Something interesting to watch on Easter?

I have no desire to promote faith or refute someone's faith in posting this. I just found it interesting and relevant to the Easter holiday.

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I find all the questions raised by the Nag Hammadi codices interesting and many other ancient writings from the early Christian era also.  The Amarna Tablets, Ras Shamrah texts and particularly the Khaburis manuscript. Remember, there are purported to have been as many controversies over the beliefs of the early Christians (maybe more) as we see today with all religious differences across all cultures.

Years ago, we met Michael Ryce, who was working with the Khaburis (published by the Yonan Codex Foundation) which is a 1000 year old copy of a second century New Testament written in approx. 165 CE. written entirely in Aramaic, the language of Y'shua. Only parts of it have been translated to date.  It speaks of the first two commandments, that all Higher Law hangs on just these two.  First, to Love God above all other objects of Love and desire. That if honored, we must sustain with integrity under all, even extreme pressure as Job and Y'Shua did.  He maintained the presence of Love so powerfully that he even healed the High Priest's servant, his enemy.  If we did this, it would lead to a sound mind and if honored in our lives, by our governments and leaders, we would have a sound culture and we could correct errors that had occurred. The second, to maintain Love for all Neighbors, which in Aramaic meant anyone we think about or have ever thought about. If these two were maintained, that we would establish for humanity what we think of as the 'golden rule'. 

This is from Enlightenment, selected passages from the Aramaic New Testament...

Y'Shua said "The light of earthly life is perception. Therefore, if your perception is without fault, your whole life shall be enlightened. If your perception be unfit, your whole life shall be darkened by it; If the light for you is darkness, how deep will your darkness become?"

Matthew 5:31 from this work begins with:

"God implanted in your mind neural structures which will guide you when they are active. If they are inactive, you who follow these instructions will come into conscious possession of and be able to use this latent guidance system, designed to make available thoughts and actions that will increase your happiness and well-being (toveyhoun), You who have a home (maskenii) in rookha (b'rukh) the active forces from God, yours is a heavenly estate (malkoota d'shmeya). This precedes each of the following...

You who love Truth and profess your errors and the errors of your society (abili), shall be freed of mental stress (nitbeyoon).

You who have humility-the mental quality of perceiving and cooperating with the good desires of others (makikh), you shall gain the earth (nartoun).

You who hunger for the mind structure underlying the attitude, judgement and behavior described as just or fair behavior between people (kenoota), you shall attain it.

You who have pure love, encompassing judgement and behavior (rakhma), you will therfore receive pure love (rakhma).

You who have a completely purified mind (dadcean), you will comprehend (mikhazoun) the Invisible Source of Creation (Alaha)....much more between this and where I have stopped...

Some of you stopped reading long before this line, but for those of you who did not, I posted because it's the type in boldface that I feel is so important.  "God implanted in your mind neural structures which will guide you when they are active. If they are inactive, you who follow these instructions will come into conscious possession of and be able to use this latent guidance system..."

Doesn't sound like ancient text to me, sounds more like other-wordly guidance to make note of.  Not an easy thing in this chaotic world to maintain love for anyone we think about or have ever thought about, but what greater work is there to do but to activate these 'neural structures that will guide us'?

Meditating and inwardly seeking what the outer world can't give us...Peace be.   kristyne            for Michael Ryce's site


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        It,,,, sure seems that most religions have the same basic,,,,rules,,,,,which to me is a good thing,,,and,,,it's the reason I have shunned organized religion for so long. Maybe if there was nothing else in those holy books except for the  "basics", people wouldn't still be fighting over religion. Jeez! Acknowledging that they all really say the same thing would be a huge step in itself,,but all the history, actual and twisted, distorted,whatever,,,all the rest of the contents in the books separates people...

    I definitely agree that the words you bold typed sound like science, like advice from a more advanced culture. The line about the neuro networks is undeniable, especially in ancient times. Where did that text originate? Do you know what race of people actually penned that?  So interesting to hear it put that way.But it seems that the word inactive should be active. If the networks were inactive, they wouldn't be functional,right? It has always seemed to me that Jesus must have been a highly evolved soul,who hadlived many lives, maybe all over the galaxy. This confuses me now, with all the warnings about the fake messiah coming, and plots involving arrivals from the sky, etc. One thing is for sure,the next year is going to bring some big changes,and entertainment for those of us on the ride!

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G morning Todd,

Ok, to say where the original text originates, I'm not sure we can. Just as we can't truly know who penned any of the works in any of the ancient texts and whether they have been altered either by those who wrote them (it's all secondhand knowledge and perception to a degree) or copied them, or translated them etc. This is supposed to be the language spoken by Y'shua, translated by people that still speak and know it remaining in only one area of the world today. 

(It is contained in Enlightenment: Selected passages from the Aramaic New Testament; a work in progress as found in the Khaburis Codex) published through Heartland Aramaic Mission and Dr. Michael Ryce via the work of Dr. Norman Malik Yonan (Assyrian), Dr. John Shapley (Catholic U of America),Rev. Sadook de Mar Shimum (Assyrian), Dan MacDougald; Published by the Yonan Codex Foundation.  It is described as translated passages from the Khaburis Codex which is a complete 11th century copy of ancient Aramaic text circa 164 AD, written in Estrangelo script.

I agree, almost all religions begin with the same basic tenets and when interpreted by men and put into usage have been changed, bent, altered to their whims and purposes.  That's why I believe anyone that says we NEED a religious heirarchy to interpret God for us should be very wary of what they are being taught and very in tune with what their own 'inner guidance' tells them about it.  Maybe that 'inner guidance, gut feeling, intuition' is part of that neural structure either in use or expanding within us.   

"If the networks were inactive, they wouldn't be functional,right ?" I read and re-read that several times as well. On reflection, to me what the text may be saying is that if the neural structures are not yet active   (my interpretation being possibly a less advanced or less experienced soul possibly due to karmic consequence?) and IF we strive to Love God (Source/Life Force...I don't like to limit the scope of  Creator/Creation) above all else (really unconditionally Love) and if we subsequently treated everyone we see as also of and with that Love (regardless of their behavior toward us or the world) that those 'neural structures' would/could/can become activated within us.       imo

I am of the belief that we don't really know who Y'shua was, where or how he came to be the Master that he is...whether born of a Virgin, Divinely transported here and into a human body, or walked through a portal because he could reassemble his atomic structure (a skill an advanced civilization might possess). It all means less to me than the messages we have been left of his life and deeds as an example of how we might be better men/women and that they have survived 2000 years. 

The message of self-Mastery he is attested to have taught seems to me to be a great legacy for humankind. i don't believe religions can do it, we have to transform ourselves internally for the external world to respond as well.  again, imo.                    Good talking to you.   kristyne

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I had the chance to watch about 1/2 of the nazi/alien video this afternoon, (I couldnt open the first link either yesterday) a couple things there struck me as pertinent here ...

at one point the discussion is "we're fighting over stupid things yet we don't fight for our brethren slaughtered around the world"...good point.

what if everything you think you know is false...(some of it has certainly proven itself to be in my experience)

and assuming that we're ever told the truth might prove fatal...

praying again for truth and transparencey as I type it!  (not quoted word for word, my recall of same)

just things said that seem to reinforce some of our discussion above. both!      k

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People don't fight over religion - that's the biggest false flag, lie out there. The war mongers have always said that their wars have been about religion when in truth the wars were about control and money.

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But people still get snared by the manipulation of their religious beliefs.  until that stops they have the bulk of us in the palm of their clash-of-civilization-promoting hands.  big money in that worn out ruse...

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