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I've been watching the video of the various testimonies and questions in a National Press Club (U.S.) Conference about UFO's some years ago.

Very interesting.


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Hey M

 After watching many documentaries on Bentwaters I have watched the witnesses getting older and I'm beginning to worry that the people who cover up UFO's are getting so good now that few young military people speak out and little leaks out anymore. That could mean that we might see less valid stuff come out in the future and the evidence and witnesses that gave validity to the subject could "die out" as the witnesses from the Cold War era die out. Frankly that depresses me like heck but we don't hear any young astronauts or military people speaking out now and I suspect they are too far into the societal denial  because they were born into it and don't have the attitudes of earlier generation about speaking the truth.

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I'm still waiting for/looking forward to the fake alien invasion false flag scenario Wernher Von Braun told Dr. Carol Rosin about so many years ago...  As The Who said so well, "won't get fooled again"

"Von Braun's Legacy"-- Dr. Carol Rosin Testimony - YouTube

The Bentwaters Incident: Security Officer Larry Warren - YouTube

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Yea, Chris,

The Islamic terrorists thing is starting to get old. And the more I look into it, the more I think the fake planes on 9/11 idea, promoted by Jim Fetzer makes sence. You just can't have a plane hitting a building and having it melt into it like Wiley Cyotie. That means they already have the technology to fake alien space ships as well. It doesn't mean there isn't real ones out there too - time will tell if we ever figure out the truth about it all.

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melivale, ever seen anything strange up there yourself? How did you get an interest going around UFOs?

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