Do As One

Do As One  This is a really cool website where you can connect and breathe synchronistically with other people across the globe in real time.  You can see where the other "breathers" are located on the interactive world map.  You don't need to register or log in.  You just enter a breathing room and the graphics guide your breath.  It's so user friendly, that you can easily pop in whenever you have 5 minutes free to harmonize with other human beings.

Breathing for stress

When you feel edgy, this simple breath will help.

Place your right hand over your heart, or both hands, and breathe in gratitude for all that you are grateful for. Hold it for a moment as it circulates throughout your entire body. Feel it, and then breathe out the parts of yourself that are trespassing on your Divinity.  Pause for as long as is comfortable.

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