Who Killed Martin Luther King?

This link is to a transcript of a talk by William F. Pepper, author of An Act of State. Not only does this talk give the real story of the assassination of Martin Luther King, but it also reveals the extent of the media coverup.


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Thank you Linda, that is really fascinating.

I had not really bothered to read up much about it, but that there is more to any of these assasinations has, to me anyway, always been self evident.

I had contact with young American soldiers returning from Vietnam when I was in Germany in 1968/69 and that was devastating.



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...to those terrible days. I was seventeen in 1968 when King was shot. I will never forget it as a final crushing blow to my belief in the integrity of our government. The Kennedys were gone, Malcolm was gone (he is still one of my heroes), and now Martin. Seventeen is young - we were still in high school - but we were already veterans of marches, protests, and many of us had been tear-gassed by the police at some of these events. Many of us had seen people watching us, our houses, our gatherings. I had been interviewed by agents, myself. It was a very intense time. Not to my credit, I tried for many years to put it behind me, and to pretend it was an isolated time when all our leaders were assassinated and our dreams dashed. Now it all comes back. The pendulum has swung, and we are ready for a new round of opposition to our government and to put our own lives on the line if need be.

In about 1966 or 1967 I had a vivid dream which was unusual in that it repeated several nights in a row. In it, I was with a group of people in the desert. We were hiding in caves, and we had the ridge-tops. We had rifles. Down on the ground, on the desert floor, there were troops, hunting us. There wasn't much more to it than that, but it repeated, and I remembered it. For many years I wondered what it meant, what it represented. Now, I think maybe it was a straight-ahead premonition. I hope not. I have forsworn violence, and don't even own a gun anymore.

But these events have never died. They live on beneath the skin of our country, and in the hearts of millions of people. Many who today are bankers, salesmen, business owners, grandparents - we still remember those days. Many of us in our hearts know the truth. I never understood how it was that the real revolution that was brewing simply lost steam, how people went back to their studies and their families and their occupations, and gave up. They became part of the system, or lost in the system. Now of course I know. It was the government that spread drugs, crime and angry music...they did their job well.

My friend George deMerle worked for the CIA and the FBI during the 50s and 60s. It was the killing of Martin King that opened his eyes. He had infiltrated the Weathermen movement in Chicago, and had betrayed Abbie Hoffman, resulting in his arrest. It was the killing of King that opened George's eyes to the pervasive evil of the system he served, and he turned against it. I was close friends with George until I left Texas in 2000. He died last October. I learned so much from him. Ironically it was he who showed me that nonviolence must be the governing principle, and that only love will solve our problems. George was under surveillance the whole 20 years I knew him, and I probably have been, too. I sometimes think I still am.

Now, the entire system is finally, blessedly, collapsing under its own bloated weight. The system is so sick, so infected with tumors and rotting soullessness, that it cannot survive. Our nation is doomed, has doomed itself, and the coming collapse and chaos will be very difficult. This is unavoidable, and we cannot change it. They did it to themselves. We do not need to do anything to oppose the system other than hold the truth in our hearts and preserve it for future generations. There is no need for revolution. The host is dying. Our task is not to bring it down, but to stay alive as it collapses around our heads.

We live in interesting times.


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Hey Linda!
William F. Pepper is one of my all time favs for factual data we will never get from CNN. Did you know he was also legal counsel for the Bhutto family (primarily for Benazir's father, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, during his death sentence appeal). It is amazing to listen to him speak about all the situations he has been front and center for.

Our parents went home......got good jobs.....got cable...... and bought nice clothes.

We had imaginitive, communal play

until the day 'they'' came out with nintendo!!

A world of our own.  A mission. A purpose. To find the pattern that lets us win against a box of circuits. We gave up books for movies......violent movies.

We gave up walking for sporty cars, sedans and finally SUV's. 

We gave up going to visit others for sitting in front of our TV's.

Then we forgot our neighbors. Then we began to  fear ''them''.

Media gave up on telling truths. They got scared, too. Now they keep us intrigued and occupied with death and danger and celebrity.

I know nothing of the world......beyond what I have seen........ but I know theme songs from many shows.....i know where stuff is in Wal-Mart. I can beat Mario with my eyes closed......

Ah.....what am I trying to say.  ''They'' didn't get us. Humanity has developed to give '' power'' to those who want it the most....''We'' chose the path of least resistance....we chose to let ''them'' handle the big stuff and let us ''do what ''we'' want  to do......so, can we lay blame when we get pissed off that ''they'' wont let ''us''  ''do what ''we'' want to ''do''.

for me it really is about reconnecting the  community. We get together and discuss the goodness and ''power'' between us. We can rediscover our family....the ''big'' family....lol

heh,...... I'm just griping....... take it with a pinch of salt.

With a prayer for community, unity, enlightenment and love.



sorry for veering from the topic.......i blame dave....lol...just kidding dave. your reply inspired me to vent....thanks.

oh yeah.......if you read my reply to nada's post you will find that i am griping cause i'm ''pissed off that they wont let me do what i want to do......just saying.........i judge not......lol

i may not be speaking from the highest place of my being, so i do apologize for any offense.....if there is any.  i love this portal....i love you all.

In the spirit of unity.


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''They'' didn't get us. Humanity has developed to give '' power'' to
those who want it the most....''We'' chose the path of least
resistance....we chose to let ''them'' handle the big stuff and let us
''do what ''we'' want  to do.....

Misty, you make a good point here...touching on something I've wished to mention and didn't know where...when we gripe about those who misuse power, we must always remember that they can only do so because others abdicated their power.  There are people, perhaps the majority, who are willing to turn over their power so that they can be taken care of.  Then when they find their trust has been abused, they either slip into denial or get really frustrated.


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