’re going to do in order to make it work for us again."

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Any updates on how this went or is going? Haven't really heard much about it - and it was supposed to be a simultaneous protest in like 5 cities around the world. I did hear that the porta potties were full though, LOL! Seems like a great opportunity to poop on the banks' front steps...

This came to me on my facebook page:  Wall Street Protest, Sept 18 2011


Another link came to me by way of my facebook friends--- Wall Street Closed as Protesters March


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Here's a video clip of the march.  There are others on this page, too.


Here is  another link to a pictorial account of the Wall Street Sit-In/Protest/Demonstration!

The Day the People Took Back Wall Street

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Thanks, Fairy.  Great photos.  Anyone know whose face is on that silver coin?

On its homepage, RoarMag has more photos and articles about this and similar anti-banks protests across the world.  http://roarmag.org/

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Wow, those two videos (via blue hyperlinks above) are really disturbing.  The brutality appears to be aimed at easy marks like women, and men with very little meat on their bones.  I think the protesters are showing great restraint and their words convey much wisdom:  “Do not do what you are told,” the Occupy Wall St. group urged NYPD’s lower-ranking “blue collar” officers on Wednesday. “We are peaceful and you know this. We offer you coffee in the morning and water in the day. You always refuse and we know that’s because they told you to. Speak of the crimes of your supervisors. We will help you. We are expressing the same frustration that you feel. You are the 99 percent. Join us. Join our conversation.”

Mainstream media is noticeably absent here.  The footage we do see is filmed by citizens and uploaded to Youtube.  We should not take for granted the fact that Youtube is owned by Time Warner.  We're already seeing increased censorship on the site, so we should not be surprised if it suddenly becomes inaccessible.  People would be wise to find an alternative website, now, for uploading such videos.  (Time Warner also owns Google video.)

One of the few professional news organizations to cover this story is Democracy Now.  You can hear some protestors interviewed in this broadcast: http://www.democracynow.org/2011/9/26/occupy_wall_street_protest_enters_second


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One woman in the video which Fairy posted above, has since given an interview for RT.com.  Her name is Chelsea Elliot.

I have to admire the composure I've seen from these protesters.


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