Reidy Creek

I'm adding this as a new blog entry because it appears to be the only way I can add photos...just wanted to share some natural beauty with y'all. This is the creek across the street from my apartment complex....

The Singing Trees

A raw afternoon, a gray winter's day. Dusk is coming on. I leave my apartment and cross the street. There runs a creek, its wide banks dotted with trees and boulders. Sweet flags and cattails cluster and sway. Sunlight dances in its shaded pools. It is one of my favorite spots to walk and simply be.

Dream of the Clan, Wild Nature, Death & The Last Desire

It started with me standing in front of a long hallway full of desks. Each of the desks was a checkpoint at which they gave tests to pass the members through the endless bureaucracy of artificially created meaning towards the inner circles of their religion. The clan, the cult, supposedly it was all by choice. On some level it was.

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