Orwell's Warning

Here's a link to a podcast I found very interesting. It's podcast #75 at the following link. The author talks about modern methods of social control and how the propaganda that "in the past there was social control but now we are free" is actually the best way to control a society. The author talks about how religion has been replaced by modern medicine as the primary method of social control and the dangers of vaccines. He also touches on the topic of state citizenship as opposed to US citizenship, a topic I'm just beginning to understand.

Why Governor Spitzer was Character-Assassinated

Hi Friends

This is heinous.

You have got to watch this video. It gives the full story.


Spitzer was assassinated politically

Most people have the sense that there was something
bizarre and surreal about the sudden coordinated
FBI and US news media attack on New York Governor
Eliot Spitzer.

After all, unproven allegations about how he may have

The Depth Of Lies

My Dear Friends,
What a dilemma this information below creates. I actually questioned myself many times about whether I should even post this. However, I also feel we must know what people faced to have allowed this to happen the way it has. I ask God to please forgive our ignorance in the face of what this says.

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