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Always love viewing other species. Seems to always be such a refreshing honesty there and has such a calming effect. Never contrived.
Also, the starfish made me think of Sacred Geometry, how their behavior vaguely (or not so vague) relates to the patterns found in this physical 3D world, kinda like how schools of fish look and move as one. Seems to be so many good messages there if we are willing to read the signs. I am starting to think the question "why" is the ego's most popular and efficient evasive action ruse..... I look forward to the day when "why" is such a boring notion that it simply fails to come to mind.....

Living, Loving and Laughing as if "One" is all there is,

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Dear Lisle, I really liked the cloud rat too.......cute little hands,soft brown eyes! Love,Mary

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