The Alternative Story of Mankind's Origins

Just watched this video that delves deep into Ancient Egyptian civilizations.  It begins by questioning the accepted story of the pyramids in Giza.  The film proposes that the Great Pyramid was used to generate energy (electricity) through light and sound -- not constucted as a tomb for mummies as is widely believed.  It touches upon NikolaTesla's work and then traces the cosmology of human history through the ages. 

Does human civilization advance with linear time or did Dynastic Egyptians possess superior knowledge to our own about spiritual knowledge and engineering?

My world view - Adjusted: Ring of Power (the video)

So, I had a few hours to kill and wandered into this movie. It shows a very different view on some very basic notions.

I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I won't go into detail. But you have to watch the first 2.5 hours in order for the real surprise to be thrust on you in the second half of this epic work. And at the end, welll you just have to see the end to understand how brave (and perhaps how misguided) the producer of this work is.

Gotta Love It

This was posted at AstroVera.  I reckon the story's apocryphal, but you never can tell...

On first day
of school at a US
high school the teacher introduces a new student called Akito Suzuki, son
of a Japanese business man.

A History of Islam and Islamism

This is a long article. I don't know anything about the author. I thought the article was good enough to post and worth the read. I've read a few books about the history of Islam and its spread throughout the world, and it's an interesting topic. In some ways the Muslim Faith seems to me to be the greatest danger to the New Paradigm.

Nothing Is New

I thought I would share a page from one of my favorite literary works of all time: The Art of Love by Publius Ovidius Naso, whom we call Ovid. I have the wonderfully salacious translation by James Michie, published by The Folio Society. Ars Amorae is a book-length poem that was a runaway best-seller during the time of Christ. In this particular passage Ovid speaks about the wisdom of using the maid as access to the mistress:

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