Aluna: There is no life without thought

It's not hopeless; there's still time to save the planet if we all do our part in our own corner of the world.

The Kogi

The Kogi are the last surviving civilization from the world of the Inca and Aztec, and their cities are untouched by our world. The mountain they inhabit is an isolated triangular pyramid rising over 18,000 feet from the sea, the highest coastal mountain on earth. It is on a separate tectonic plate from the Andes, and its unique structure means that it is virtually a miniature version of the planet, with all the world’s climates represented. The mountain is quite literally a micro-cosmos, a mirror of the planet on which every ecological zone is represented and in which most of the plants and animals of the planet can find homes.


The journey to reach their native lands involves passing through a jungle region known to local tomb robbers and cocaine makers as “hell,” where nature and armed gangs combine to seal the Kogi away. Hidden from the modern world, the Kogi are revered by other Native Americans from the Amazon to the Hudson River. Today’s Guatemalan Maya are led by men who were sent as children to be trained by the Kogi. The Seminole people of Florida send offerings to them.

Their spiritual leaders are raised in the dark for their first 18 years, to communicate with “ALUNA”, the thought process that shapes and maintains reality, the source of life and intelligence. They then become Mamos (Enlightened Ones). Some work at remote places which they call “hot spots”, where they believe living energy pours into the world. They guard their isolation and secrecy so that they can continue this work.

But now they believe their work has become impossible in the face of our destructive greed.

Now they have another message to share, and we all must listen…


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To download the new message from the Mamos (Aluna, the movie):

Youtube channel  for Aluna, the movie:

The Black Line Initiative:

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"One law we support is Ecocide Law – a law that prohibits significant harm to the Earth. Polly Higgins is the lawyer behind the growing call for law to support not only humanity but also nature and future generations. ALUNA is a rallying call to stop Ecocide, and we support the call for Ecocide law to be the 5th international Crime Against Peace.


Polly Higgins at TEDx talks about Ecocide:  the 5th Crime Against Peace

Watch ALUNA and support the growing movement to have Ecocide Law added to the Rome Statute. This is the international Statute that codified genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and acts of aggression as international crimes to be tried in the International Criminal Court."

You can

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The Message

The Kogi are profoundly frightened by what we are doing to the world, but also well aware that we have no understanding of the forces which we are unleashing. They believe that the only hope of survival for mankind is if we can learn why they are so scared, and they know that we will only believe what we can see

The Message

The core message of ALUNA is that the Kogi understand – as we do not – that there are critical interconnections within the natural world.  It is a subtle and hidden network, and interfering in one part has a major impact on other specific parts.  The words of the message are “protect the rivers” but the question is how?  The answer is to draw on indigenous understanding of environmental impacts, and the obvious follow-on is to engage indigenous expertise in environmental impact assessments.  This involves significant adjustment not only on the part of Western development projects, but also indigenous communities themselves to provide that assistance and guidance on request.  Systems need to be established for this, and it may well be the next task of the Trust to assist with this.

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Thanks Noa,

Good post. I find the testimony of the Kogi more compelling than the scientific evidence for global warming. We really should be concerned about global destruction / pollution - to my mind that is a much better name for what is happening than climate change.

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My sentiments exactly Wendy.  The Kogi have more understanding in their proverbial little finger than all the for-profit compliant in-line puppet/parrot patriarchal-saturated science of pseudo modernity.

It is interesting that the word Father was separated (extracted for use) from the word Mother about 6-7,000 years ago, right about the time the myth of Adam & Eve was conceived.  Then came concepts of property and ownership giving rise to separation and violence to maintain the illusion of ownership.

I trust the Kogi know better and are one of many Indigenous keepers of the balanced Truth of Mother and Father as relates to a balanced village cooperative mentality that is sustainable...

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    It is the same story as the Quero,,, the tribe that disappeared during the Spanish conquest,,,they lived high above Machu Pichu,,for 500 years. Their prophecies told them that when their high mountain ice pack, and lakes dried up,,,it was time to re-enter the world. It just so happened that the hole in the ozone layer opened up over Peru,,and dried their lakes up,,,I guess that was between 30-40 years ago now.They came down for the Inti-Reimi,(forgive me,I murdered that word). That is the annual gathering  of medicine people,shamans,etc. in South America. The crowd parted,,when they entered.They had saved their seats for 500 years. Their language was never touched by the Spanish.When I worked with them,,there were only 2  people who could translate for them. These are the 5 elders that have been filmed in many documentaries,especially in the period around 2012,,everyone wanted to talk to them. I have seen one of them call lightning,Their power of intention was so pure. Icamped next to them for a week,And had one of them dancing around me in front of my tent while I made him an eagle sculpture.  They travelled to plant 5 golden staffs around the world before the year 2000, one of them in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, marking the last piece of the  Mayan calendar. They still live up there. Unfortunately, they don't have the multi-zone climates that the Kogi have. They tried to spread a similar message, but had to spend most of their time explaining that the Mayan calendar did not signify the end of the world,,, but a new beginning,,the transitional time. If you look at the old Kogi movie,, the same thing happened to them,,,the ice pack disappearing,,in a similar time frame,, under the same sky as the Quero...  It is great to see their message getting out.

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