THRIVE, The Full Movie

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Hello everyone.  It has been a long while since I posted here.  Otherwise occupied I guess.  I have shared this movie with all of you , as Noa has introduced it on another thread.  This is full 2 hour and 8 minute film and is worth ever minute of the time to watch it.  This is a life changing film which I would like to suggest you share with all of your friends.  I am going to purchase the DVD and give to my church and may buy some to give as Christmas gifts.    I hope you will watch this and share it on.

Love and Light


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Thanks, Berry.  I just logged on to post the link.  You beat me to it! Wink

Everyone raves about this film.  I'm watching it for the first time now.

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This film is an excellent, detailed piece; it does a good job covering what the elite have been up to and what they had planned for the rest of us. Best of all it does an excellent job of what each of us and all of us can do to re-occupy our planet. Yeah!

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Whoo Hoo, I'm ready, let's go!!!

Thanks so much to all for sharing this beautiful vision.


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Hi Berry,

It's good to have you back.  I've been here less frequently of late, too.

Thanks so much for posting the film.  I watched it all tonight.  Excellent.

But when I tried to replay it -- even on another browser -- I got the above message.  Is anyone else having problems opening the film?


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Hi Bob-

I got the same thing - what a disappointment. I was all set to send the link to all my e-mail contacts. The good news was that when I went to buy the film at Amazon they are offering a $40 credit for opening up a charge account. I'm hoping to score 2 copies of the film for free that way.

I'm assuming the makers of the film have only allowed free viewing for a few days and have now taken it down until they make enough money to pay for the film. I hope it will be available for free again after they've made their money.

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It's only $10 to buy the video.  If you're serious about ending corruption and starting a user-friendly world, you should invest in your own copy and share it with everyone you know, by holding your own screenings. 

I am boycotting commercial Christmas this year.  The only non-handmade gift I will be giving to my loved ones is a copy of this video.

"We can change the world, rearrange the world, (it's dying) to get better."  ~ Graham Nash

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Watched the entire film twice after Berry sent it to me.....All the pieces are an excellent order and presentation...If any one is having trouble getting the stream, I found the full version on seem to be moving in the right direction. Love/Light to all.......Namaste..

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YouTube has already taken down the video.....

Try this on...hope it still works

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YouTube has already taken down the video.....

Try this on...hope it still works

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Thanks Billy, The link is still working and I'm thrilled to have sent the film out to all my contacts.


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Maybe they need to make some money back.  Unfortunate, everyone needs to see this.  It does a great job of wrapping it all up for those new to this info.  I posted on Facebook right away and hope some had a chance to see it.  Like you Berry (great to see you posting again!) I am buying copies and sending them as Christmas gifts this year.  Mahalo!

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Noa, where do I go on the web to buy the DVD for $10?

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    that the movie was pulled from disclosuretv also. I followed another link that said it had it, but didn't find it there either...Tried to buy one,had one copy and a sticker in my cart, but when I finished my transaction, there was only a sticker in the order, and no way to back out. Had to write topspin, ( the guys handling the sales0 and ask them to add the movie or not send it at all...not a good night shopping for me,ha ! one way or another I will check it out..if anyone finds another link, could you please post it / thanks all, T

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Good question, Bob.  Looks like the price is now $20.  Either I made a mistake or they were offering a special price for people to hold screenings on the 11/11 launch date.  The THRIVE contact page is asking for donations to sponsor videos for people who can't afford to buy them.  This would indicate that price need not be a barrier in obtaining a DVD.

I'm a little disappointed at the $20 price, but I still plan to buy a copy because its message is so important.  The quality of the graphics on this video probably cost a pretty penny to produce.  It would be comforting to know, though, that the heir to Proctor & Gamble won't be profiting from THRIVE video sales.

My initial reaction to Foster Gamble's message was that he and others like him from the ranks of the 1% are starting to wake up and follow their conscience.  For the sake of humanity and the fate of the Earth, I hope this is true.

Bob07's picture!

(And thanks, Noa.  I bought it for $20.  And yes, I too am greatly encouraged that someone of Foster Gamble's "class" has radically broken ranks and is throwing his energy, intelligence, and money into helping our collective waking up and evolution.)


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A friend of mine just sent me this link that also still seems to be working:

new link for thrive: Link to Thrive, the Movie and supporting Videos.

I bless all with Love


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   i watched the first half last night. i never knew there were "unlisted" videos on youtube..,,,,,T

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Thought I should put a link to the THRIVE solutions here, before it gets lost in the shuffle:

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I thought I'd bring this to to the top again. It looks to me like the thrive movie website has been updated since I last looked at it back in November. There seems to be a lot more here than I remember - solutions have been fleshed out, success stories, lots to explore.

Here's an interview with the film maker:


Thank you of Foster Gamble!   I bless us all with Love  Let us all work together to Thrive!


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Foster Gamble has written a response to (rebuttal of) Charles Eisenstein's critique of his movie, "Thrive."  In reading Eisenstein's critique, I get the subtle message that there's no conspiracy and we should go back to sleep and just be positive and trust evolution to take care of itself.   I wonder if he isn't one of those "government trolls" that Gamble mentions in his response (he was not accusing Eisenstein of being one).  In any case, the below is well worth the read.  And thanks, Wendy for posting that great interview with Gamble.  It gives us a better sense of who he is.


(The below is posted at RealitySandwich: )

Response to Charles Eisenstein's Critique of THRIVE

by Foster Gamble

Charles Eisenstein, the author of Sacred Economics, has written an article,"Synchronicity, Myth and the New World Order", and a critique of THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?, that have engendered much discussion. I welcome this opportunity to have a broad and public conversation to look more deeply into some very important issues that he and my film THRIVE raise.

I took the time to read Charles' book in depth, and though I disagree with much of what Charles proposes, I think his work has important offerings. My intention is that this on-going conversation further our mutual quest for core ethics, truth and effectiveness in transitioning to a world where all can thrive.

Correcting Some Innaccuracies

Before diving into the philosophical and strategic discussion, I want to clear up some initial inaccuracies in the review of THRIVE. The title of the review ("THRIVE: The Story is Wrong but the Spirit is Right") immediately casts our discussion into the polarization of right and wrong. I recommend some different distinctions going forward: 1) more or less USEFUL, and 2) ETHICAL or NON-ETHICAL.

Charles' assumption that I was invoking (p.3) and trying to wage a "war against EVIL" (p. 1) is contrary to the tone and claims in THRIVE. I do not believe there is some separate force in the Universe called EVIL. Perhaps he confused this with his own observation in his conspiracy article, "Evil and its expression as The New World Order...has like all other things its place in the world." (P. 15) I do observe that some people, in certain mental/emotional conditions and self-justified by certain worldviews and institutions, do intentionally mean and destructive ("sinister") things to others. I am very interested in protecting life by neutralizing the aggression of those individuals and transforming the systems and obsoleting the agendas of which they are a part.

Next, I want to be clear that THRIVE is not advocating or counting on some sort of  "Technological Utopianism."
Charles claims:

"...the film's contention that the main reason for the misery of the Third World masses is lack of access to energy, and that unlimited clean energy would be a near-panacea for humanity's problems and would usher in an era of abundance. The story here - call it "technological utopianism" - is that technology is going to rescue us, create a new and better world, and solve our problems."

I believe that having cheap, clean and safe access to energy all over the planet for would be a huge boost economically, ecologically and would provide useful evidence for a new paradigm of universal abundance. It supplements, but does not replace shifts in consciousness as well as financial and other systems. Access to energy and means for healthy commerce (i.e. an honest money system) are currently bottlenecks through which people can be impoverished and forced to put all their attention on subsistence instead of thriving. goes into the myriad issues that accompany the liberated global access to energy and economic solvency. We emphasize the core transformation of energy and commerce systems because without that other changes are insufficient.

Though Charles writes in his book that "free energy technologies have been in existence for at least a century," (SE, p.443), in his THRIVE review he contradicts himself by taking a swipe at our credibility in saying, "I won't consider here the scientific plausibility of such technology, which appears to violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics."

Let me clarify that first, a toroidal technology, like an atom, a human or a galaxy is an open system and the 2nd Law applies to closed systems. It's not the motion of the machine which is perpetual, (all matter wears down) it's the source of energy! Second, what is the explanation for the fact that these inventors are getting raided, shut down, threatened and sometimes killed if they are actually all charlatans? It's documented that the US Government has denied and confiscated over 3000 patent applications for alternative energy devices. Doesn't it make sense that they might actually know something about how and which devices actually work?

In his book, Charles goes so far as to excuse J.P. Morgan's suppression of Nikola Tesla's radiant energy tower by writing "Perhaps Morgan was even on some level cognizant that humanity was not ready for Tesla's gift." (Sacred Economics, p. 443).

Wow. I wonder how all the people suffering from lack of energy and all the species rendered extinct in the course of dirty energy proliferation feel about that.

Eisenstein refers to THRIVE having attracted a "cult following." This strange and inaccurate term, of course, has been seized upon and often repeated by government trolls and would-be debunkers to try to undermine the credibility of the thrive movement. More accurately, the movie has been seen by over a million people all over the world in its first month with over 95% rave approval and appreciation for providing coherent, fact-based information and grounded solution strategies. I request that intelligent critical thinkers who appreciate THRIVE not be dismissed as cult followers. There is no cult here and the people finding value in this critical information deserve more respect.

Charles has obviously done a lot of research for his book. I especially appreciate his detailed look into the history of money, alternative currencies, localization and his efforts to come up with some out-of-the-box thinking about what approaches might restore healthy lives and ecologies. It's well worth the $16 he charges for it on Amazon - especially for its value in triggering critical thinking and exploratory interchanges just like this one.

My two biggest concerns about the Eisenstein perspective are that:

a) It can serve to lull people back to sleep and provide the temporary comfort of denial, while distracting from what is really going on...and

b) Many of its proposals, though sounding good at first blush, are ultimately based on government intervention backed by threats of violence - rather than the true protection of the rights of each individual.



Although  Eisenstein acknowledges on page 13 of his book that a totalitarian one world government seems to be approaching, he then goes on (pages 3,5,8,9,14,91) to undermine others from taking it any more seriously than to work on our egos and remember our oneness. An example:

"What if our emotions and beliefs actually attract experiential data that fits that it looks like a conspiracy even if there are no conspirators?" (NWO, p.8)

No conspirators? People conspiring to accomplish certain goals is undeniable- the question is at what scale and to what end. Check out this site. I am personally encouraged to know that what we experience as systems-wide failure is not random or just the cruelty and incompetence of all of humanity, but instead the consequence of our unwitting participation in an agenda that we have the power to obsolete through non-violent non-participation.

Belief in conspiracy theories is a ...victim state. (NWO, p.5)

If we ignore the agenda for domination, we will end up experiencing a whole new level of meaning to the term "victim state."

In one of his most unlikely conclusions, Charles states:

"A nefarious power, inimical to human well-being, manipulates the course of human events from behind the scenes, seeking the total control of every human being. Rather than an evil Illuminati, could that power be money? Could it be that it is rather the money system that controls the global elite?"

This is like saying the gun was guilty of the murder. Are the banking elite unaware of the unfair advantage the money scam gives them? They have the power to remedy it if it is not their intention. Our corrupt money system did not create itself, nor will it get rid of itself without dedicated effort.

"Give me control of a nation's money system and I care not who creates the laws." --Mayer Amschel Rothschild

"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world." --Henry Kissinger, 1973

Charles writes that..."conspiracy theories eventually bring most people to a kind of despair, even paralysis..." (NWO, p.14)

Gratefully, this is not the reaction we are getting to THRIVE. Viewers report that the tone, the coherence, the honoring of nature and the human spirit, and especially the in-depth solutions, provide a sense of motivation, traction and viable things to do with the energy that arises. Many people feel validated in their perception and more hopeful than ever now that we have through which to share vital information within a context of hope and activism.

He says: "The conspirators are not others, they are we, you and I and everyone..."

This is an example of where I think it is vital to remember our unification, while simultaneously recognizing our individual distinction. Why do we take care to avoid a dangerous street if we are walking alone at night? Some people are desperate and will harm others. That is true on small and large scales and pretending otherwise is dangerous.



When I search for viable solutions being suggested by Eisenstein's "sacred" approach, unfortunately a great number of them seem to play directly into the hands of the agenda for global control and undermine the individual's rights and ability to take action.


Charles writes that:

"The dark energies have nearly run their course... Though some might try to hold onto it a little longer, sooner or later they will accept that their time is over, and they will bow out of service..." (NWO, p.15)

What is the evidence for this? I do not see any indication that they are going to go away on their own. In my experience, it always comes down to individuals waking up, speaking up and taking action if we are going to expose and transcend tyranny.

Choose a Belief that Feels Good

"I suggest we choose a belief, and the corresponding psychological state accompanying it...consider how each belief-state feels, what it implies about the world, about human beings, and about oneself." (NWO, p. 12)

How about logic and observation? How about going through the uncomfortable feelings that may come up around facts we wish weren't true? Shall we pretend no one is starving because it doesn't feel good to acknowledge it? I believe we can be empowered by feeling the discomfort - as anyone who has successfully navigated grief or rage can attest to. On the other side we feel the strength of knowing we are not victims and that we have the right to control our own lives, as long as we do no harm to others.

No Principles

"I, however, don't live by principles, nor do I recommend it."(NWO, p. 398)

I believe that in order for people to live without rulers dominating their actions, we need clear rules instead - based on the core principle of non-violation - that no one has the right to violate another person or their property except in true self-defense.

Just for the record, there are numerous principles Eisenstein recommends. Some of them follow.

"To charge a fee for service, or even for material good, violates the spirit of the Gift." (SE, p. 401)


"The key to right livelihood is to live off gifts." (SE, p. 397)

 "Musicians, artists, prostitutes, healers, counselors, and teachers all offer gifts that are debased when we assign them a price...the only honorable way to offer it is as a gift." (SE - 412)


 "Most corporations and business owners are not ready to step into a gift-based business mode. That's OK - you can give then a little push! Simply implement it unilaterally by "stealing" their products, for example by illegally downloading or copying digital content like songs, movies, software, and so on." (SE, p. 411)

To imagine that people's lives are going to be restored by others stealing from them is dangerously incomplete and self-serving in its logic. If you want to gift your goods then gift them. But to impose your choice not to on the creator of them is violation, and exactly what gives you the right to impose that violation?

Though Charles has written, "When we convert ‘have to' into ‘want to' we are free," (SE, p. 358), many of his proposals seem to be ultimately based on force.

"The state could determine by fiat who gets credit..." (SE, p. 456)

And we have confidence in this why? Every State in history has grown to violate its people. I believe people have the right to determine their own systems of exchange and that those that serve the real needs will prevail without State imposition or subsidy.

Fractional Reserve

Charles states: In a fractional reserve system, one way to view what happens is that banks are not creating new money at all, but simply allowing existing money to be in two places at once. (SE, p. 454)

This notion has reached its ludicrous exposure in so-called "naked short sales" where up to 300 people have been documented to be claiming to own the same shares of stock. It has been used by investment banks to manipulate markets to the disastrous destruction of many individual's financial well-being.

He then says: "Is the money in your savings account "really there" or not? That is the question that bothers "real money" advocates, but ultimately it is not a useful question." (SE, p.455)

"In a credit system, most of the credit should go to those who will put it to good use."

(Who decides what "good" is? To prevent abortion? To support it?)

He goes on to say, "The "social function" I describe doesn't dictate to whom it goes; it merely sets the conditions so that it will be most likely to go to a certain area that represents the social consensus of good use. This function can be adjusted."(SE, p.456)

By whom? - The enlightened? Property is based fundamentally on our right to own ourselves, our bodies...and then the fruits of our labor. As soon as you eliminate property and give authority to a state, much less control over a fiat credit system, you have all the key historical ingredients for tyranny. I assert that the fundamental unit of wholeness at the human level is each individual, not the "social consensus." It is of grave concern to me that Charles writes that the Marxist solution "does not reach deeply enough." (SE, p. 185) If there is no valid property, do you endorse violating a person's body? How about their home, their bank account, their income? Where exactly would you draw the line? What rights do you think an individual should be free to defend?

"We are using money to destroy money...

The time for the mindset of wealth preservation is over. Wealth preservation brings to mind a swarm of rats, each clamoring over the others to reach the top of the mast of a ship that is sinking."

The desire to "kill" money, I believe, is better channeled into having an honest money system with no lending of money one doesn't have, no printing of money that doesn't correspond to value. It is about sound, honest and accurate money (medium of exchange) rather than, in effect, raiding someone's investments, grain silo, or rainy day savings to re-distribute it against their will. This coercive approach is, I believe, based on the very notions of scarcity and fear that Charles is trying to overcome and ignores the creative capacity of humans to innovate how to do more with less (lighter building materials, more capable shrinking computers, zero-point energy devices, robotics, virtual communication, electric cars...) In agrarian societies of old, women managed banks based on honest interest repayable with the fruits of the harvest - fruits, grains, and offspring - tapping the creativity of nature. The Sumerian word for interest meant "calf." (Web of Debt, Ellen Brown, p. 58)


Preservation of Existing Financial Structure

Charles says: "Perhaps most importantly, a credit-based system can accommodate all of the proposals of this book without the revolutionary destruction of the existing financial infrastructure and rebuilding of a new one." (SE p. 457)

I suggest the key word is voluntary. It is not what kind of monetary system is the best for some to impose, but how do we preserve the freedom to have people be able to try different currencies, different kind of banks, different kinds of insurance and dispute resolution organizations so that the ones that are most trustworthy rise to the surface, and without state subsidies or bailouts, the less sound ones disappear. Is a "sacred economy" one where a few individuals who consider themselves wiser than the rest centralize control and try to manage markets, prices and money supplies, or is it the on-going flow of free individuals exchanging by reciprocal and mutual agreement?


Non-Aggression Principle

On page 78 of Sacred Economics is a dangerously misunderstood interpretation of liberty. It implies that the liberty perspective is somehow "dependent on impersonal and coercive institutions that govern from afar." My research leads to exactly the opposite conclusion. I recommend to Eisenstein that he read more carefully the one person in his bibliography, Hans Hoppe, who does not write in favor of state controlled economics, and also to explore Stefan Molyneux, who will show countless viable alternatives to government that foster just and thriving community.

Charles has written, "Ultimately, I envision decentralized, self-organizing, emergent, peer-to-peer, ecologically integrated expressions of political will." (SE, p. 187) Here is an ethical level on which I believe we can all meet. I look forward to potential future collaboration in such an endeavor.


Consciousness growth is not a substitute for activism. I think that for us to be free and thrive, they need to be able to proceed hand in hand. If you want to focus on the meta-psychology, that is important. There is no reason for that to impede or distract those who are waking up and standing up to take highly-leveraged, non-violent action.


To be fair, here is Eisenstein's reply to Foster's above essay:     --B.

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Clif High has some disparaging words to say about Foster Gamble and the Thrive movie.  He says there are over two hundred Illuminati symbols in the film.  I hadn't noticed any, did you?

Certainly, Foster Gamble's elitist heritage makes him suspect, but I'm sitting on the fence on this one.

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Hi Noa, Bob-

Yea, I heard that Clif High report the other day. What made me wonder about him more than the Thrive critique was that he's now talking about a possible reptilian alien invasion. Really?  I like the guy too but I'm starting to get tired of too many faulty predictions so I'm starting to wonder about him. Two things he got wrong lately:

Yes Bob - I remember the harsh winter prediction too and I think he even specified North America.

Wasn't he also talking like the world would come to an end in mid-march? Taking about getting his boat ready for large floods and what not? Something about there being no more data after mid-March like we were all gone or the internet went down?

I think some of these people get addicted to selling fear, even though he has much more intelligent and interesting things to say than Alex Jones he seems to be following a similar fearmonger path. Don't these guys ever have any positive predictions for the future? Do they think that if they say that the future will the rosy we'll all go "phewf" and stop listening?

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His reports are always riveting; I enjoy them.  He's one of the more fascinating cyber folks.  Brilliant.  His linguistic future-analysis of web themes seems brilliant.  Yet I do have some significant reservations.

First, his is a left-brain approach (unless I'm missing something).  It's based on computer analysis from data delivered to him by linguistic spiders that patrol the web.  And left--brain function has inherent limitations.  Maybe he tries to bring in the right brain... I don't know.  I just feel that left-brain on its own is dangerously limited and doesn't realize it.

I think a look at his record of predictions as far as correct/incorrect would be useful, although I admit I don't have the time to do that.  Maybe he publishes such a record; don't know.  BUT, his prediction about this winter (just past) going to be the coldest in a century or more ("legendary") turned out to be completely wrong -- at least in this part of the world.  In parts of Europe, at least, it was maybe closer to being correct.

Also, I remember his story about offering his linguistic analysis program to the CIA (or was if FBI?) in his naive days, and then having them say no thank you...  But you can bet that if they found it to be promising they have it and use it.  I think we have to assume that they have it, and that it's possible if not likely that, using it, they can insert false linguistic data into the web approriately so that Cliff ends up reading at least some of what they want him to read.  And from this web bot that you've posted here, Noa, the thing that stands out as being most in line with what the PTB want us to believe is the stuff about a coming space alien invasion.  (Keep the fear level up, especially around ET's.)  I wonder, too, about the ex-insider that he says gave him information (some of which was about this invasion scenario).  This person may well have been put in touch with Cliff in order to feed him disinformation; you have to admit that people like High (as well as Wilcock and Fulford and all other influential purveyors of alleged hidden knowlege) would surely be prime targets for disinformation masquerading as insider knowledge.

I don't mean to be negative on Cliff High.  I actually like him.  Just trying to sift and surf in these shifting sands and currents of who-know-what-to-believe today.  Critical thinking and intuiting are in order.

Regarding what he says about "Thrive" and Foster Gamble... I respect that he's forthright about its being his opinion.  That's my takaway on that subject.  My impression of Gamble is that he and his wife are sincere and that they've done a great service in broaching this subject and spreading it so widely.  Dismissing him because he's from an elite family seems like being caught in a box of conditioned reactions.  (Shakyamuni Buddha was from an elite family, too.)  And that's the most important fact for me: the people need this information. 

Illuminati symbols?  I confess I don't know what most of these are.  If they appear in "Thrive," I don't know what significance to attach to that.  The "Thrive" cover has a woman (humanity) with an open eye peeking out from under a lifting blindfold.  The eye is an Illuminati symbol; but here the eye means human awareness.   And eyes are everywhere.  We all have them.  Almost every photo or depiction of a person has eyes.  Are they all Illuminati symbols?

There's the well-known Illuminati satanic hand gesture that we've seen pointed out so many times in news photos of well-known people, where the middle two of the four fingers are dropped so that the index finger and pinky form horns -- thumb is visible, too.  Whether this gesture is definite and seems to be consciously done, or the middle two fingers have dropped slightly (as they often naturally do, I've noticed in myself and others' gestures), the Illuminati symbol hunters identify them all as intentional satanic signs.  (I believe the "I love you" hand sign is identical.  What do we do with that?) 

In short, I think this Illuminati symbols thing can be an obsession.  Maybe Gamlel isn't obsessed with them and so doesn't recognize all of them and try to weed them out.  Whether they were inserted into his film on purpose or not -- or whether they were inserted at all -- may have no significance whatsoever.  When we encounter these symbols, do they exert some magical hypnotic power over us?  I tend to think of them as markers that an obsessed class of benighted sociopaths leave around to mark what they think is "their" territory -- like a dog pissing all over the place.  It means something to dogs but nothing to anyone else.  It's instructive for us to know what they are, but in the end the symbols themselves have no power over us nor significance for us. 

That's just my opinion...

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I kinda stopped listening to Clif (even though I have enjoyed his seemingly intelligent take on things - at least the style with which he delivers) after he got this past winter 180 degrees wrong - not just a little wrong, but as wrong as one could get.  Turns out to be the warmest overall winter on record for the US?  Did I hear that right?

Anyway, in this latest talk he give, he reveals much about himself and his particular bias when he says this just prior to the 5 minute mark:

"wouldn't appeal to me (the "collectivist" Thrive movement), even it is was legit.  ya know, that's the thing, even if it was absolutely legit and it went on to change the planet, it would still leave me out because of the nature of who I am - and we need to know that bias going up front"

Clif is evidently in his own world, and in a position to share it with others.  so little of what he has said, entertaining as it has been to listen to him, has come to pass.  just one more lesson in not paying any mind to those predicting the future...  rarely (if ever) seems to be a good idea in the long run...

I will give him (Clif) this - I think he is right on when he talks about Obama's defense and support of the fictional Corporatocracy "United States" that sees itself as worldwide, having no borders.  reminded me of the heated debate Andrew Basiago had with a young Obama in the early eighties wherein Basiago expressed his concerns and reservations about the corporate structure of capitalism, and Obama fiercely defended the structure from a legal standpoint...  and I appreciate his take on ego and will.  one thing's for sure - he is obviously well-read and intelligent, and never boring!

oh, and just for fun, we have a new prediction from Clif early in the interview, "riots this summer".  and the prediction from his "deep shadow guy" friend who predicts we will all be dead by the end of this year due to disturbances to the "materium" by "assholes", LOL

that last one is a pretty big one - as always, time will tell whether this is deep wuwu or deep doodoo...

oh, and "the return" archetype type data Clif is getting from the Web bot is kind of interesting...

and at the very end he tells us that the weather is going to get very interesting the rest of this month.  having gotten the weather thing so wrong, I am surprised he didn't say something about that...

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Thanks for the update, Fairy.  There's a space in your link above, so it doesn't work.  Here's the corrected link:

I bought the film, despite some doubts I had about Foster Gamble.  Everytime a free copy of Thrive was pulled from Youtube, I questioned his motives.  I'm relieved that he's now decided that the message is more important than the money.

Great film!  Tell your friends!

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Free Energy: What You Can Do to Help - Foster Gamble


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In case you didn't know, there is a page on the Thrive website for critical mass action.  The way it works is that people essentially "sign up" to support certain positive actions, but then they wait until there are enough people signed up (a critical mass) before actually acting. The idea is that there is safety in numbers.

Signing up, IMO, requires a certain level of trust... that your name isn't going into some Big Brother watchlist.  Otherwise, I think it's a great idea.


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Noa, that our names are not already on some Big Brother watchlists?

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Hi Folkd,

I was just watching this again and I think it's been updated. It's also freely available on You Tube.

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The Gathering Spot is a PEERS empowerment website
"Dedicated to the greatest good of all who share our beautiful world"