Call to the Round Table

I've got a question to pose:  What is the best way to deal with someone who wholeheartedly believes in the use of guns as the best way to defend ourselves?  The argument goes something like this:  "Look at Texas, their crime rate is so low because they know everyone has a gun and no one's going to mess with you if they think you're packin'.  That's a pretty good argument for guns right there.  And if you think taking away guns is going to help you when the shit hits the fan, that the criminals won't have guns anyway and use them against you, then you're pretty naive.  You'll be left high and dry my friend." 

What's your take?  Agree or disagree?

The right to bear arms is in the USA Constitution for a reason.  Individuals that are allowed to defend themselves are less likely to be overrun in the event of a Coup d'etat. 

I personally do not bear any arms other the ones that are the God/Goddess Given ones on which my hands are attached to... but I will not take the right from another because I personally do not like guns.

I do however like the right to bear arms if I deem I must... the option is always present. 

When we legislate rights away... all rights are on the table to be legislated away--- I feel it is best to allow others to evolve away from weapons and in the Light of Peace.


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Hi, Francis.

Really good question.  I think gun control is something like locks on your doors... it just keeps the honest people, honest.  People who would break the law to use a gun as a weapon against someone is going to do that whether there is a gun control law on the books or not.

That said, I'm very much against weapons of any kind, and think that as we look toward evolving, we should be able to solve our differences in a more peaceable way.  Guns and bombs were invented, and manufactured to kill.  Period. Violence never stopped violence.

I respect the opinions of those who feel differently.  I just think for myself, I choose not to have one in the house, and I hope that I am never in such a dire circumstance that would force me to have to use one. 

Not sure this helps. 

Lots of love,


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I don't like guns, either, and don't own one.  I won't even handle one because I like the way it feels so much that I might go out and buy one.  I don't think I could shoot another person; there are other options to "disarm" someone that would probably be trumped by having a gun on hand.  

But I would be naive to think that the ownership of guns by a significant percentage of the population wouldn't act as a deterrent to forhtright aggression by the criminal cabal against citizens.  Gun ownership was seen as the last option for a population whose government betrays them.  An armed population is a formidable potential obstacle to overt attack of any kind.  I read that during WWII the Japanese considered invading the mainland US but scrapped the plan because of the large armed population.  I don't know if that's true, but it's certainly plausible.  I also read that every authoritarian government sets about attempting to disarm its population.  I haven't fact checked that either, but that just has to be true. 

So, I, too, am a staunch defender of the Second Amendment.  I used to be  in favor of gun control.  I no longer am.  Yes, one day we will surely evolve to a point where guns will be merely barbaric relics of the past displayed in museums alongside crossbows and suits of armor.  But we aren't there yet.

In any case, I consider gun ownership to be a very personal decision -- valid to own one, valid not to.

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for your responses.  I think the natural follow up question would be:  If you aren't willing to use a gun yourselves to shoot someone then how can you in good conscience let others do so?  I know I sound naive while saying this but if it came right down to it, worse-case-scenario, would you pull the trigger?  And what does that say about what we are still capable of as human beings, and about what we are trying to accomplish by changing the paradigm?  I mean this simply as food for thought.

I Gandhi had grabbed a gun what would have happened to his movement?  Or MLK? 

Much love,


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Practically speaking, how can I (or you or anyone) not let someone else own a gun?  What would it look like?  First, it's within his Constitutional rights to own one.  I, or the government, or you, would have to use illegal force (or threat of) in order to deter him from owning a gun.  And when that force is used, then freedom is gone.  You would have to exert control over him.  A completely safe society is a fiction, but for the sake of argument, what would such a society look like, given the development of mankind at this time?  It would have to be a completely stable one.  Every individual would have to be completely controlled and therefore predictable in behavior.  It would be a society without life. 

...In fact, in this world as it is, if someone wants to take your life, they can -- guns or no.  There are many means to kill.  Do we prevent people from owning knives, scissors, rope, harmful chemical substances, rope, cars, pillows?  There could be more effective means of preventing violent crime than gun control or trying to force people to change their behavior -- which reminds me, did you know that violent crimes are considerably down over the past decade or so.  (Fred sent out this info. in one of his WantToKnow mailings a while ago.)  Our media tries to tell a different story; let's not fall for it.  We don't need gun control.  We need compassion for one another and the will to reign in our out-of-control govenment.  They are the real "external" threat, even though they are aspects of ourselves collectively.  And people owning guns is one deterrent to an out-of-control, criminal government.  I haven't yet watched video posted above by PLJ4All above, but I'll bet my eye teeth that it's consonant with the view I've expressed here.

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Francis –  

I couldn’t help but think that the question you presented had an unspoken/unwritten ending to it.


Was your “real” question something like this…………


What is the best way to deal with someone who wholeheartedly believes in the use of guns as the best way to defend ourselves – when that is not true?   Maybe it’s just me, but I thought that I heard that ending on there.


I would also ask for you to define your meaning of the word “deal”.   Is this person coming to you asking you to change your beliefs?   Or would you just like to change this person point of view?


Any way – those are just some introspective, rhetorical questions you might want to ponder.


Now about me….

I have never liked guns. I resisted handling any for most of my life and when a fairly new acquaintance plopped a pistol into my hand one day, saying, “Here, look what my husband just got.” I was pissed.  She had taken away my ability to say that I had never even touched a gun.  Well… life moves on.  I moved from the city where only criminals and police had guns and now live in the wild, wild west where hunting and guns are common place.  It’s no big deal to the natives.   That doesn’t mean I like guns any better – but there is a different attitude about guns here.  Kids get rifles for birthday presents.  The know how to care for them… and use them properly.  There is a very low incidence of people shooting each other out here in Montana.   I think I have seen more stabbing, strangling or just plain fist fight reports in the papers – as a matter of fact. 


I work for a man who is a gun collector and has the same beliefs as probably the person you were talking about.  One of my co-workers (and it could be more than one) carries a concealed weapon (with permit) at all times.  When I found this out I asked “Why?” (With a capital W.)  Surprised  He said, “I may not be able to stop trouble, but I won’t go down for lack of fire power.”    I thought about that a bit and then replied, “I’m glad I don’t live in your world.”  To which his retort was “Yes - you DO live in my world, you just don’t know it.”   And my reply back was, “No…. I don’t.”   And then I had to laugh.    A line from A Course in Miracles always repeats in my head when having conversations like these… about “protection.”   The line is :  “In my defenselessness – my safety lies.”     This line is profound on so very many levels for me.  Not only does it cover the gun issue for me, it also covers my need to “defend” my beliefs or positions.   He can walk around, with his gun in constant contact with his body, reminding him that the world he lives in is a dangerous place requiring protection.  I will walk around in my world – where that is not true.   And yet we can interact and work at the same place.   No right or wrong about it.   Pretty cool, huh?


Perhaps you are just not living in the same world as the one that you are interacting with.  And perhaps in his/her world… there is a need for their guns.    If they “wholeheartedly” believe….. well -  it might just prove to be fatal (removing the whole heart)  to try and change that belief. 

I sure like the discussions that come out of your threads.  So many great points - from many great people on this path of discovery.

With Love,










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You all make very valid points in live and let live and somewhere within me I agree with you.  I guess another part of me just got upset at the whole argument.  Life seems pretty crazy sometimes with soooo many different perspectives on the whole thing.  Thanks for talking me down off my high chair, I guess I simply no longer desire to live in a world where such violence is a so common place.  Again, thanks for all your insightful and thoughtful responses, they are very welcomed and appreciated.  Sometimes its good to take the uncomfortable position when I need some help in understanding an issue and I guess I continue to post because the opinions here seem well thought out and intelligent.  It's funny Bob, I had trouble writing that word "let" and didn't like the sound of it myself.  And yes, Mary, your hunch was correct.  I think all that free time's gonna make you a force to be reckoned with!

Love and thanks to you all and have a great weekend!


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How I agree with your statement, Francis – “I simply no longer desire to live in a world where such violence is so common place.”  A difficult part of this path I/we are on is the letting go of our fiercely held beliefs of right and wrong.   Yet, it is the very thing that the violence was created from. 


I think the issue of “needing” guns could be a discernment tool used to see where an individual is on the path in relationship to you.  All points on the path have value and will be traveled.  When you find those of like mind – they are the ones closest to where you are on the path.  They will just reflect yourself back to you.  If you look back through the posts again… you might just find that we were right there in close proximity to you - reflecting you.


With Love,


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You could absolutely hate guns, and then you end up in a situation where someone who fiercely believes in the right to bear arms and has the guns to prove it, ends up saving your life with a gun.  That is the kind of sense of humor I see Creation exhibiting, a way to gently compel one look past their passionately held pet determinations and smile, and then laugh, and then end up on the ground rolling around with tears of laughter in their liberated eyes....

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What about all the American children who die in accidents with handguns? The huge number of killings from impassioned arguments? "Going Postal" and the ease of mass killings by high school or college boys(which might actually have to do with taking/stopping anti-depressants). How about the number of successful suicides with a gun? They are much more likely to be fatal than other methods. I've read they don't have these same problems in Japan where hardly anyone has a gun.

In Japan--- No one has any rights.  Miranda Rights-- None.  Free Speech--Nope. Freedom of Religion-- Nope.  Freedom to move about freely-- Nope.  Liberty-- Nope.  Nada.  Zip.

 Plenty of children are murdered, beaten, maimed and/or sold into slavery in Japan and throughout asia  Since guns are not available except if you are part of the Gangs or in the Military/Police forces people just use knives, blunt objects, canes-- Caning by the way is legal in most of Asia for the most minor of offenses...

Shaming is another way to keep the population in line beginning in pre-school.  In most schools little girl's uniforms are measured from the knee to the hem.  if they have grown a little and thier hemline is too high they are publically shamed for their "transgression."  So comparing Japanese society with USA is not a fair comparision.

The second ammendment does not make someone more violent.  Violent tendencies make someone violent. 

All those well behaved quiet and shy Japanese children--- caning takes care of any resistence or individuality. 



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... the devil made me say that...Even though the gun violence frightens me the idea of no guns seems worse. I would want there to be guns if the government tried to impose military control of the public. I think people should be able to carry guns if their lives are in danger period.

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I find myself involved in a conversation with another person in which it soon becomes apparent that our opinions on a subject are diametrically opposed and no amount of dialogue is going to change that fact.  Experience is the greatest teacher and our experiences are coming from two opposite ends of the spectum.  So then I find myself stuck in a conversation going nowhere - just egos butting heads, growing depressed for having involved myself in the conversation in the first place and wondering what is the best way to get out of it without any lasting strain on our friendship.  My opinion hasn't changed; their opinion hasn't changed.  Now there's just an overwhelming air of discomfort between us - a white elephant threatening to sit on either of us at the next word.  It's enough to make me unwilling to share my views ever again on such topics. 

I feel strongly about my beliefs, knowing I forged them during my long trek through hell, through the dark side of life that for so long nearly overwhelmed me and made me so frequently long for the sweet mercy and release of death.  This time in hell (that I think we've all gone through to one extent or another), this dark night of the soul, has definitely informed me of what I am available for and what I am not.  It would've been so easy to succumb to the violence, vengeance, power, etc. when I was at the bottom, to fight fire with fire, an eye for an eye, because when you're angry enough and no longer care about your own life or about those of anyone around you such reactionary behavior comes quite easy, and when someone pushes you enough or backs you into a corner it's easy to snap.  I thank God no one put a gun in my hand at that point in my life because I sincerely don't know what I may have been capable of.  And yet if and when you pull yourself out of such a pit of despair you do so one step at a time, each step forging a new set of hard won values that expresses your new belief system, the old one destroyed, for it was a dead end that almost destroyed you, and a new way arising from the ashes with each new breath.  But, even though such beliefs have been forged in fire, I also understand that these beliefs, if we are to survive, need to be fluid and are constantly morphing and evolving as our consciousness evolves, and rightly so.

That being said, I think what I meant from this post even more than the "right to bear arms" which is so clearly presented in our Constitution was the philosophy/psychology behind the right to harm another life.  And there are many ways to do this, death definitely not being the worst result.  I know those of you looking for concrete evidence, proof and "facts" (though if the planes of 911 were possibly a holographic image what does that say about facts?) may not like this subject but I think it is just such subjects (those that have to do with our internal values and decision making processes) that have to do with the reason why we're being bombarded with such confusion today.  You put it very nicely Chris in your Blue Beam post when you said, "all the confusion may very well be the catalyst for moving all of us in that spiritual evolutionary direction" and "how to parce it all, what resonates and what doesn't, is a very personal thing, as it should be in a very personal, sovereign and intimate journey of discovery."  We all need to be very clear about what we're available for and what we're not available for and it will be a very personal decision for each and every one of us.  This may be why it is so easy to butt egos on controversial topics.  

One thing I forgot to mention at the beginning of this post was that this person also "loved" shooting possums with a twelve guage and watching them disintegrate.  I'm doing my best to pour love into this exchange (after the fact) and overcome all judgment (the reason I brought this up in the first place - needed help), she's turning twenty-three and grew up in Texas in a different culture.  So I have no right to judge her.  I know what I'm not available for, harming other life (though I know I need to examine each and every minute detail of everything I do to be able to say that with a clear conscience), and she knows what she is available for.  Our experiences are different that's all.  As you said Mary we've got to let go of our beliefs about right and wrong.  She's got her own lessons to learn and I've got to figure out what I was supposed to learn from my exchange with her and so life teaches everyone. 

And again I thank you for all your help in this post.  I just got back from a weekend in Yosemite away from technology - wonderful! - and now I've got to catch up on all the great info and videos everyone's been posting. 

Love and light,



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It always amazes me how someone else can put my feelings into words so well.   You did just that Francis.  And even better than I could have – lol!!   I read your post saying.. yes.. yes… yes…. All the way through. 


Out here the big sport for those boring days is shooting gophers.   How this doesn’t touch something – somewhere inside of them – is beyond me.  That is something I never want to be able to understand.  I will choose to retain that part of me that feels.  Even if it does cause me discomfort at times.


Glad to hear you took the weekend off and spent it in such a great place! 


With Love,



I apologize if my passion concerning our rights to choice and our constitutional rights if USA citizen caused you harm.  I apologize.

I can understand the horror of watching another without any regard for life use a life as a form of sport. 

When someone inflicts harm on another it is usually because they view the other as seperate from themselves. 

I thank you for sharing so eloquently. 



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"because they view the other as separate from themselves"

It never even occurs to them.  And if someone points it out to them they are ridiculed and labeled as sappy bleeding hearts that would die in the wilderness because they have no survival skills.  Those bleeding heart liberal new agers have been "cityfied".

There are some places you dare not even raise the subject unless you want to be wearing your ass for a hat, LOL.  The illusion of separation, the very thing that had those people pushing the button in that movie, The Box....

We ALL still suffer from the illusory affliction to one degree or another....

Could you elaborate, Chris.  Perhaps I am bit thick headed today... but I am not completely clear what you are saying.  I wish to understand and find I am lacking.



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Just hope you all realize that doing your hunting at the super market can be far less humane that shooting possums for sport (especially if the woods hunter actually eats what he/she shoots)

Just keeping you all thinking - it's so important to really completely listen and look at the other perspective.


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Sorry Wendy -

Hunting at the supermarket compared with

shooting possums for sport -

followed by the comment "especially if the woods hunter actually eats what he/she shoots"

is like comparing apples and rocks and snow.

You are talking about three very different things there. 

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the core of my thought (relating to that simple yet profound sentence I quoted from your post) was that the strong illusion of separation can create such a disconnect that the thought of feeling anything for the sentient object of the "sport" does not even occur to some.

"they think they are separate"

We all suffer from this perceptual malady to some degree, and I am pretty sure that all distortion of Reality arises from this mistaken premise

not sure if that says it any better or not...

most indigenous cultures kill for food, and yet know little to nothing of separation, understanding they are one with the Earth and Nature, but that's another story altogether (even though I cannot get some of my vegetarian and vegan friends to understand it - they see it as hypocrisy).  I see it as a deep integrity and cultivation of high regard at a very very intimate level, eating the animal you just killed while respecting and honoring that life.

obviously a somewhat complicated subject....

Thank you, Chris.  I understand now.


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Have been watching this thread and not responding-I am predominantly vegetarian, eating wild caught fish or free range chicken on rare occasions but I live with a man that is a hunter and has been all of his life. He is very pro gun as in 'it is a fundamental right under the constitution'.

Very young, I found out I didn't want anything to do with guns while we were in the field and he shot a rabbit that didn't die instantly. It hurt my heart as he wrung it's neck to end it's pain. I will never forget how I felt that day. But I also know this man. I have spent 35 years growing up with him. In the field, he is respectful of the animals he hunts. He is prayerful upon 'kill' thanking the animal for giving life so that he may sustain his own. He would be the first to report poaching and to advocate for the animals and appropriate land use/conservation etc.

You don't have to agree, but I'm trying to put forth the idea that there can be a 'middle ground'. My husband isn't an 'angry man'. He isn't a redneck out shooting up signs and possums and whatever else for target practice. He isn't threatening, he doesn't shoot guns on New Year's eve or the fourth of July!

I would prefer to not have guns in our home, but to be honest, if someone came knocking at my door with the intent to disarm us or harm us, I might have to agree with the right to bear them. Our forefathers had reason to write the constitution as it was written. Guns don't kill people, other people do.

Personally I opt for the idea that we can both be right. Any argument is just one point on a line of many differing perspectives, neither fundamentally good or bad.

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Yes Onesong-

I don't know if your husband would ever call his activity sport but I guess this was what I was trying to convey. I think everyone here has heard of the horrors of factory farming, compared to that your husband's activites are quite humane.


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for your well-stated contribution.  That, again, is another form of respect for life; the same way the native peoples respected life when they hunted in the wild.  Such respect comes when one understands their connection to all life and honors it in all they do, much different than hunting for sport alone.  This shows no respect or understanding of life.  Though now almost a strict vegetarian myself, I have no problem with others eating meat if they show that life force such respect in doing so.  After taking the Transformation Course I think we all understand how much the corporations that control the food industry have strayed from such life honoring practices and how much we all need to get back to the land in some form or fashion not only to keep our bodies healthy but that of the earth as well.  Soon we may have no choice in this matter but in all likelihood we'd be better to start before then.

The thinking issue is one which I think we all need to take a closer look at.  From what I've been reading lately it seems to be at the heart of our problems - the thinking with the mind.  From what I've read and understood we need to take the power back from the mind, which was only supposed to be a servant to the heart, and follow our heart's direction.  I could try to relate this in my own words but found it articulately expressed in Telos 3: Protocols of the Fifth Dimension: 

The mind's original purpose was to be a faculty in service to the heart, and not the other way around.

The human mind does not have the wisdom of the heart and is unable to offer you the wisdom of the Mind of God.

The mind is a house of questions and the heart is a library of answers.

It is the mind's role to learn and analyze.  It is the heart's role to choose and do.  Hearts connect, while minds separate.

Your awareness has been focused until now on the veil of duality, which was created by the nature of the mind and not the heart.  The mind's awareness will always seek to qualify and differentiate, to judge one against the other.  It will see anger and distrust, because it also sees love and calm.  It will see arrogance and greed, because it also sees mercy and generosity.  The heart, however, is aware only of unity, which is the product of unconditional love and forgiveness. 

It is the time now for you to begin to realize that there is a very great difference between the energies that come from your heart and the vibration that resides there, and the inadequacies and judgments that are part of your mind, which could trick you.  The more you can acknowledge that they are not you, they are something to be given over to God, the more you will stay in the vibration that you seek and supports you.

Those who are waking up are always looking for more information, the latest news from the light realms, more channelings, more techniques, more activations, etc.  We notice that a great percentage of you take this information through the mind and you do not integrate much of what you learn . . . If you applied yourself to integrate much more and become it, most of you would already be in the ascended state by now.  We say to you that it is your mind and not your heart that wants all these things.  Many of you are feeding the mind at the expense of the heart.  Your heart knows it all, and certainly knows the simplest ways to get you there, where you want to go into your spiritual freedom through ascension.  Your heart knows the easy pathway, while your mind wants to make you believe that it is very difficult and complex. 



This whole trust your heart not your mind, your mind is supposed to serve your heart totally dualistic...good bad, seperation inducimg...

Unity is when your heart and mind connect and this is the only way to guide you into the depths of yourself...and that is what Yoga's actually what Yoga unite mind and body.....

Your heart will and has lied to you every bit as often as your mind...independently they serve's all about connecting them.....

Sorry I know this goes against the whole new age and lightworker philosophy I read all the time but understanding it truly changed my life for the better, helped me become pro-active instead of re-active...



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Have experienced the same, when I am in balance and harmony in my own skin, life flows peacefully.

"When the Lion and the Lamb lay down together there will be peace."

The Mind (Aries=Mars=LAMB), The Heart (Leo=Sun=LION)

Peace, Love, Joy.

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discard it, no harm meant.  I think they are just trying to say that our minds are full of incessant chatter that is very often difficult to stop, and much of this chatter seeks to judge and separate.  I know when I'm confronted by a difficult person or situation my mind is quick to criticize and judge him/her or it, while somewhere deep inside I know this is not the way and is only hurting myself.  Somewhere inside of me I know we are all one, but my mind is very quick to override this and, before I even have a say in the matter, is separating everything into categories - ugly/pretty, obnoxious/polite, good/bad, whatever - as my thoughts begin chattering in judgment.  The judging mind takes over while my inner knowing struggles to send the truer message across - that All is One and it is only my dualistic perception/thinking that still seeks to see things as separate and in opposition.


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a better word for judgment might be "determination".  the moment we make a determination about some one or thing, we have further distorted our inherent divine understanding and added undue complication.  I can only imagine how many skins are on this onion for each of us since beginning this process of navigating 3rd density physical life.

And now we have to undo the onion?  what a trip...  Reality does not require us to make determinations about anything since it already is what it is and we are who we are before the first ego-based left brain determination is made...  I would imagine a balanced synergy between left and right brain is in order...

at the same time we have daily decisions to make that require some form of determination, so maybe a discipline of less attachment to and overblown investment in those rudimentary determinations is part of the answer.  As always, as Bill Hicks said with such liberating understanding, "Its just a ride"...

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I guess we could surrender and let the knowing of the Divine that is already within us unfold in its own way, and allow the childlike wonder to return to our conditioned lives.....  I liken ourselves to children trying to help its parent..... Remembering when my kids were little and wanting to help make the bed or assist with the making of cakes.     It was much easier and quicker for me to do these things myself, but to please and help them learn I allowed them to...Of course the results were off line Lol,    but the joy that they got and the love that unfolded and engulfed us far outweighed any small dissruption to my time frame or interpretation of how the cake should turn out what colour the icing should be, or how the pillows should be placed and on which end of the bed.

Long ago when I was cooking in a nursing home. It was run by a woman a nurse the home  had 21 patients and the woman had five young kids of her own. One morning I was preparing lunch when I looked up and saw the littlest tot playing in the dogs water bowl, I thought yuk  but the mother who was in the kitchen with me walked out to the child bent down and played in the water with him leting him feel the coolness and wetness and talked to him about how it was fun but that it was really there so the dog would not go thirsty. It was a valuable lesson to me one that I have never forgotten.

Maybe I should allow that knowing that wisdom that wonder to unfold within me and give myself permission to recognize that I am are a part of but also one with Mother Nature as I am a part of yet one with my Human Birth Mother.


Peace Love and Joy

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"and allow the childlike wonder to return to our conditioned lives"

"and allow the childlike wonder to return to our conditioned lives"

"and allow the childlike wonder to return to our conditioned lives"

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I enjoyed reading every question and response and particularly appreciated the level of respect and sensitivity  shown by all. Over the years I have been on both sides of these discussions, sometimes based on where I was living and later, based on my maturation and spiritual progress.  I enjoyed hunting for many years and ate the deer, rabbit, duck,quail and pheasant that I shot and shared with my family and friends. I loved being out in the woods on a cold autumn morning watching a bird dog  I had trained work a hedgerow. Frequently, my friends and I would agree to give all or part of our kill to a family that needed food for the winter. This is when I lived and worked in a rural community in northern NJ. Gun ownership  was as important as getting your drivers liscense. Gun etiquette and the state rules and regs were taught at the local high school. Later, in boot camp in the Army, I was taught  how to fire a rifle at targets that looked like men. This is what I was expected to do to defend my country. Could I have pulled the trigger on a machine gun to stop a wave of drugged up North Koreans who were trying to kill me? Yes I think I could have, but fortunately I was sent to Germany and not Korea. Still, I had made the decision that if I had to shoot another human in order to protect myself or my family then that is what I would do. Now, many years later, I live near a large city with a serious crime problem. There have been many instances of druggies with guns breaking into homes during the day or night and terrorizing the family. My neighbors and I all own guns and many have elaborate alarm systems. Yes, we should be allowed to own guns to defend our homes. No, we should not be allowed access to machine pistols, etc.,but  where do you draw the line between a repeating shotgun and a machine gun? I am now at that point in life where I believe I cocreate my life experiences and that my thoughts, attitude and energy fields attract like forces. If I start each day with a meditation and heartfelt prayer for world peace,for greater respect for our planet , for love and respect for my fellow man then I hopefully, will never need to use my revolver. But I don't want anyone taking my right to own it away from me.

I love each and every one of you,


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That's all I could think while reading your straight from the Heart Beam core of your Being.

Every time you post, I adore your benevolent generous honest spirit more..

Thank you for that alone dear Brother.......   LLP, Chris

I you HEARTS with LOVE!  Thank you, Jim.  I feel the love in your words.


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for your thoughtful, supportive and loving words Jim.  I'm happy to hear you didn't have to shoot anyone in the war.  As Phil Schneider said in Chris' Blue Beam post you're never the same after.  I think maybe I'm concerned about the karma contract that we solidify upon shooting another person.  I for one have no desire to work out any more karma, to have to come back and work it all out again, it feels like it's been a loooooonnnnngggg enough road already! 

Love from the other coast!


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Thanks Wendy, just what the doctor ordered...

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