The Alternative Story of Mankind's Origins

Just watched this video that delves deep into Ancient Egyptian civilizations.  It begins by questioning the accepted story of the pyramids in Giza.  The film proposes that the Great Pyramid was used to generate energy (electricity) through light and sound -- not constucted as a tomb for mummies as is widely believed.  It touches upon NikolaTesla's work and then traces the cosmology of human history through the ages. 

Does human civilization advance with linear time or did Dynastic Egyptians possess superior knowledge to our own about spiritual knowledge and engineering?

It's long -- 3 1/2 hours, but if you only watch the first half you'll see the best parts.  Enjoy! ~ Noa


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That took quite a while but I thought it was worth it, even watching it to the end.

I remember learning about ancient egypt in school  (5th or 6th grade?) and the sense of excitement I had that we were going to learn about the mysteries of ancient Egypt and then the huge disappointment at the sanitized version we were given.

I like the idea that the pyramids were buillt as power plants - I have a hard time getting out of my iron age state of mind, believing that such monumental structures could be built "only" for spiritual purposes.

I think the proximity to the river is interesting. Power plants these days are always built next to a water source that can provide cooling so that the temperature can be controlled. I thought the idea that the movement of the Nile would have to occur gradually over time was wrong though. Many times rivers will take a drastic change of course - it only takes one episode of extreme flooding for a river to find a different course, especially when the surrounding strata is just sand. However, the older dates proposed here make sense to me as the climate change necessary for there to be water erosion on the sphinx or for that matter, to have such an extreme flooding event in what is now dessert mean we are talking about at least ice age times.


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I couldn't get that link to play, Wendy.  Here's another one:

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