The Game of Earth

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Do you feel like the earth’s consciousness is not moving fast enough so that all may awaken? Why are people taking so long? It’s not them, it’s you. Shift timelines and go to where you want to be. If you feel you are stuck somewhere that you don’t want to be, you have the free will to shift at anytime. Can’t shift? It means that your current reality is serving you somehow. You would not be on your current timeline if it was not serving you. You would be on another version where the collective would be doing something different. You can create anything you like, but it is the limitation in your beliefs that prevents you from shifting.

The frequency of the collective affects you and your frequency affects the collective. This simple understanding will enable you all to change the planet. If you don’t like your environment, city, state, country or the people in it, don’t fret on those things you dislike. Focus on the things you do like because any emphasis on what you don’t like keeps you on that frequency. Those who constantly relive history and emphasize horrific historical facts maintain that vibration. Those who focus on violence and the evil desires of others maintain that vibration. Those who think negatively, maintain a vibration that is perceived as negative.

Think positive and be positive. If you are drawn to media that promotes all the bad in the world, check within yourself as to why you are drawn to that information. This alone will change your reality and help change mass consciousness.

You are a divine being of light and infinite energy. You are so blessed to be experiencing your life right now. It is perfect. You are perfect and you are loved more than you could ever know. As the great Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

About the Author

Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

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I struggle with these words because, although part of me wants to believe them, the other part feels that "positive thinking" is a savvy way to get people to ignore the shit that's happening and pretend that "wishful thinking" will magically make it disappear.

On the other hand, I'd love to be able to jump into a more positive timeline, if such a thing exists.  But I think I need a step-by-step tutorial.  Got one?

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What if all of the "shit" we see it the world, is actually a reflection of something within ourselves?

With much love and support,

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    Here's my example of why it might be true !

    I have walked down the same streets in the anthill,,,in different moods, and gotten completely different results !

   When I'm happy, and just ,,,,,walking !  , I seem to flow right through anything that's going on here,,,,and there's always something ! And people I don't know,,,who might know 3 words of English, run up to me, and want to talk, ask questions, help me ,,whatever ! Others smile, people with businesses along the road run out and try to drag me in their store,,,whatever it is, they are the friendly ones. And if i need something, directions, i just  stop, stand still, and wait a minute, and the person I need walks right up to me !

   In my "not so happy" times here, even if I ask for help, I seem to ask people who won't give me the time of day,,,,,others glare at me(there are many who don't like foreigners), and being in the anthill, everyone is in my way, stepping in front of me like I'm not even there, I can't get what I need, whether it's a train ticket or dish soap,,,,etc.

So, my point is,,,this happens on the same streets, in the 3 places I have lived here in the last two years. I have my routines, like most, but , depending on my mood, draw two completely different kind of people to myself. If I didn't step back and look at it,,,it would be easy to say,,,"people are crazy out there today!",,,or "I had a rotten day !"..But, if I step back,and evaluate myself, and where I'm at right now,,, it does seem to be me !

  There's no proof !, and I get your point Noa, what I;m trying to do is have more of those good days, as the other thing that happens on those days,,,is that, no matter what problem I  run into,,,it works out ! I'm trying to be in that place they are talking about, and still be aware of what's going on around me. I think there is a way to do both !  ,,,,wish me luck ! haha!,,,,,,l,,,,,,,T 

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   You must have posted this,,as i was writing my comment,,,,"what if all the shit we see in the world is actually a felection of something within ourselves?"..........I think we just said the same thing,,,but you did it in one sentence....Bravo !,,,,,,,L,,,,,,,,,,T

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It's a nice thought, but I don't buy it.  In my corner of the world I see people thoughtlessly throwing trash on the street, kicking starving dogs, and driving as if cars are more important than the pedestrians they narrowly miss.  I would NEVER do any of these things.  And since I don't do any of these things, how can these manifestations be reflections of me?

Is everyone to blame for manifesting chemtrails, GMOs, corporate facism, etc?  Come on.  Many people are positive, loving, empathetic, egalitarian, etc., yet negative things still continue to happen to them.  I know that the mirror idea is a prevailing theory within the New Age movement, but to me it feels like brainwashing -- a way to blame innocent people for the deplorable behavior of others -- like the PTB.

I agree that a positive attitude helps us to have a better day.  And when we are feeling good, more people are attracted to our positive energy, but I don't accept responsiblity for anyone else's terrible behavior.  


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Noa, there is nothing I’d love better than to pass you my step by step process, however it is a lifetime in the making, so it is likely to be of very little value to you.

I will however share with you my truths, and maybe somewhere in them there will be a spark, a key, or maybe just a word or two that means something in some way.

As both Fred & T have just written, the life that we live in is ours and we most definitely affect it by the way we are, or should I say the way we resonate, our frequency. I view this not so much as a reflection or a mirror, for me it’s more of a magnet. Life is not changed by Positive or Wishful thinking, and I realise my Magic Carpet comes across a little Fairy tale like, please revisit the song and listen carefully to the first few words, there is a huge key there.

Living from the inside, for me is Living in the Heart not the Mind, this is never easy and when the Black Dog calls by I find myself very mind centred and ego driven, I am learning and getting better at recognising his approach, I think there is a bit of Coyote in him as he is very Wiley in his tactics. When Living from my Heart there are six values I use to view the world that surrounds me. To explain these best I will share an e-mail that I sent to a close friend quite some time ago.


My dear Karen

You have often heard me talk of the six heart virtues. I have come to realise that there is a living example of these values very close to me and my heart.

Appreciation (Acceptance): She just accepts people for who they are and where they may be on their path, accepts the pains and sufferings she herself endures.

Compassion: So easily she identifies with others hurt, and almost feels the pain or anguish they may be experiencing, and does all she can to ease their suffering

Humility: Ever quiet in the things she does daily, just doing what needs to be done, not looking for any rewards.

Valor: Standing firm in her beliefs, defending hers and others rights as human beings.

Understanding: Awake and aware of all that is around her, can even understand the voice of animals.

Forgiveness: If she feels she has made a mistake, she is always ready to ask forgiveness, and indeed forgives those that have wronged her where forgiveness is requested by them.

I do not believe and I will not accept any form of violent or harmful action is the way to change our world, well certainly not my world anyway.  You are right we are certainly not responsibly for others behaviour. Yet when their behaviour directly affects us whether mental or physical, we must take responsibility and look inside ourselves do we respond with VALOR or is there some subtle message of FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION or UNDERSTANDING hidden there.

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In general, I couldn't agree more with youz guyz.  To deny the plain truth that the so called outside world is an interactive mirror reflection of our disposition and attitude (to a lion's share degree) is to ensure that the same thing keeps happening and that it keeps confounding the ego in denial of Reality...

I agree also.....the mirror is cool!....once you can see yourself in it anyway......



hi noa, the mirror concept isnt actually a new age thing, like most of their stuff they have taken and distorted it and use it, but incorrectly. you can find it in many native cultures and ancient teachings. it is really another reference to our observor. mirror, seeing yourself....the everything outside is a reflection comes from the belief that we all stem from the one consciousness, hence, everything outside me, is me  and probably trying to communicate something to me........but its all me, the trip is, thats also true for you, this is all you but dont let it bug you, best advice l ever got..............just observe, might sound lame but undoutedly the most powerful magic i know , 

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I have been searching everywhere for you Sir, you see when I first entered this forest of immense density I knew I would possible wander around blindly. Yet I also knew you had travelled this road, maybe leaving a trail of sorts. So I pushed on blindly, using only my intuition as a guide, with the inherent knowledge that I would find you one day.

"Welcome Home ............................................I say quietly to myself"

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...........Thanks Chris

Thanks Bob also, can you post a link to the video for me, Cheers

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another thing to consider while contemplating the nature of our existence is that our 5 senses are so woefully inadequate and limited.  our senses only pick up a very small fraction of the real time data always around us and leave us with little more than a phenomenon of our own making.

this is why the perceived world around us is of our own making - that's all it can be since our senses cannot detect enough of what is actually real.  this unavoidably leaves us with thoughts and images born of our subjective selves.

our senses are for navigation of this particular environment which is itself a virtual phenomenon at this scale.  at the sub-atomic planck scale the Cosmos is much different.  this can only leave us with the realization that all we perceive is of our own making, no exceptions.  to believe anything else is to move away from a chance for more clarity and back towards the 3rd density confusion of ego drama for ego drama's sake and self-inflicted confusion for confusion's sake.

to judge anyone for anything is to deny the reality that I own the thought I just had.  no one did this to me.  am I perceiving that people are mean today in numbers bigger than what I perceive to be normal?  my conclusion - my subjective reasoning - my problem - no one's fault in the subjectively-perceived allegedly-outside-of-me world.  I am my problem and/or I am my solution.  this has to be the road to true sovereignty, to blame no one or no thing, including my own perception of myself.  Even when I choose insanity or confusion, I am still making a sovereign choice - all choices are sovereign proactive choices, even when thought to be reactive, for we are Sovereign Beings.

no wonder the mystics would have us clear our minds and hearts of all the ridiculous white noise and ego chatter!!!!!   ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

conclusion:  to think we know something based upon our 5 senses data is pure folly - to move towards truly knowing and remembering, one would have to transcend the senses data and the mind chatter - there's the rub stanley, LOL

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thought I heard some crackling of twigs n leaves on the forest floor....

no wonder appreciation is one of our greatest strengths.....

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[Funny, I wrote the below post at the same time as Jez wrote his, above, and posted it just afterwards.  Thanks, Jez.]

Thank you, Ian, that was wonderfully put. 

This may be a bit of a stretch, Noa, but Quantum Physics as well as the "mystics" of all branches or spiritual traditions agree that there is One Consciousness (by many different names) in which we participate* -- much as many different computer terminals "participate" in the One Mainframe [I know that's a weird analogy, but it's the best I can do at the moment].  If that's true (and it appears true to my own expeience), then we are indeed connected on such a profound level that we're all the same "We", the same fundamental consciousness.  That's on an absolute level.  Of course, on the relative level, there is "us" and "them" and I'm not responsible for what "they" do.  However, the more we lock in to that relative perspective, the more we all create that reality together, with all of its strife and suffering.  The "trick" is to begin to explore and eventually to live in that absolute perspective, while at the same time functioning in the relative, and in this way help to really transform our world.  And Ian's intention to live from his "six heart virtues" are a way to begin to do this.  There are many ways.   Fundamentally, if we are all One Consciousness at the deepest level, then what we all do and think, for better or worse, does affect us all.

 *The documentary film, "With One Voice" is all about this.  It's very good, and gives us a window into the world of One Consciousness and what that means.

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Firstly thank you Bob for the link will watch tonite.

Following my theme of music delivers, I share this with you all

HD 1080 full screen Volume up .......... Enjoy


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Here's a most awesome, 2 1/2 minute video on the game of life:

Much love to all!!!

Eyejay's picture

Thanks so much Bob, a truly inspiring clip, full of great wisdom. Worth several watches.

I especially loved "The Messages to The World"


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I'm really trying to grasp this concept, but it doesn't make sense to me. 

I live by the virtues you've listed, Ian (Living Inside Out), but admittedly I sometimes fall short in acceptance.  I don't accept people who act out of greed and selfishness, for example.  Does that make me less virtuous or more?

deciding someone is greedy or selfish is a judgement most likely of the ego, this results in your disconection/non acceptance to the person....what do you gain when you do this?....who or what does this action serve?....and yeah, ......your being less virtuous, sorry....judgements are almost always self serving illusions.........i think chris's comment was exceptional, thanks dude, .

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As the Wliey Coyote pointed out Chris's concise conclusion says it all, here again for you

 "To think we know something based upon our 5 senses data is pure folly - to move towards truly knowing and remembering, one would have to transcend the senses data and the mind chatter "

You see Noa, you are not required to accept their greed and selfishness, it is their Karma, their journey. Often these attitudes are exposed to us to help us on our journey, that is not to say there are times when our Valor must kick in if required.

That's the way I see it anyway, you are a loving gentle being Noa, don't beat yourself up so much, you have much to give.

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Thanks, Ian, for the encouragement.  And thanks to you, Chris, for providing the insights.  And Jez, it's a good question... "what do you gain when you do this?....who or what does this action serve?"  It only serves to frustrate me, so I am trying to let my harsher judgements go.


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"The Magic Carpet Ride" and I think Noa's post after, seem to have vanished from this thread ................................?

Now is that "Weird or What" Mr Spock .............. Surprised

Perhaps it's just my reality, can you guys still see them?

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 It seems to have just disappeared from this sector of the galaxy !       


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LOved that ... ah, 1972 ... great, great things. He was here, where we're at, back then.

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That was so funny ................ LMAO

"We come in Peace .....................

............ Shoot to Kill"      LOL

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Ian, you posted the Magic Carpet Ride vid on another thread...

It's okay, you're in good company.  Sometimes we children of the '60s skip a geer now and again.

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Thanks Noa for returning my sanity :)

Noa's picture

Now I wouldn't go that far, Ian, he he.  Tongue out

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