Lightwins' Blog on Blogger Arrests hit record high

Hi All,

I happened to catch sight of John/Lightwins blog on Blogger Arrests.  This has me stirred up a bit as it touches on me personally and some of my writings and posts on the Web, such as my Durango Exopolitics blog.  I am moving somewhat away from a great deal of political criticism to delving into the spiritual aspects of things unfolding on this planet, but sometimes, one must still call a spade a spade.

I kept silent for so many years on what I had to share out of fear.  This is giving one's power away to fear, allowing it to bind and control you, or in my case, me.  On one hand I was terrified of "them" those in the shadow government who might visit harm on me or mine if I spoke up and out, and on the other, I was afraid of ridicule and isolation from the society of my friends and acquaintances for expressing things so far outside their reality.  So I just mostly shut up, for a long time.

In doing Durango Exopolitics, doing one public showing of the Disclosure Project Witness Testimony video, and thinking strongly of arranging another, in beginning to produce a dvd of my story and write a book-- I'm really stepping out on the proverbial limb.

My spirit guides just now chimed in for me to remember I'm under strong spiritual protection.  I take a lot of comfort in their message and presence, as I know they have always been there looking out for me, long before I even realized they were there.

But this business of blogger arrests is one of the fears I had to face and move through in the last year, and seeing it in print as a reality does churn me up a bit.  I'm going to keep consciously breathing deeply, but I'd like to hear from others about this and what your thoughts are.

Having experienced some of the horrors I have, I have no wish to be put in a position to experience anything like it again.  But I will not allow myself to be silenced by fear any more either.

Thank you TT for being here.

Loving you all,


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What I have found is that when I perceive no enemies, no one perceives me as an enemy. When I truly know that every person in the world has a beautiful heart and divine core, I evoke that from them in their interactions with me.

A number of my friends have been targeted. My advice to them always is "Where are you seeing them as the enemy?" If you see no enemy, there is nothing to fear. The love underlying all things is very real.

Thanks for your courage, Niara, in speaking up and doing what you feel is right in this.

With much love and warm wishes,

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Dear Niara,

Fred gives sound advice. Courage and Heart are strong in you. You are part of the transformation. Thank you for doing what you do. Fear Not. Love,Mary

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Thanks Fred, for the powerful reminder of something I'm also learning... that when we shift our own energy we disappear off the radar of the "other" service to self elements of our society.

I've done much forgiveness work on forgiving my perpetrators and will continue to do more as any more layers emerge, but I think I've moved through the worst of it.  And my message to others is, if I can forgive what happened to me and embrace the loving possibility of another world I'm committed to creating, anyone can!

I did a gestalt exercise once-- imagining each of one of my perpetrators in a chair opposite me and telling them how I felt and anything else I wanted to tell them.  Then I would take their chair and imagine myself to be whichever one of them I was talking with.  I was astonished to discover from this exercise that most of them seemed to be terribly sorry for their part in what happened to me and felt as frightened and trapped as I have felt... lured into the project by big dollars and the tempation of knowing things others would never know, then they found out too late what they had really signed in for and then felt they couldn't ever get out.  A couple of the perpetrators were not sorry, felt that they had a right to do what they did and really enjoyed inflicting pain and suffering.  I think they must have been sociopaths, like Ted Bundy, who found their societal niche in the world of black projects.  But even they need forgiveness, perhaps more than any others.

With Loving Gratitude,


"Love is all there is."

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You must have been posting your comment just as I posted mine.  Thanks so much for chiming in with your support as well.  It means a great deal.  Some of my local friends just can't get their heads around what I feel at times, but here, I think there's a good chance people do understand, and it really helps.

I've been taking it easy today and reflecting on how much I feel like I'm here in 3D and have at least the beginning of my foot in the door of the 4th dimension as well.

Much Love,


"Love is all there is."

Thank you so much for this posting Niara. And for the beautiful reply Fred. And to Fred, Your words show a change in your perception. I wish you much love and trust.

I have often had the nagging thought in the back of my mind that the internet is a tool of ''recordkeeping'' and would eventually be use to seek out ''threats'' in the population. Then I heard that there is a court ordered decision to force google to relinquish the viewing habits of youtube users to viacom. It is for the sake of reducing copyright infringement. With all of the personalized websites I can see the potential for self incrimination and the danger of painting oneself as 'unsavory'. Especially in this charged atmosphere of fear and wiretapping.

So what to do? As Niara said that she had done before, I also do. I silence and censor myself; Because of fear of revealing too much personally or the fear of being criminalized for having ''radical views that are unpatriotic.'' I am not one who goes shouting in the streets, but I can see that withholding our feelings and understandings because we fear the authority of those who wish to dominate and control...only gives more power to those who wish to dominate and control.

There is a call for truth. And my hope is that we can unite and begin validating each other.

In the words of the Great Yoda,

Fear leads to Anger,

Anger leads to Hate,

and Hate leads to Suffering.


I feel that the sufferings of this world could be better beared with acceptance and allowance of each other.


In the words of Ani Difranco

You barely have time to react in this world, let alone rehearse.

And I don't think that I'm better than you, but I don't think that I'm worse.

Women learn to be women and men learn to be men.

And I don't blame it all on you.

But I don't want to be your friend.


I don't mean that we will always like each other..... but we can allow others to be who they are......just not hang out with them. We don't have to fight nor will we all agree.....but My hope is that we can share our ideas freely and gather different solutions and projections and sift them down and use the plans that benefit the most.


okay....that's enough run-on sentences for one day. I'll roll up my banner and climb down from my little soap box.

Thanks for the opportunity to speak here today.


My love is with you all.

Misty Fain


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Hi Misty Fain,

I appreciate your post to this thread.  I think all we can do is bring things to light, explore them and exorcize the shadows our fears have lived in.  I don't go shouting in the streets either, and as a survivor (who's committed to be a Thrivor!) of mind control abuses myself, my own fears have been connected to the stuff that actually happened to me in the past.  Yet I still know that fear lives in the mind more than in the hands of the feared person, place or thing.  And, I am learning to trust the loving protection around me at all times more and more fully.  Thank you for joining with me in looking at how we give our fear away and edit and censor ourselves...  and choose to live more and  more fully in our truth.

Much Love,

"Love is all there is."

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