The State of the Art, Corrosive Counter-Culture & Attack on Beauty

I think it's important to be aware of how the culture is being degraded through the control of good culture and art. I think we tend to focus here at the g-spot on the way the mass media refuses to publish and promote the truth but I think the same process is going on with good art and culture. I hope this link works, I sometimes have a hard time posting these interviews at Red Ice Radio - this interview was done on December 6th, 2013.

Just like we need to ignore the corporate world and create our own economy, buy local, etc. it is important to promote and create our own local art.

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that wild crazy i want 2 blow shit up, etc. gene that went haywire doesn't know what culture is.  ours is the "culture to end all cultures".  we also wouldn't have all this amazing booty if europeans hadn't gone all over digging it up.  superstition and all that.  i think implanted by aliens so we would fear and respect them every time their asses came back around to use us and have their way with us again.

and everything we do can be yoga or art if we are present with the intention.  i'm sorry, but i think the world at large needs some of the perspectives from here on the g-spot.  and the "mass media" can take a flying leap, as far as i'm concerned.  i pretty much ignore it already and it's running out of tricks.  people can find what they're looking for if they give it a little effort, so i have no sympathy.  i have and i haven't even tried very hard.

the other thing about art is it's all subjective to other interpretations.  i have a hard time attributing $ value to it unless it's functional.  but it's nice when people are using creative expression to process.  i like the idea behind tibetan and navajo sand paintings.  the elusive and ever-changing nature of spirit.  and the beauty and riches that went into the tombs of ancient kings.  they were never meant to be found.  an art dedicated toward some higher concept...

but you are right about the glitz and glimmer fading and losing it's sheen.  sign of the times.  need a "new" scenario.  and maybe to do the old one right once and for all.  thank it and let it go.

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Interesting point on dug up tomb treasures. Going to a museum and Looking at Tut's gold bust is a violation of the right of a human being to be buried permanently! Yikes. Going to listen to thay Wendy

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superstition has it's benefits to posterity!  it would be like stepping into someone's home or sanctuary uninvited.  and how incredible to dedicate all of that beauty and riches to another existence... albeit they were a bit skewed on that front (didn't have ALL of the info, thanks to our "parents").  materialism notwithstanding.  to be or not to be...  or maybe both?

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  King Tut,,,I remember the big tour,,,when they paraded tut's stuff all around the world. I wonder how many people still believe the pyramids were built to bury royalty...They must have made a fortune on the "Tut ToUr"... Steve Martin made some money on it too,,,with his song....


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yup.  good stuff.  first tomb that was discovered mostly intact.  i definitely would have been a little creeped out and humbled...  as a boy i had a strong attraction to the "indiana jones" movies and also to the mysteries of the unknown or unexplainable.  i had a faint remembering of familiarity when i saw the cover for the hardy boys book "the mummy case" in which the picture shows the boys holding a couple of artifacts.  one of them is the crook or hook of tut-ankh-amun with the alternating blue lapis lazuli and gold bands.  that color combination really strikes a cord with me.

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I listened to parts of the interview that you posted, Wendy.  It's really good.

Truth is I never liked "modern art" much -- by that I mean the abstract and geometrical stuff.  Alwlays had the old-fashioned notion that art is really art when it says or renders something on a human and/or spiritual level.  It elucidates or enlightens or uplifts.  I do believe that the higher function of art (all forms) has been a target of the elite for around 100 years -- along with education, health (physical, mental, and financial), peace, entertainment, the pineal gland... in short, everything that represents or can have an effect on the evolution of human kind.  Sorry, Jackson Pollock, your slathered designs are interesting sometimes, but they leave me cold.  Salvador Dali, I like you much better because you deal with human themes, but honestly where was your head at most of the time?  Andy Warhol, were you even in touch with your own humanity through that pyschedelic haze?  Still, you're all better than "artists" who, in their work, mechanize or dehumanize or even trivialize people in whatever ways.  Or serve some political ideology.  Or lie in any other way.

Truth is, I don't know what I'm talking about with art, but the gut does know something.  Too often, education educates us away from our natural knowing about all kinds of things...


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