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Brainwave Optimization Associated with Clinical Improvements After Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain State Technologies announces the presentation of results from a case series of 21 individuals with persisting symptoms following traumatic brain injury.

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Brain State Technologies

According to the researchers, 'use of HIRREM was associated with reduction in self-reported symptoms of insomnia, depression, and post-traumatic stress.'

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) April 14, 2014

Brain State Technologies announced today the presentation of results from a case series of 21 individuals with persisting symptoms following traumatic brain injury who enrolled in an open label research study using High-resolution, relational, resonance-based, electroencephalic mirroring (HIRREM®), known commercially as Brainwave Optimization®, at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Study participants reported improved sleep and fewer symptoms related to depression and post-traumatic stress.

Brainwave Optimization is a noninvasive, computer-guided technology that facilitates self-optimization of the brain by helping individuals achieve a state of deep relaxation. The presentation was made at the International Brain Injury Association‘s Tenth World Congress on Brain Injury in San Francisco on March 21. The study was conducted at the Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C., by Charles H. Tegeler, M.D., professor of neurology, and was made possible by a research grant from The Susanne Marcus Collins Foundation, Inc.

The participants in this case series had histories of traumatic brain injury related to military service, sports, or other accidents. They received an average of 16 HIRREM sessions, 90 minutes each, over 13 days. According to the researchers, “use of HIRREM was associated with reduction in self-reported symptoms of insomnia, depression, and post-traumatic stress.” Additionally, it was associated with increased heart rate variability.

Heart rate variability provides a measure of the heart’s ability to adjust its rate of beating, to speed up, or to slow, in response to new circumstances and stress conditions. Studies have shown that individuals with traumatic brain injury have reduced heart rate variability and, therefore, may have greater difficulty adapting to new circumstances or stresses.

“Imbalance of brain frequencies and amplitudes may be seen in conditions such as trauma or stress, for which insomnia is often an accompanying symptom,” said Tegeler. “This new technology is intended to allow the brain, on its own, to relax, and to shift towards improved balance, which may result in improved symptoms.” Results of the study will be published as an abstract in a forthcoming issue of the journal Brain Injury. This study is one of many that have been conducted at Wake Forest Baptist to investigate the role and value of Brainwave Optimization for a variety of health objectives.

Traumatic brain injury can have devastating consequences and may include a host of associated symptoms, including chronic headache, dizziness, insomnia, depression, cognitive difficulty, and impaired work functionality and social relationships. Direct costs associated with the treatment of TBI are estimated at $76.3 billion annually in the United States alone according to Finkelstein, E at al. The Incidence and Economic Burden of Injuries in the United States. New York (NY): Oxford University Press, 2006 Coronado, VG et al. The epidemiology and prevention of TBI, in press, 2012.

Lee Gerdes, the founder and CEO of Brain State Technologies, developed Brainwave Optimization (technically known as High-resolution, Relational, Resonance-based, Electroencephalic Mirroring™, or HIRREM™), in 2001 after suffering his own traumatic brain injury during a violent assault with a baseball bat in 1992.

Gerdes found, both from his own injury and from reviewing the data recorded from others, that recovery from trauma appeared to be associated with more optimized patterns of brainwave activity, especially improved balance between the left and right sides of the brain. Finding a way to help the brain undertake that self-optimizationled him to found Brain State Technologies to further develop and promote Brainwave Optimization.

“As someone with a background in engineering, it struck me that by turning brainwaves into sound frequencies, we could allow the brain to perceive itself in a kind of computer-guided, sound-based mirror, and that this might help the brain get the information it needed to make its own self-adjustments,” says Gerdes.

Since its inception, over 60,000 people have experienced Brainwave Optimization at nearly 200 affiliated centers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.

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MEDIA NOTE: If you would like more information about Brain State Technologies or Brainwave Optimization, please contact Brain State Technologies at 480.588.6840 or send an email to info(at)brainstatetech(dot)com.

About Brain State Technologies ( Brain State Technologies® is the world’s leading provider of brainwave balancing technology – Brainwave Optimization™. Founded in 2001 and developed by Lee Gerdes, the modality combines the latest advances in neuroscience, neuroplasticity, computer technology, mathematics and physics. Brainwave Optimization offers a non-invasive way for people of all ages to overcome cognitive, emotional, and physical challenges, and to enhance overall performance and wellbeing. With over 60,000 clients and more than 200 provider centers in 19 countries, the company is growing by licensing Brainwave Optimization worldwide.

Lee Gerdes is the author of Limitless You: The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain, available on For more information, please visit: Brainwave Optimization®, Brain State Technologies®, Brainwave Optimization with RTB™, Brain State®, HIRREM®, Intellifier®, Intellipoint®, Intellectrodes™, Intellisensors™, and Braintellect®, are all registered trademarks of Brain State Technologies, LLC. Unauthorized usage is in violation of various countries’ trademark laws. Brainwave Optimization with RTB™ is not intended to treat, cure, heal, or diagnose any disease, mental illness or symptom. Brainwave Optimization with RTB™ is intended to balance and harmonize brainwaves. Individual results may vary.

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Noa's picture

You're a good guy, John.  I remember hearing that most of the injuries sustained in the Gulf and Iraq/Afghanistan wars were due to brain injury.  Is that right?  Do you treat many veterans?  If you can share some success stories, I'd love to hear them.


ksaulino's picture

Hi, John!

It's always so great to see coverage of the effectiveness of alternative therapies!  Alex has been treated with neurofeedback (a similar treatment) for the last few years, and I have seen amazing results (for ADHD / Sensory Integration Dysfunction).  I'm still paying for it in cash based on its categorization as "unproven".  {sigh} Tiny steps forward.

It's great to see things shifting toward hopeful, non-invasive treatments that work!

esrw02's picture

  Awesome !!!!!!!!!!


     Love ya man , Eric

lightwins's picture

Noa, if you go to you can see testimonials for virtually everything.


Here are some I've received in the last year:


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Hi John,

I definitely feel a difference.  What seems changed is the ability to focus better, on what I am reading, on what is being said and on meditation.  When I am listening I don’t feel that urge to be doing something else, to try and speed things along.
I fell more of a heart opening, more loving and more moved by things.  I was watching a movie the other night at home and I could not watch the end, I left the room and started to cry, it was a very strong reaction from me.  Before I would have sat there totally not moved and said, only a movie.  I really am much more sensitized.

I am sleeping better, for longer hours before waking and go back to sleep very quickly.

I am remembering my dreams, which has not been the case in a long time.  I could write a page or two about them when I wake up.  I notice this because I did a dream work-shop recently and had only one dream I could remember and it was about a paragraph long.

Thanks for the charts but I don’t understand them at all.  I am glad to hear I had “some significant improvement in the location and amplitudes of my frequencies”.  I hope it is optimized in three weeks.  How will we know, a test again on the machine?

Thanks John for this work, I am very glad I did it.

Best, C

A few weeks later, same person;

Hi John,

I thought I would send you a report about my last 3 1/2 weeks.

The first week I noticed a big difference in my ability to stay focus, and  listen better.  I was able to stay in awareness longer without the busy brain coming in.   I felt more compassion towards events than I ever have.  I slept really well having vivid dreams, that I could actually remember.  Over all I felt very happy.

I have been listening to the background rain noise, not always twice a day but always once a day.

Last week in the car my husband was driving and I actually physically jerked two or three times with his driving, not saying anything but physically reacting.  A friend said that was a good sign, my body was letting go of energy, don’t know if that is true or not.

So today I don’t feel the contrast as much, but that could be because I am living with the difference and not noticing it so much.  I am definitely more peaceful, I don’t feel the nervous energy as before to “be busy”.  The compassion is very much present, not dreaming so vividly as the first week and sleeping ok, but not taking anything to help the sleep.

I do feel more grounded and secure, not nervous about what others think, not sure I have much fear left, to be determined though.

I am very grateful for the program, and very glad I did it.

Is there a next step, do you want to know more, just let me know.

Thanks so much for your work, C


Hi John,


I forgot to tell you my blood pressure has gone down.  I am only taking my  medication every other day and have a phone call into the doctor today, you said it might change.



After retiring from 15 years as an Olympic Skeleton athlete it became apparent that my brain had slowed along with my ability to remember and stay motivated to be on task. The therapy I received at your clinic was a life saver. I am now much more able to do the things I love and find my way when I get lost (in the world).
Thank-you for helping me! I know many different types of athletes could benefit from what you do. I hope you get a chance to share the Brain Wave work with them.
4x World Champion
Olympic Silver Medalist
15 year National Team Member, Skeleton

Hi John,


I just submitted my survey, and gave you some positive feedback. I am very happy with the results i am still seeing in my life. I do not have severe anxiety, although it is still there. I think more rationally, have improved relationships, find enjoyment in things. Instead of needing a drink to relax me after a stressful day or week, sitting quietly for a little while does the trick. Also, the sound of rain is very relaxing to me now, whether it's on the cd you gave me or real rain. I am trying to get better at meditating, and am interested in more sessions. 

Hope my feedback helps,


Happy Holidays John,

I didn't get very far in my Christmas card list.... i wanted to be sure and wish you a merry one. 

Thank you for all your inspiration and sharing your insights with me. I feel like the brain sessions have really changed how I live my life and how I view my life. But I have to say that the best part is getting all your years of wisdom and knowledge that has really sent my life on a different path. so thank you for sharing yourself. 


Happy New Year,

deep healing hugs,



Thanks, John.

I am doing pretty good. . . I am sleeping, unaided many days, and others able to sleep with mild help.  

And enjoying LIfe a whole lot!

All the best,



Thank you, John....very much appreciated.  


After working with you on somatic experiencing and the brain balancing tune up, I find myself more in tune with my feelings or at least thinking about it.    I've been thinking a lot about my mother and the love that she had behind her depressive states.  I now understand that she really couldn't cope with it (I always had a hard time really understanding).


Maybe that's why I also got so offended by my husband's remarks on Sunday night.


I think all corporate offices where people work so hard to drive businesses should have programs like yours' to help us connect with who we are and relax.


It still takes me a lot of effort to focus on the breathing and being aware of the present moment, but having the tools is very helpful....thank you!


I slept really well last night. :-)


I'll keep you posted.


Best!  N


Hi John,
I am so happy to report that I am sleeping, for the most part, very well and easily.  In fact, I had foot surgery last Wed. and even with the pain, and the discomfort of sleeping with my foot elevated on two pillows and only being able to sleep on my back, the effects and benefits of our work appears to be holding steady.  How about them apples!!!

I continue to listen to the melodic sounds of the birds, twice a day, and find that at least soothing; and who knows, possibly even helping matters.

This coming Tuesday is the three week mark and yet I am looking to see what it is like when my foot has healed and I am back into a more regular life style and patterns.  I can imagine it settling into a deeper ease so we'll see.

The other effect is the lessening, almost to the point of being completely gone, of a background anxiety I have lived with most of my life.  I even noticed with the surgery that I felt the pure pain without any fear.  Talk about being whatever is~

It also makes sense to me that the more relaxed I am, in a very real and steady manner, the easier it is to sleep, the easier time the body has in letting go.

I hope this finds you well.  Thank you for your work and for the concentrated time and effort you put into helping me.

Take care,






fredburks's picture

Thanks so much for all the great work you are doing to improve people's lives, John.

With much love and gratitude,

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