Lucifer and New Age

So, I was reading an article that mentioned the Luciferian Doctrine and tried finding out more about it.  As it turns out, there is a bunch of information out there that mentions it, but nothing that really goes into much detail about what this "Doctrine" entails.


As I was reading there were several articles talking about how this idea of the Luciferian Doctrine has similar roots to the New Age and Theosophist movements.  Now, I don't know much about these, but according to any of these articles, it seems like many of the so called "elite" are part of this process.


Now, I don't consider myself a part of any religion.  I was raised Christian and have studied most of the religions of the world and all seem to have major faults.  The ideas brought about through the New Age movement seem to resonate with me strongly, but this idea of Lucifer is a little startling.


First off, the same people who are said to oppose Christianity are using the Bible to describe their beliefs in this Lucifer as a Saviour.  Now, I've been reading about New Age ideas for some time, but this is new to me.  I try to keep an open mind, but I don't understand the connection here.


Could this be disinformation from the religious elite, the powers that be, or could it be legit?  I'm a little lost and confused on the subject lately.  None of it really resonates, but I would like to find out more.  If anybody has information on the Luciferian Doctrine, Free Mason's Society, Illuminati, or the New Age movement, please share.


Thanks.  Peace out.

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Hi Nick,

You've stumbled onto something I find very important. I invite you to read the summary below for starters. Wild stuff, but you never know!

With love and warm wishes,

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Thanks for sharing that message, Fred.  I didn't see any indication as to who authored that article, but I think it is that which calls itself, "Hidden Hand."  I have read much of the Hidden Hand materials with an open mind and after much consideration, I've concluded (IMHO) that these messages are part of a disinformation campaign.  What better way to get the masses to accept all these self-centured, brutally sadistic actions than to say that God (Yahweh) has approved the game whose purpose (a negative harvest) is utimately for our own good within the grand evolutionary process?  It just doesn't ring true for me.

Nick, I searched for the actual "Luciferian Doctrine" document and came up empty-handed.  (Surprisingly, I sometimes find such "private" documents online.)  This time, however, I found another document called "Satan, Prince of this World" which may shed some light on the subject.

Alternately, there is a Youtube video entitled, "Luciferian Doctrine."


and here is a longer talk by William Cooper:

It is confusing Nick!  It takes some diligent study that always leads to diligent personal work to understand this stuff rudimentaryly.  All roads lead to Source with a bit of a detour to Love or to Fear.

To All- I share with you the wisdom I have gleaned thus far.

STS is like dealing with a scorpion.  Pick it up and it will sting you.  It will sting other scorpians.  It is opportunistic and concerned with only its self.  It feeds on anything that it is able to feed upon.  This is what it is designed to do by its creator.  Is it "THE BIG Creator"  or is it the "little gods playing creator" that created the scorpian?  The answer is lost to the sands of TIME.

There is much truth is the there is BS there as well. 

There is equally much truth in

Discernment is key. 

Lucifer Complex is concerned with its own survival.  If need be they will eat their young.  This is the Game they play-- they play the game of Power/Control/Domination-- just about any word that is an attribute of seperation/negativity they aspire to.  This is what they are here to do.  And in the process of thier process, we have the "free will" to reject and transcend them or to succumb to their game as pawns or to join them in the game. 

The "Free Will"  is not always so free.  The Free Will can be hijacked with interference and programming.  It is like becoming striken with a parasite that takes over your physical vehicle.  This is also an attribute of the Negative STS types. 

A Great resource on this is Robert Morning Sky.  Yes, for those who remember him, he is back and here with a renewed call to purpose.  Very good stuff.  I would like to point you to the article called Parasite Rex:

Now, at the 6th level Density (non-physical-- able to create form at a whim definately not an Earth Zipcode) the ONLY choice to make is to return to LOVE-- wholeness. 

The Law of One is found  at  It is helpful to study this but not become cystalized in a Belief System of Dogma.

What I found helpful is to realize that every teaching offers one or more pieces to the Wholeness Puzzle. 

We are all here on a journey back to source.  Some of us take the loooong way around thorugh Negative Polarity and then there are those of us that take a more direct Route, Positive Polarity and then there are those who spend more Epochs than predicted in Neutral.  The only way out is Up and toward the Love-Light or Dark.

I bless you with Love.



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