Coming to grips with possible events in Florida.


For the last few days this situation has caused quite a few fluctuations in my emotions. Fear...Sadness..Anger..and finally close to depression.  I need to come to peace with myself with some sort of decision as to what to do in the event of a worse case senario or any thing in between. That goes...

Soviet crimes and collaberation with the Nazis

I think the film is a good example of how the left-right political divide is actually a contrived falsehood.

Be forwarned that there are scenes of war crimes, torture and death in this film but it clears up some misconceptions about the extent of crimes committed by the Soviets, their collaboration with the Nazis and the wests refusal to acknowledge that their "ally" committed crimes just as bad, if not worse than their enemy. The film also covers the idea that there is a Nazi element within Russia today that continues.

Full Moon Drumming

Hi all,

Saturday evening was a pleasure for me that I had not experienced before. I had planned on going to a full moon drumming with a group some ways south of me.  I found that it was not a convenient or comfortable feeling meeting with that group so I opted out, and decided to do my drumming by myself. As you know, the Full Moon Saturday was a very strong event especially since there was a partial eclipse Saturday morning.

The Earthquake Came

 I was doing some cleaning and getting rid of a lot of accumulated trash Saturday, when I came across an old book of poems that I hadn't looked at in many years. I opened it casually and it opened to this particular poem which seemed very apropo for what is happening in the world today. I wanted to share it with my friends. By the way, the author of the poem is an ex-priest who discovered that Source is much more than what the church had tried to instill in him and the parishioners. Here is the poem.



James Kavanaugh

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