Great Stuff - This stuff is absolutely fascinating to me.

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   Gary, this fascinates me as well thanks for the thread .



       Love all<> Eric

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Yes, great stuff.  Thanks. 

IMHO, real science is comfortable with "I don't know."  Establishment science is terrified to take that stance.

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Another great series posted by Gary.  Thanks for morphing this stuff together!

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Thanks Gary,

This is like the whole history of science class I took in 1 video!

Also related to the Project Camelot interview with Paul LaViolet (who also doesn't beleive the universe is expanding) I posted under Eric's electric Universe post.


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  All of it  !!!!!!!!

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After reading about the electric universe I started to question the Red Shift dogma because it created too many unprovable things. Can u say "Dark Matter? Yeah we got unprovable substances that make up almost all matter to account for...... etc etc. Nature keeps things simple.

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