The US was founded on genocide

"This country was found on genocide before the word genocide was invented." Awesome MSNBC clip!

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What a great speech! Unfortunately, Germany was a bad example to use,as after following several links posted here recently, it appears that wasn't the case at all in Germany after ww2. But, I get the point, America is famous for destroying a country,then rebuilding it (if nothing else to award huge contracts to insiders). I also thought he could of struck home with the numbers of Native Americans then, about 19 million, and now,,a fraction of that. Put the numbers up to go with that "genocide" and I believe it would surpass ww2, would it not?

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Knowing this, Thanksgiving has become a day of hypocracy for me.

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Wow surprised that made it on air . Right on I dont celebrate any of their bogus holidays including xmas . I celebrate solstices and equinox . I am sure it would man !!!

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