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Published on Nov 15, 2012

A film about the dark side of civilization, why we should bring it down and why most civilized people don't.


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Wow, I thought that was bad. The film seems to advocate violence rather than creating alternative, sustainable societies. And it totally misses the main cause of our problems - the fractional reserve system and perpetuates myths like global warming.

Perhaps you were questioning that as well and looking to see how others would respond. I would guess this film has very wealthy backers.

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I think your observations are only partially correct, Wendy.  You might want to take a second look.  The film states that the global warming myth is directed at we the consumers rather than the initiating 'exploiters' of our natural resources, ie. the megacorporations.

And I think the video's ultimate message is that when the fuck-it point is reached, we should try things that haven't been tried before... though what these things might be is not suggested here.  At this, our pre-fuck-it point, it seems that protest movements like OWS and the Arab Spring could be our best hope for change -- though whether they are truly effective in the long run remains to be seen.  From the point of view of law enforcement, peaceful protests may be considered "riots."  In any rate, they are often portrayed as such by the media.  So I think the video use of the word "riot" was not meant to be taken literally... just as the footage showing monkeys rioting is likely not meant to be taken seriously.

I agree that the film doesn't specifically address the the banksters' ponzi schemes, but it does elude to the 'exploitation of the many to benefit the few'.

Admittedly, there are better films out there on this subject.  I would've like to have seen more solutions offered.

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