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Dear friends,

Here's a film that pulls all of the topics we have meticulously studied, pondered, and attempted to piece together and make sense of, and it's fairly well done. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch it for free, otherwise it's only $3.99 on Youtube.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7agJcBs9Ti0 (link is external)

Respectfully and in love and light,


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I don't know, Allison. It starts with "In the shadows of other dimensions, there lies a nefarious force waging war upon humans for millennia." The trailer makes it sound like that force has tremendous power over us, when I know that it's all a mirror game. The deepest secret is that the force which rules us is inside of us. I have no doubt that every one of us has access to infinite power and wisdom within us. Remember that there are many here, including myself, who love their lives and don't feel controlled at all. And I love the saying, "Don't believe everything you think." Take care and enjoy!

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I watched the film and was glad to see something that tied the major pieces of the puzzle together. The trailer played up the drama/fear mongering but I didn't really notice that aspect so much in the film (and I found the trailer a little annoying too, the movie itself was better than the trailer would lead you to believe).

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Cool, Allison. Thanks for letting me know. Now if I can only find time to watch the movie...

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