Conspiracies - an aspect of Jez's post on Feb 21

The article Jez posted was enlightening from a psychological standpoint, and there was a lot of good discussion generated in that string, so I won't comment on any of that except to say that the bias of the writer is obvious regarding "conspiracies". 

Here I just want to post a link to the 1967 CIA document that pretty much coined the term "Conspiracy theory" with detailed instructions how it was to be inserted into the media and used to deride any dangerous inquiries into the JFK killing or anything else they wanted to keep hidden.  If you've never seen it, it's most instructive and explains a lot of what has happened in the media and in our collective psyches since.  You'll have to admit that it's one of the most successful mass perception-management devices ever created.  Not only has it come to be used almost universally to cue us all in to what we're not to inquire or even think about in a serious way, triggering an automatic response (think Pavlov) of dismissal or even derision of the argument/evidence or person presenting the argument/evidence thus labeled, but nearly everyone uses it, and often people use it as a kind of self-protective introduction to something controversial they're about to talk about: "I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but..."  It works very much like the terms "antisemite" and "UFO nut" to attack the critical thinker's argument or him/her directly to turn other people's critical thinking off.   ...Wow, what a lot of words to talk about something that we pretty much all know.

So, without further ado, here's the fascinating CIA document:


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Files again. I don't like being labeled, but I've also been called weird so many times, I now take it as a compliment. Unconventional at best. Non traditional but old-fashioned. It's all about who can tell the best story. Working at the W, I have to stomach bald-faced lies all the time. Can you believe their motto is "helping people save money so they can live better"? I challenge someone to prove the second part. And to show that the money they spend was worth the product. Ahh...

It drives the employees out of their minds. Thankfully, I've only been there a year and hope not for much longer

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Thanks for that Bob, makes me wonder how many other 'documents' are out there that will someday expose the nonsense we've been being fed for so many years...too big a subject for my wee lil' brain this early in the morning!  Good to see you around the TT.  kristyne 

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I recall that I was walking around downtown Fort Collins that day on my way to a coffee shop or bookstore. I hadn't heard the news, but I remember this uncanny stillness. Like something was off. People were quiet and somber...

I wasn't big into conspiracies (per se) at the time...

When it was first brought to my attention, I was like "holy shit!" And when they got to the part about the Pentagon, my mind clicked and I thought "this isn't completely true" or "something is amiss". Realized there was NO WAY that it could happen unless it was partially orchestrated or at least allowed to happen. Absurd. Ludicrous.

But it takes complacent sheeple everywhere with their butts married to couches and the tv on to continue to buy what's fed to them. And you can't change their mindset because they're afraid. It's their bread and butter. Welfare... whoa is me

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Hard to watch but interesting Chris and quite clever on the producers part.  I recall the exact moment we heard and watched that morning.  I don't think anyone could forget that and hope we never do.  We owe it to the lives lost that day and the voices that will never again be heard to keep questioning until we know the answers. Read that=TRUTH.  I had a friend working near there that morning, she never went back to her job after that.                   

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I think the thing that bothers me most about it is the Real Estate Cartel in NY was definitely in on it, convenienced and accommodated by whoever it is in a position to pull those kinds of strings (can you say military industrial corporate complex? Sure ah knew ya could).

Larry Silverstein and Co. needed those buildings (white elephant money losers) demolished to make way for the new updated project, but the asbestos fire proofing was a big problem for the Port Authority.

Everybody concerned in the privy insiders 1% got what they needed commercially and geopolitically and to hell with the collateral damage that is still happening to this day around the world.

How mad people would be if they really understood how these fellas think and what they have accomplished at the expense of so many they couldn't care less about.

How confident they must feel when a false flag project goes this well in spite of all the blatantly obvious holes in the official stories.  I look forward with eyes wide open to their next performance.

And another concerning thought occurs to me - if they are willing to sacrifice so many people in order to conveniently pave the way towards whatever it is they want to do, why would they ever be concerned about the health of people, the food we eat, whatever is sprayed on that food, the air we breath, the water we drink?

They would care no more than they care about what cattle, pigs or sheep are eating, breathing and drinking...

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Well double sheeeeit and we're all goin to 'ell in a handbasket ....'cause they already don't give a damn about said it Chris.

if they are willing to sacrifice so many people in order to conveniently pave the way towards whatever it is they want to do, why would they ever be concerned about the health of people, the food we eat, whatever is sprayed on that food, the air we breath, the water we drink?

They would care no more than they care about what cattle, pigs or sheep are eating, breathing and drinking...

The people in my own backyard-Flint-can tell you all about how much is being done to 'help' them. Can't trust the flippin' water there and they (politicians) knew it from the get go, and the people seeing what was coming out of their taps knew it right away too. Nobody listened.

That's not just a Flint issue, don't kid yourselves. The infrastructure's crumbling almost everywhere in this country we look but professional athletes make millions a season and politicians are spending how frickin much on their ad campaigns...Monsanto, much of the medical profession, big agra, big pharma and the vaccine cartel, Bill Gates Foundation, the list goes on and on and on ad nauseum. 

'scuse me I have to go throw up now.  Pretty damn sad and we're living in the best country on the planet?!!!   yikes.  

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We all are to blame. Don't forget where we are here. Don't forget the other side of the course. Maybe a refresher is necessary. Not that I practice them that much, so I'm "along for the ride" as well, but there are ways to heal ourselves and the land and water, etc. It's definitely more effective with numbers. Hence the old divide and conquer and keep em in their boxes...

Kind of the only way I really think we can stop it and turn this thing around AND heal the planet. More and more people have to WANT to. And stop living like selfish pigs. The ONLY way maybe. 

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She is self organizing, self sufficient, self sustaining, synchronizing, critical massinging, beauty.

I think you're right on the mark Chris.

And I would add, enough people will come to want it, enough to live it, then enough can know it, to make that spooky connection at a distance, kick in to everyone.

Or something like that ...

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On the food thing...

Found out from coworker friend yesterday, that the W is being sued for having over 3% sawdust in some parmesan cheese it sells. Also, if you eat three bowls of this cheap Chinese rice, it's like you also ate a plastic bag... yummy!

I may work there, but we don't shop there!


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If food has a list of ingredients, it is not food.

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That's a great line to throw in the fight against the "dark act" Fairy!!! Although it was defeated a couple of months back, I just heard they have found another way to slide it in... Check out Ocean Robbins, son of John Robbins, he is involved in the fight against it.
Peace Bubble to you!!! l,,,,T

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oh,,,and I just saw this one,,,,If your supermarket has a "health food" section, what does that say about the rest of the store?

Health Food has become a snotty word. Used by people to show how much class they have. All Food is Healthy. If it has a list of ingredients it is not food. It is a product. The more ingredients, the less it is a food product and more of a food like product.

I bless all with Love,


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Awesome I dig it . So true !!!!! thanks for sharing Fairy!!

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Great stuff! I somehow missed this one when it was first posted. Take care.

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