ET Disclosure Imminent?

More stuff about aliens keeps coming to the forefront.  Is it just a matter of time before the world knows the truth?


Rachel Maddow: Citizen's Hearing on UFOs (Click to watch video.  Wouldn't embed.)



Pope Francis to announce extraterrestrial savior according to new book

In Exovaticana, Chris Putnam and Tom Horn predict that the new Pope, Francis I, will soon announce the existence of extraterrestrial life, among whom an alien savior will emerge to reinvigorate Christian teachings!


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Brian's picture

I wish Rachel Maddow could have been a little less sarcastic. How many times did she say "fake" and with such emphasis? What an a-hole. I also wish I could go to that hearing....The reason the subject of disclosure is in the air is because of some people like Steve Basset and Steven Greer making the effort. It's not because the government wants to do anything or because there's a vast grassroots movement going on. I can't tell you how much I appreciate those sticking their necks out. It has given me hope that what I saw will get acknowledged someday. When I can speak freely about my experiences without fearing being seen as abnormal.

Francis's picture

she's just covering her ass.  It's almost as if she has to approach it this way or she'll lose her job, she has to poke fun at it because those who take this stuff seriously are ostrasized, ridiculed and fired.  She's on msnbc for god's sake.  Look forward to the day when this is no longer the case.  She still got the story out there even if she painted it in an awful light.

tscout's picture

   I used to listen to her on air america,,,,and,,,as liberal as they claimed to be,,,they all had to watch what they said....The lady who's place she took(can't remember her name) got canned for going off on republicans ! I thought that was funny! Even Tom what's his name? who owns his own stations, refused to put me on to ask about Nesara when it was getting some exposure,,,right before Obama got elected......Thom Hartman,,,that's the guy! And he owns the station he works out of....It has to do with syndication,,,and losing clients,,,advertising,,etc..,,the usual things,,,,,,,,which all translate to,,,,,MONEY!

  I would get angry listening to her work around a subject as well,,,but I think  her talent at it got her more exposure,,,she has a way of mixing important topics with things like,,,bunyans on her feet! I don't condone it,,but,,,she is being realistic about it in relevance to how long she will have a job if she really slams someone..And,,,from another angle,,when talking about politics,,her usual topics,,,it is all a big joke anyways!,,,,,,,,L,,,,,,,,T

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