Must Watch! John Pilger’s ‘The War You Don’t See’ & nuts to war

A very good film. We all know they are lying to us about war but this film does an excellent job of revealing the shear scale of the lies.


In caes you need some comic relief after watching this:


Here we go again

Hi All-

The cover story is drug trafficking control - an obvious scam, Wayne Madsen says it's to threaten Nicaragua but does Israel really care that much if some tiny 3rd world nation decides to condem it? I have to wonder if there is another hidden agenda going on here.



Where Are The Angry People?

Dear friends,

I came here because I found a good balance in the material Fred included in the course. It offered both a look at good things that are happening and some of the nasty things going on in our world today.

But now that I've been here for some time, I don't see anyone talking about the real world and the nasty stuff we are faced with.

Should there be a private group for us?

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