Another Mystery - Life on Mars?

I had to pass along this amazing photo from the Mars Rover.  This comes from, where two grains of salt are wise.  You have to wonder if this has been photoshopped. 

 Here's the complete panoramic shot...


 Zooming in....


 Somehow I never expected Matians to look like Bigfoot!'s a girl!


Or maybe a rock...or just a shadow....or.....?


Whaddaya think?



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That's wild, Dave! Great find!

With sacred love flowing,

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lots of good info on how photos are doctored and info is falsified by NASA

You bet, Aquene. This whole idea of how Mars is "supposed" to appear has them in a quandary. For some reason, showing a blue sky and earthlike terrian is not something they wish. I've seen so many pictures of things that look like artificial structures on Mars, and the moon too. It's perhaps not so astonishing that the Rover might snap a photo of a Martian wandering around...after all, someone has been dusting the solar panels. The two things that astonish me are first that NASA would release the photo at all if it's real and someone hasn't come along and done some creative editing. The second thing is - well, I don't know what I expected Martians to look like, but Bigfoot wasn't it. The figure in the photo looks like a big, hairy, female humanoid ape, to me.

Well, let's think about that. There aren't any cities on Mars except possible ruins, unless the deception runs a helluva lot deeper than what we already know. You have to question the technology it would take if that were the case. And from what I know, the outdoor climate is pretty uncomfortable - cold nights and winters, and hot days. And it's dry. Even if there is water here and there, most of the planet appears pretty arid. Some areas do appear to be forested and contain lakes. If there are no cities above ground, that doesn't prove anything one way or the other as to whether there are underground facilities. However, they could live in caves and tunnels....and then there are those "tubes."

From my avid but thoroughly unscientific gathering of information about Mars, it seems reasonable to me that a relatively primitive species, similar to Bigfoot, could exist there. The figure in the photo is not wearing any kind of suit or breathing apparatus, indicating a congenial atmosphere and a possible lack of technology. Which doesn't necessarily imply lack of I said, SOMEone has been dusting off the solar panels!

Whether this photo is real or not - and I'm casting my vote with the doubters at this point - Mars is a fascinating place, and we're not being told everything they know.



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