Is there anything? Everyone knows.

Is there anything that can be said of the "collective" (aka, humanity), that could not be denied by the normal individual (aka, a human).

Help me make this make sense.

What is something a human can know, that is known collectively? I guess consciously or unconsciously as far as the collective goes.

Would emotion be one. I guess warmth, sight, sound, existance, death, life ... comfort? ... pain

Ok or wait, should it be what could be known collectively ... Nevermind


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   You left me floating there,,,here,,,,hey,where am I?

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Hahhaha! I know the feeling.

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Does that mean we all know how to FLY????..............or just float?

LOL......nice poser Gary

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Collectively yet independently...We Live, we die; what we do in between makes all the difference.  Of all else I remain uncertain yet unafraid - but these two - this I know.           kristyne

Remember the clear white light, the pure clear white light, from which everything in the universe comes, to which everything in the universe returns; the original nature of your own mind.

The natural state of the universe unmanifest.  Let go into the clear light, trust it, merge with it.  It is your own true nature, it is home.

paraphrased from - The Tibetan Book Of The Dead  (the Bardo of the moments of Death)
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The Human Smile!  It is the eternal common language that everyone understands deep down inside...

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thumbs up Chris, and if you're getting that smile from a child or a stranger who doesn't know you at all, but recognizes instantly the love pouring out of you...WOW...who needs language then. oh and yes, Chris, that 'over and over again' gets me like a lightning bolt straight to the heart everytime I've listened and it keeps me coming back to it and sharing it. 

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Laughing The smiles I love best are from the young children that do not know you, especially when they just keep looking at you, there is a recognition from them they are very self aware.........Just Beautiful

Oh and my Grandson's, "Granpop's here smile"................tops them all

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Yes, the uninhibited face of God in a child's smile.

"unless you change and become like little children"....

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and, of course, hugs.

everyone knows when they are receiving a tender loving hug.

(and everyone knows when they are receiving a creepy hug too, LOL)

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arghhhhhh...plz re-post this's lovely! Everyone knows.                                   

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P.S. Kristyne

I use Firefox browser, it seems to allow video embedding easier, I also copy and paste the URL rather than the share code given on YouTube.................Cool

Have a great day


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Thanks Ian, my prob seems to originate right here with the 'video box'-it simply doesn't open for me at all.  Used to be able to load vids and attachments, now can do neither so I copy and paste what I can.   To be honest I'm just way to busy to take much time figuring it out, I'm lucky to have time to look in here lately.  Just got my first 'android' phone, and 'bout ready to send the thing back if that tells you anything!!  ahhhh remembering simpler times ;).  

Oh and by the way, your grandson is precious-but I can tell by your post you already knew that.  Although pics are difficult to really see here, seems to me he looks quite a bit like you.  Ours looks more like my hubby than anyone, and IS more like him too.  At the billiard table last week for the first time he was allowed, he turned to Gramps and said "watch and learn old man, lemme show you how it's done".  I was spying on 'em so's I could check out what was going on(he's just almost 6) and grandad's face was priceless..rofl.   Wish they didn't grow up quite so fast.                                      

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