Changing Your Lifestyle Can Change Your Genes

from Newsweek:

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Dean Ornish M.D.
Changing Your Lifestyle Can Change Your Genes

New research shows that improved diet, meditation and other non-medical interventions can actually "turn off" the disease-promoting process in men with prostate cancer.

Jun 17, 2008 | Updated: 6:32 p.m. ET Jun 17, 2008

Powerful Expansions During Dream School

I very much enjoy night school during my dream time. Sometimes I wake up with only hints and fragments of powerful experiences and lessons learned, while occasionally I remember quite a bit of detail from my dream school sessions. One recent time period was particularly rich. On several mornings over a period of about 10 days I remembered profound lessons I'd had during night school. On the final morning, I even awoke and continued a powerful dream in a half-awake state for quite a while, communicating with an intriguing force which called itself "the singularity."

All Must Change, to Clear the Way for the Golden Age to Commence

Dear Friends, 
Below you will read a channeling of St. Germain, through Mike Quinsey. I have enjoyed Mike's channelings for many years. They are very much in tune with the times we are in. Yes, I truly believe we are living in the time of these changes that are going to happening at this period of our human history.

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