mainstream media

faith as a function

I don't spend much time watching mainstream media, particularly the news, but came across this today.  A simple gesture, but when so many folks are so afraid to get involved with anyone, I found not only the gesture uplifting, but also Chris Cuomo's comment at the end of this video.  (can't get it to embed). 

"Your faith is a function of what you do with it, not just how you display it."  Kudos to Mr. Cuomo, and the young Sikh who shows the world his humanity.  Something we don't always witness on tv news.

Karen Hudes - World Bank whistleblower!

I found this at Joseph Farrel's website. This interview is related to the stories that both he and David Wilcock have been covering about the hopeful news that there are countries and people behind the scenes trying to fix things.

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