FDA hopelessly corrupt & Possible Solutions

Jonathan Emord is a Constitutional attorney who has defeated the Food and Drug Administration seven times in federal court.  He was on the Coast to Coast AM radio show about a month ago and gave some very revealing information about the agency that regulates what we can legally put into our bodies.  He had some decent solutions as to how “We the people” can possibly take the power back from such an out of control agency that seeks to revoke our rights to choose concerning healthy food, nutrients and supplements, not to mention drugs.  The link (?, having trouble attaching link) is

Former Canadian Defense Minister - UFO's are Real, Gov't Knows it and has met them

Thats right, the former Minister of Defence of Canada has gone on record with testimony that UFO's are real, the government has had face to face meetings with them (in the US at least) and they've been back engineering technology since at least the end of WW2. Listen to this interview, its mind blowing:

Description is on today's Avalon Blog

My Thoughts on recent posts on The Gathering Spot

I have been following the posts on the Gathering Spot for about a month. Agree or Disagree I have enjoyed all of the posts.

My position is that it is ALL good and healthy interaction. Thank you Fred and all involved for the opportunity to share ideas from some very intelligent and compassionate members of the Team.

UFO over Chinese Airport

 I found this on YouTube after my sister told me her friends at work saw a major UFO story on ABC News about huge craft over China. They said the story disappeared after the one time they caught it between 11p and 1am last night-Monday 7/19/10....This video is from 7/8/10 I think so it may be separate from their story...

 Cheers, Brian

Saturday Unity Wave

Saturdasy's Unity Wave.

I just sent the following massage to all my friends and family.  I want to share it with this side of my family also.


Dear friends and family,

Underneath The Noise


Underneath the Noise
Hearing the Whisper

The whisper that reassures us everything is okay delivers its message with quiet confidence. Once we hear it, we know it speaks the truth.


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