Cool interview and ideas from Ellen Brown's daughter

Perhaps others have been exposed to these ideas before but this interview offered an expansion of consciousness for me.

I hope you all enjoy.



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The current global financial mechanism is an ingeniously deceptive system of slavery.  So subtle and pervasive is it that people have become programmed to think that paper currency is as necessary to survival as air.  Few folks can conceive of any useful alternatives and even fewer see any reason to abandon the central banking system we have now, even as many suspect foul play.   The ideas presented in this video are excellent, however, changing the current patradigm will be no easy task.  The learning curve of this topic is long and steep, and without motivation to change, most people have no reason to explore alternative methods of trade.

Finanical experts (NOT under the thumb of the cabal), will tell you that a global financial meltdown is inevitable and imminent.   And like an old bandaid, the sooner it comes down the less painful it will be.

That for me is sufficient impetus to change.

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