Imagine Gathering

I am spreading the Word.  Get involved!  --fairyfarmgirl
World Peace, Unity, Love, Compassion
by Raising Consciousness

“You may call me a dreamer but I am not the only one – I hope someday you will join us and the world will be as one.” John Lennon, from the song, ‘Imagine’

A few us have come together to organize what we see as a ‘Divinely Guided’ Historical Event.
Scientists like Gregg Braden, Lynn McTaggert, Bruce Lipton and so many others now tell us that it is an undeniable proven fact that an energy field exists that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED TO. Not only are we connected to this “energy field” but the scientists above have also stated that our thoughts, beliefs, words, feelings, ALL have an impact on this field. From ten years of extensive scientific research scientists now tell us that the collective consciousness of the entire world can be significantly impacted by a group gathered, ‘together,’ equal to the square root of one percent of the total population. Based on a world population of 7 billion people that number is less than 10,000

In honor of John Lennon’s dream we are putting together a ‘team’ to organize a gathering, not of 10,000, but of at least 25,000 ‘conscious’ dreamers in November of this year (2010), right here in Phoenix Az. We are seeking ‘team players’ for organization and support from those who understand that the presence of Spirit becomes exponential in group consciousness.

Our Vision is that this ‘Imagine Gathering’ will start a ‘wave’ resulting in others throughout the world putting aside their differences and coming together, in the words of John Lennon, “in peace and harmony,” in similar gatherings. Not just one nation under God, but one world under God.

If you would like to be a part of this growing community and help in the formation of this gathering event please become a fan. The only requirement is that you come from your heart, a place of love.
Those being ‘inspired’ to be a part of organizing this historical event please contact [email protected]

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I am not the only one – Maybe someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”

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Don't quite know why it posted twice.  I think it was because I did not realize it had created a 2nd page of posts....

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Such clarity begins to take hold with the dispelling of the assumption of some thing or one "as being outside of them", or different "from" "them", which assumes separation and duality without giving it a second thought (usually).  It was interesting too, that so much of what you were referencing from "Disappearance of the Universe" sounded so much like how A Course in Miracles explained things to encourage such clarity.  Reminded me also of how Eckhart Tolle so artfully gets people to consider becoming the dispassionate objective "observer" of their own ego, and then uses the naturally-occurring logic when asking them, "now who then is the calm dispassionate observer quietly witnessing the antics of one's own ego?"

Almost instantly one gets the vivid image of a very illusory thing going on with the ego, that it is the observer that's real, and the ego is merely layer upon layer of willing emotional and rational attachment to to the illusory idea of separate-ness.  And then most recently, in Jon Peniel's book, he goes over this subject of the separate self illusion with a fine tooth comb, eruditely and ad nauseum, LOL...  It is so good to know that this fundamental truth of our actual existence is being elaborated on with such clarity by so many sources.  Even Kabbalah gets into this very well, with the journey away from the "Upper Light", and then the journey back towards, through all of the illusory data.  Thank you for mentioning that book dear Viveka...

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Wow, a lot of stuff to respond to, but I think I'll keep this brief, been away for a few days and ahve lots of reading to catch up on it seems! It makes me happy to see this forum coming alive.

Anyhow, with reference to the holographic universe, I had a dream the other night which came true. I dreamt I ran into several female co-workers (former) and then my car got destroyed after going up a hill. I avoided visitiing the old workplace when I went home this weekend, and went out for dinner with friends to an old favorite restaurant. Sadly they had no seats, so we went across the road. Who was there but the co-workers from the dream. I was admittedly freaked out. The next day, as we drove home, I said "this is probably the last time we will take this car home" out of no where to my wife. 5 minutes later, we were climbing an off ramp from a highway, and a terrible engine noise started. Sure enough, the car was in no shape to continue on. I didn't make that car breakdown connection until the following day, but man... the Universe seems to be starting to feedback to me in a big way. Every time I look at a clock these days its 11:11,10:10, 4:44, 5:05, 6:06... never a random bunch of numbers (except 12:34, which actually has a special significance, and was my "first" shared synchronicity with my wife when we started going out years ago - and before I knew what it was).

Anyhow, the first high energy collision of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) to attempt to find the "god particle" is happening today. I had another dream in which I was told a 10,000 year cycle would end on the 29th, and the effects would be seen on the 29th and 30th, it was also in the news everywhere in the dream, and had to do with "earth changes." Well, sure enough the news announced yesterday that this major energy testing would begin today. I had a feeling in the dream that whatever the cahnge was it would be good in the long run. I'll be keeping my eyes open today thats for sure - when I heard about the attack in Russia yesterday I wondered if that might be it but I don't think so.

Thank Heaven for 7:11.


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Thank You Dear Fairyfarmgirl you have given me the precious gift of an insight

Blessings Peace Love and Laughter

Bless your HEART Viveka!   I raise my glass of Blessed Water across several Ponds to Say Rest Easy and Know that you are Loved... Each breath you take is an act of Love to Self and from the Earth and the Cosmos...




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Hi Viveka, and all you wonderful people,
Viveka, your sincerity and love pours out of you like a firehose-I can feel it right here in my torso and my head. It's putting me into an altered state!!

....and Josh... I have also been aware of numbers a lot lately. Mine's about dates but what's up with that?
  You sounded a little freaked out with your fortune telling brother! It sounds so surreal and exciting...I have a friend who has powerful preconitive dreams. He decided to try programming his dreams and he can see the next days price for silver or he'll answer questions from friends who contact him for advice. He's rarely wrong.

My opinion is you have really strong precognitive sensitivity. Don't let it frighten you because you'll learn to integrate it. It can be a source of adventure and it will help you grow. My guess is you've broken through a fear barrier in your life and opened up some quietness (is that correct or am I full of __it?)   For whatever reason, you're able see what used to be drowned out by mental noise. Maybe later on you'll remember other times this happened and you didn't recognise it...

You might try Remote Viewing-I practice it daily online at a website set up by a very thoughtful and loving woman. It's challenging and humbling and teaches you how to listen to the unique subtle "data" so you can pickup on what normally can't be seen. If anyone here gets lost trying to use it-let me know and save you some time navigating.

Peace to all-Brian

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All is Good. All is God Dear Brian

May all being be Peaceful

May all Beings be Blissful

May all beings be Happy


Remote viewing is easily corrupted by the dark. 

I would recommend seeing Angel Numerology that is posted on this site and elsewhere.  Repeating numbers are simply codes to assist you (if you so choose) to awaken to the Reality of the One, The Sacred and the New Earth as well as to awaken your DNA and upgrade your DNA as well as to Activate the Pineal and Thymus Glands as well as to Clear the HEART and MIND.

To hone the Intuition one must get out of the Mind and Into the HEART.  THe HEART is where INTUITION RESIDES... NOT THE MIND.

Thank Heaven for 7:11


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 "Remote viewing is easily corrupted by the dark. "

 For goodness sake. Remote Viewing is corruptable?...How?   To me, saying it's easily corrupted is like saying your sense of smell is easily corrupted....Remote Viewing is a SENSE that appears to dip into the unlimited Holographic Universe. We probably evolved it to find better hunting, a water hole, or a medicinal herb. Shamans use it. I partly learned to use it from my sister, a shamanic healer. Natural selection would favor it. Animals appear to have it.

 FFG you could use a little diplomacy sometimes. Like: "The reason I say it's corruptable is I have a friend who took up RV and became obsessed with Amish cheese cake" or "I practised RV for several months and found that it made me want to support permanent combat operations and torture in Iraq"...say something if you're going to be categorical about dismissing anothers views and wave a danger flag...

 "To hone the Intuition one must get out of the Mind and Into the HEART.  THe HEART is where INTUITION RESIDES... NOT THE MIND."

And in CAPS(yelling) too...  FFG: assuming you mean RV is mind??...I don't get what you're talking about.
 Besides, if you feel our 'heart' and sense of Wonder, Love, Oneness, Unity, Connection, Intuition is not of the 'mind' then watch Jill Bolt Taylor's video about her stroke.

 "INTUITION" is central to RV... It's about quieting the logical mind enough to sense things then noting the results. RV comes from the pure uncontrolled, subconcious, creative (right side of the) brain. Intuition Central. And doing RV successfully is inherently ego-busting!(read below) Often, people stop doing RV because they can't handle carving away their own ego. The best viewers I've met are down to earth, humble, spiritual and sincere people. I aspire to have their heart.

 Peace to you fairyfarmgirl- I care about what you think and your passion does inspire me. Believe it or not I got your meaning about not the mind.

a racy description of RV:  In RV, usually you get incredibly brief images of what you're aiming to 'see'. Those images are so microscopically brief that you cannot "see" them. So the logical left brain assigns something it knows (from memory)to "represent" that image-like a facsimile. That facsimile could be like the radiator grill on the front of a bulldozer representing the screen material of a screen door(the actual target). Your job is to stay focused and describe the attributes of the facsimile like: cross hatched pattern reminds me of a screening material or fabric." or  "Breathable wall or opening", or "columns and rows" stuff like this is useful. Your "INTUITION" is central to RV.. If you said "Bulldozer" you get nothing because you were looking to be literal rather than intuiting what's important in the image...On rare occassions you can name the target, but it's usually because you worked hard to stay open and unswayed by ego's desire to be "right" and to be the "Best Viewer" and other ego stuff. It's sometimes quite hard.

People with wooden mental flexibility tend to do poorly at RV. Artists, musicians and people with creative  but rational lifestyles tend to do well. Meditation is extremely helpful to performing it well. Many of the remote viewers found by the military research program were individuals who were well liked by their associates but who had uncommon viewpoints. They tended to be the ones who survived impossible battle situations repeatedly. They were also willing to take on any task and were unafraid to voice their opinion in a group.

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I agree Brian.  In fact, I think RV should be a required course, and would be in an evolved, kind and sane world (or collective world view I should say).  I believe that Russell Targ and others have clearly proven that it can be safely taught, and that it can be used for good, for the user and others.  I imagine it can be used for "bad", but if one could really see via RV, then one would realize that the last thing they want to do is further and needlessly entangle themselves in cause/effect karma that must be resolved at some point.

When listening to Targ discuss the subject, I got this strong sense that it is just something very natural, and our lack of use of the gift/ability is such a sad reflection of how far removed we are as a humanoid species involved in spiritual evolution.

I am fairly sure that the indigo and crystalline children incarnating in right now do it as naturally as we breath without wondering how we breath.  I truly believe we are in an evolutionary transition that reflects this growing interest in awakening to these abilities.  In James Twyman's book, "Emissary of Love: The Psychic Children Speak to the World", these indigo and crystalline children call themselves "the net" and "the children of oz" (a much more ancient reference, not the wizard of oz).

They all ask a very liberating question, in one way or another, from all over the world.  "If you found out right now that all that is Real is Peace, and what is Real cannot be destroyed, and what is unreal can not exist, how would you begin to behave in Light of that realization?"  "Okay, ready, begin!"  True remote viewing serves to affirm exactly what these amazing children are getting at, this inviolate Peace with no opposite...

I think the reason we have misplaced the art of RV is due to the continuous roll of the individual/collective subconscious tape loop of "white noise" trivial nonsense playing in our individual and collective psyche.  I would imagine we said a collective hmmmm??? at one point in the process, and then we just plain stopped asking questions at all at some point and assumed that what all that noise was and is is just "me", when the real me is what remains when I shut down the ego tape loop churning like a power generator, powering nothing....

The only difference between most of us and that guy walking down the street audibly mumbling his tape loop to himself is we aren't mumbling out loud yet, haaaahhaaahaaahahaha

Love yuz guys.....

Remote viewers are the ones responsible for the psychic warfare currently being waged against our children.   Anyone that is a Military Trained Remote Viewer will always revert to their originally programming... the game is to corrupt and stall the New Earth Emerging. 

There is plenty of info concerning the nefarious conduct of military trained remote viewers right here on this site. 

The use of the mind to control and overwhelm another is what remote viewers are trained to do-- it is a form of warfare.


I wish you well.


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It is my experience that when ones Being is in the Light / Love of Wholeness, which is neither Light or Dark but Awareness, nothing is hidden, but through In-to-it-ion, only that which needs to be revealed is revealed. I like to call it Mindfull Mindlessness. " The viewing itself is not an issue, the "intent" Is and has consequences for the viewer in line with the intent and Heart of the viewer.

There was an experience of mine a few years back. There was a country property where Meditation and Healing were practiced for many years. At the time a couple were brought on to manage the property who were thought to be in alignment with the purity and harmony of the property. In reality both were very good healers. Working with people of all ages with crystals, good healthy food, massage, reiki and so forth, both had powerful ancient elemental healing tools. The woman a Motherly careing type, the man christ like features with cool deep blue eyes, and on a level there was a great deal of good accomplished.

And the experience..... One night whilst in my bed I was awoken by feelings of sexual arousal and passion when I asked for clarity, this mans face apeared before me. instantly I knew what was taking place. As one would imagine I was quite angry. In the morning I rang this person and said "J" you did'nt know  that I could see in the dark did you?  In the Light of Truth the Lie was revealed, He broke down and confessed to what had been taking place.

His wife had been drawing people in through the healing practices, and he was both physicaly and psychicly molesting them. All this took place just a week before a group of 16, ten to twelve year old girls were to spend a weekend with them on the property, in a Pagan coming of age ceramony. This of course never took place. They did for a while come to counselling but after a while left the region.

This Experience made me (1) aware of awareness, (2) protected the children (3) started a healing process within the perpetrators  (4) gave me an understanding of Divine Will. (5) showed me that light is not always Light and dark is not always Dark/evil.

I have come to realize its the Heart that Knows, the Mind can only seek and Having found.  Sweet surrender, then all is revealed through Intuition only in the Now Moment of Wholeness/Oneness.  This I find releaves the mind of the burden of trying to hold knowledge in the duality of Past -Future.

Within Pure Love is Peace beyond All Things.

Peace and Love to all.


Thank you, Viveka for Holding Light and Love wherever you are standing.  Bless Your HEART! 


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Hey fairyfarmgirl,

 Because you're clearly convinced of your information about Remote Viewing, I read all the links and watched the video's to verify where you got your information from. This is what I found. Here's an excerpt from paragraph 2 of the second link describing RV:

Remote viewing is a technique whereby trained individuals enter into a meditative state to access subtle levels of consciousness in which they are able to somehow sense remote locations and describe what they see there. The ability to view objects remotely has clear advantages for intelligence gathering. A good example of how this is done can be seen in the four-minute news clip at the link below.

~ RV is not an outbound directed psychic phenomena. It is just sensing.

~ RV is a psychic phenomena that was researched by a minimum secrecy program that employed civilian psychics, SRI Research and was funded by the CIA and then by various other agencies. It was later declassified and could be discussed by the participants.
~ Psychic warfare techniques (nonRV)may exist but they are inside Special Access Projects.
~ Mind Control and other menaces are inside
Special Access Projects.

In all these links, the books I've read, the techniques I use and the many people I've spoken to about RV, there are no references to RV being an "outbound" or an aggressive psychic phenomena.
 ~Ingo Swann (who developed RV) says the Soviets tried hard to create aggressive techniques of psychic malevolence. For instance, it's believed they tried to embarrass U.S. politicians by trying to make them tongue-tied during International speeches!(sounds like fun) There are a couple of psychic phenomena that could potentially be used for ill. But Remote Viewing is a sensing technique only, so you can't use it as mind control or to harm the body.
~ Calling RV the work of psychic assassins is like calling librarians book burners-the two are not intrinsically connected. There is only a proximity of subject matters.

Special Access Projects:

You've heard about Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton demanding to have access to the UFO files in the CIA and other agencies? They were denied access. They didn't have a 'Need To Know'!

 The CIA (among other agencies and contractors)has hidden inside their programs and budgets, deep black projects doing mind control, torture, or doing horrific experiments on the public. But this is hidden from nearly every person inside the agency including from the directors and upper echelon by Special Access Projects that contain the illegal activities. The Navy/Army/AirForce etc. also don't know they have terrible secrets hidden inside their own SAP's. Only tiny handfuls of trusted people are inside them and they ain't talkin'. The SAP's are off the books. Even how they get funded is held as a need to know secret, so they are accountable to no one.

That's the nature of the Secret Government. It's all hidden inside these SAP's. Even the damned government doesn't know about the secret government.




I thank you for bringing all this to my attention.  I have to follow that which resonates with me... Remote viewing does not resonate with me. 

I apologize for causing you undue distraction and upset. 

I wish you well!

From Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim,  I offer this prayer for myself and all :

May you so live that all who meet you will be uplifted, that all who bless you will be blessed, that all who serve you will recieve the greatest satisfaction.  If any should attempt to harm you, may they contact your thought of God and be healed.


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