Peaceful, happy, healthy, prosperous, loving holidays to all!

Thank you, Lightwins!  That was wonderful!  Happy Holidays to you too!  --fairyfarmgirl

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Very nice - I love the addition of the sitar and the message for music education.



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Thanks John.

A wonderful organization imo. Visit them at

I hope it grows and eventually takes over the world.  We should first arm all people with musical instruments and from this will come marauding bands of musicians striking ecstasy in the hearts of the citizens.  Armies will play, dance, and sing instead of shooting, maiming, and killing.  The greedy will forget themselves and make music for others.  Hearts will beat in rhythm and the world will ring with one wonderful song, the song of the oneness of humanity.

     Sorry, I got carried away, but I do believe that music is far more important than armaments and the art of music is of a much higher order than the art of war.

Love to the 'Playing for Change' group and may they meet with all success.


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Thanks Son of Dust, for a beautiful vision.


Son of Dust:  You have reminded me of Peace Pilgrim. 

I bless you with LOVE! 


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