Why Remote Viewing Works!

Excellent excellent excellent scientific explanation of why remote viewing works by Dr. Courtney Brown.  I posted some of his videos recently on another forum, but this is really cool to hear him explain (in relation to quantum non-locality science) why, expecially toward the end of the lecture (21 minutes).

Remote Viewing and Quantum Science - YouTube

Courtney Brown, Ph.D. | Homepage

The Farsight Institute | Remote Viewing Nonprofit Research & Education

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 Really interesting but hard to keep my eyes open for it. He does a good job explaining himself overall. I admire his commitment to thinking about things. I liked how it neatly wiped out the concept of near-far relationships!
Kind of a jolt hearing a fresh theory two weeks after doing an RV seminar with Joe McMoneagle here at the Rhine Center. I'm rereading Remote Viewing Secrets by him and he really is insistent in person and in print, that nobody knows nothin' about how it works. Because he's so danged good, I tend to believe him. But then Courtney is persuasive soooo...

I may also like the mystery of it and don't want my mystery taken away-you know? I'm beginning to question explaining things altogether. Arguably the people living here (USA) before white people showed up and fucked everything so totally up it makes me dizzy, those people pretty much had a deep connection to their world, spiritual sustenance, zero crime, harmony and respect for natural systems and they ate good and were healthy. Makes me wonder if explanations are just the booby prize-a joke. Unless it leads to science that takes us off planet and visiting elsewhere in the Milky Way...and I'm not sure that's even a good idea now!

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the beginnings of truly understanding why this stuff works may be, at least partially, what facilitates our entrance into the greater interdimensional community that resides around us already, just waiting to see if we are beginning to see how things really work...

understanding may be key - it may be illumination of conscious understanding that makes the difference between our human species believing in non specific magic or simply understanding that this is a very normal and very common attribute to the nature of Nature and the Cosmos.

if we misunderstand what this is then we could end up worshipping those we should not be worshipping and those being worshipped would be quite disappointed and would have to back away again for some time.  I really believe they want us to get how commonplace all this is and get on with our evolution and evolving illumination of understanding which is much more science than it is magic...

If I understand what Brown is saying, he is saying that our brains are holographic projectionists that can already see back into the past and into the future, but we have evolved literally into narrow minded humans which is good for navigating the present situation in day to day living.

what we would be doing is retraining ourselves to be much more conscious of all that the mind is already doing naturally, and always has...  another way to look at it is imagine if you could not stop being conscious of all that the mind is doing every second constantly - you would have great difficulty trying to focus on the present moment, would have a harder time navigating this present 3D human experience...

that's the sense I get from Brown's position anyway...  makes sense to me

p.s. here's another way to look at it - you know how most of us feel when we go down the rabbit hole and come back with exciting news that falls on stubborn deaf ears and we feel disappointed and begin to learn patience concerning the waiting for others to come along?  One can only imagine how the greater interdimensional community around us feels while they too wait for us to finally wake up to so much that we are purposefully dismissing, ignoring, willfully blind to, comfortable where we are, etc. etc. ad nauseum etc. LOL

here is another good interview with Dr. Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown: Remote Futures - Truth Connections Radio - 7th August 2012 - YouTube

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Wow. You're a thoughtful dude. I noticed something at the beginning. "what facilitates our entrance into the greater inter-dimensional community that resides around us already, just waiting to see if we are beginning to see how things really work..."

 Some people do see this community. I participate in a fun monthly meeting where 30 or 40 people will come to share personal stories, occurrences of psi experiences. One thing has become clear: There are people who are constantly able to see(hear, smell, touch) beings who are not visible to most. Heck, they have to learn personal strategies for coping with this. I have a friend who is practically tortured by them..

I'm saying that it makes me think there really is something to this stuff about other dimensions-that's all. It may not be pleasant, it may not be very "higher vibrational" sometimes but clearly, there are people I know-who are not lying to me-I hope- who are immersed in a sea of "others". I don't know if I will ever have the experience meeting these beings-although I'm pretty sure we'll all have a good hoot about it after we die and have a GSpot afterlife meet-up. Ha!

Oh yeah Chris-I realized I have a new psi power-I have a large cloth bag I keep my personal stuff in. My man bag...I keep things like a camera, glasses cases, wallet, medicine, a book, work keys, USB thumb drive, cell phone etc. All things that when I need them, I really want to find them quickly. I used to end up pulling everything out to find what I needed-really frustrating! Then I tried "seeing" where the thing was. In most cases, my fingers land right on it or I only have to reach around a couple of inches. Someone said "it's just remote viewing" but even though it's single blind protocol, I'm fully front loaded as to the target. The thing that makes it interesting to me is I really NEED it to work. And I know the object I want intimately. When I have done numerous RV practice targets, I don't often do that well -I think psi really works when you are really invested in the outcome. I heard someone say that the world is filled with physical things and they are speaking to us.

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I am thoroughly convinced that we are literally surrounded by "others" of this One Cosmos many layers dimensions densities thing.  I am also sure that the world we relate to is such a small, very small, very very small slice of the whole spectrum.

Also, really loved your intention experiment with your man bag.  My son has a method of becoming very calm for a moment when he cannot find something and he calmly waits for the info to return to him.  works like a charm for him.  me, I am still habitually going through the frustration of not remembering where I put something at times, and it seems to be getting worse with age, Ha

back to being surrounded - remember that tether experiment that NASA did some time ago out in space and the tether broke, and almost immediately the tether was surrounded by curious flying objects of all shapes and sizes.  reminded me of an aquarium....  Clif High talks often about his use of his night vision (3rd or 4th generation) googles and all the unusual activity that is visible with them when he looks up and/or around the moon....  saying we are alone at this point is like a blind and deaf person at woodstock proclaiming that he/she is alone in the field, LOL

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Yes, Chris, that tether incident is the best UFO footage I've ever seen.

When I was a child first learning about the science behind the color spectrum, I thought gee, maybe there are colors we don't see because they are out of our range... just as there are sounds that dogs or other animals hear which are beyond the range of human hearing.

I have met several people who claim to be able to see ghosts or angels (just as I'm convinced my cat can).  It stands to reason that if one type of ultra-dimensional viewing is possible than all others may be possible.

I think I saw a fairy once when I was little.  My mother told me it was my imagination.  I didn't believe her, but I was never able to see a fairy again.  This is one example of how we (as a society) are conditioned not to accept metaphysical phenomena as real.


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for example, dogs cannot see rainbows

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    that this conversation has gone this way....I wasn't sure how to contribute to it,,,but the subject has been stirring in me for a couple of days now...chris, your comparison between those who have awakened somewhat,,,and those who haven't,,,,with those who are surrounding us, waiting for us to "get it",,,,is the best I have heard....And the "tether incident" is a great example.....I have always "known" we are surrounded by things we haven't even imagined,,,or not in a long time anyways !!!

       Brian, I would love to hear the stories from this "group " you are part of,,,partly because I am fascinated by it,,,but also to suggest that they take a different attitude towards it...I have fallen into the wrong places a couple of times,,when I was a kid, and later as a teenager..By that I mean, I pierced some veil of sorts, and the entities I saw were not very desirable,,,and the overall feeling I picked up on was confusion...From fleeting glimpses, in broad daylight as a child, to just plain stepping into the wrong door while shrooming as a teen,,,there are definitely places that just don't make sense,,and I don't think they are beneficial to us until we understand their purpose...so, what I mean by changing the attitude towards these experiences is,,,"if I was being tormented by some entity of some kind,,at some point, I have to question why,,,which would lead me to question "them", it, whatever,,,and find my way out of that place". There has to be a reason why, and it would be very empowering to discover it, address it,,and move on...I know many people who have watched that "ghost hunters" show for years,,,and are completely fascinated by it,,,ha!  If they only knew, or could conceive, how much more is out there,,,it would blow them away..So , my point is,,,if they take up the intention of asking questions when these experiences "pop up", they might turn this into an enriching, growing experience, which would undoubtedly lead them down the path...If they say,,"why me?", or play victim to it, they are taking away their own power,,as whether they know it or not,,they are all capable of finding their way through whatever is "bleeding through" to them...I believe Drunvalo has had a lot of experience with these confusing places, and entities.

     there is this really beautiful side to all this. I have been lucky enough to see a UFO within 100 feet of me, along with my childhood best friend,,,I've seen one of the Incan elders make lightning strike,,,and have had him dance around me like an eagle as I crafted one for him,,,I watched Luz Clara part the clouds every time she emerged from her tent to do ceremony during a weeks deluge of rain..I watched a meteor fall and break into the exact number of pieces as there were people at our gathering with the Incan elders,,which we collected and distributed to everyone there.  I was handed an owl that was hit by a car once,,and his wings had been taken,,and tail feathers. so I rebuilt him,,making him wings of sage, and tailfeathers,,,and wrapped him in clouds,,,and buried him beneath a shamanic statue in my yard...On the next full moon,,there he was , sitting on the shoulder of that statue,,looking at me in gratitude,,,then flying off......I wept at the reality of that,,,at how powerful our intention is.. There are so many examples, all around us, and they are even more plain to see if we initiate them,,by trusting what we are doing, knowing that it does make a difference.

     I, like most people, fall in and out of these realizations.....I have days now where I'm wondering what the hell I'm doing in China,,as these "moments" are few and far between here in the land of "gotta work 50 hours a week". At first I thought,,,maybe I am hiding from something ,,,from the progress those experiences bring...But, the lifestyle i had in america that allowed me the time to seek those things out is long gone. Here in china, I only work 16 hours a week, and am finding time to ponder again. I hope something comes to me,ha! as living in the "anthill" can really get to me sometimes !! Thanks for the great conversation guys !!,,,,L,,,,T

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Your owl story gave me chills, Todd.  Thanks for sharing those wonderful insights.

BTW, Chris, how does anyone know if a dog can see rainbows?  I also heard that dogs can't see what's on TV, but my dog barked everytime Beethoven (the dog) appeared on screen at the drive-in.

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...that cats can't see further than 15 feet. B. S.! My cats watch squirrels quite intently which are at least 30 feet away. Who stepped into a dog or a cat and experienced firsthand what they can and and can not see or comprehend? I'm convincd that cats are interdimensional beings. At least mine seem to disappear and reappear at will sometimes and they definitely stare at seemingly nothing.

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     I have had many freaky cats also ! They "see" so much more than us ! whether they are  using their eyes, or their "third eyes", they definitely pick up on a lot more than we do....And I have seen many dogs watch tv. Garfield even uses the remote ! ha!.But really, I find it kind of arrogant that scientists could come to any conclusions about animals which obviously "see" much more than we do. It is obvious to any "observer" trained or not, that they are more in tune to the world around them then we are.......

    The question here should be,,,,are they doing remote viewing?  That would make for a cool experiment !!!!

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 The owl-thank you for doing that my friend. You did a great thing-a great healing in the world. Truly. I am so envious of your incredible experiences! Wild shamanic stuff! My sis became a shaman after she was struck by lightning in the backyard and woke up with 2 Indians in buckskins standing over her. She was pretty sure she had lost her marbles...thank g.o.d. she had a counselor who had the open-mindedness to try to figure it out-and he told her to look at kundalini awakening and shamanism! Bless him. He saved her I think-because her perception was now blown wide open to spirits and departed souls etc. . So now she's bemused at my little doubts of the psi stuff going on with me and how I talk about it! Hah.

 You guys talked about seeing UFO's...there was a silver cylinder I saw once. On that day, I had just started to REALLY believe in what Steven Greer was saying and I was at a peak of belief and desire to witness a UFO. I think I must have opened a portal in my perception and was truly ready. It blinked into sight and then boink-it was gone. I wonder if it was invisible to non-believers? I found similar stories of the same cylinder-that-vanishes theme from roughly the same time. Reminds me of the funny Douglass Adams scifi story that included a spaceship having a cloaking device that made witnesses see an old boarded up restaurant instead of a spaceship. The mind just doesn't want to go there so-poof-you're completely invisible!

I wonder. Thanks all for helping keep my hope alive.

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    The owl story hadn't surfaced in me for a long time,,it was just the best example I could think of,,,,rebuilding this once perfect creation, destroyed by a man made machine, so he could "move on" in one piece. and doing it with intention. It was a 2-3 hour ceremony of intention to do it. I kind of had this thing going on with birds back then, and kept walking into these situations, finding these birds of prey that had been whacked by cars during a summer of travelling...The owl was the last one, shortly after I broke down in Taos, and decided to stay there. i buried many others along side the highways that year.

    I have never seen one of the cylindrical shaped ships, but have also heard that story of the "there for a moment cylindrical shaped ships"..My childhood friend and I lugged his dad's big telescope out onto his driveway one night to watch a supernova we had heard about on tv. We were just focusing on it,,,and something blocked the end of the telescope. I thought it was him, screwing around, but when I jerked my head up,,he was standing there next to me,jaw dropped, as this huge ship was passing right over us,,,silent, except for the displacement of air, we could feel the "whooosh" it was so low,,and it was barely moving. We chased this thing across the street, through his neighbors yard, and into the park,,,running underneath it across the park until we ran into a big fence with barbed wire,,bordering a school.....It just cruised ,low and slow until we lost sight of it......We called the news stations,,,haha!,and of course they laughed at us,,,,but , a few nights later,,,thousands of people watched a group of them that appeared to be over the Mississsippi river,,,,doing the 3 into 1,,,then back into 3 thing,,,,making impossible maneuvers...Our whole neighborhood was outside for half an hour, watching these things, and it was on every news station that night.

      Other than that,I've only seen one other that I can remember, right over the peak of Taos mountain, right in front of me,,on a no moon night,,,,,sitting there like a star,,,and then,,,,,taking off so fast I hardly saw it...

     It's funny that Onesong posted a thing on the Qero the same day I wrote about them here. Those are the same elders, in the picture on that post, that I was in canyon dechelly with for a week all those years ago, although I believe one of them has passes on,,,Don Mariano. every hour of every day there was full of stories like I mentioned earlier,,,but I would like to mention one more....

     The last morning we were there, I was up at 5 am, wanting to take one last walk back to Emerald Pool before people started stirring..It sits in the dead end of a little box canyon,,is only about 30-40 feet across, and is almost surrounded by sheer rock face..There is a little sitting cave behind it,,,and the narrow foot path that leads to it. As I approached, I could hear what sounded like a didgereedoo playing back there. I was excited, as I had heard there was someone there who played one...but as the path opened up, there was no one there. But , right over what appeared to be the exact center of the pool was a hummingbird ,,,,hovering...It was the vibration of his wings against the cliffs that I had heard,,,,he was making music. As he shifted to the left or right,,the note would change.....I stood there, frozen, jaw dropped, wanting it to last as long as possible,,,and he "played" for another minute or so..Then I heard 3 voices coming down the path,,,and he , in reverse, retreated into  the little cave behind the pond. His music changed, but still made an interesting hum in the tiny cave. He then shot up, through an opening in the ceiling that let a shaft of light in, and went about his day....I was still standing there when the three people reached the pond,,,and I said good morning, and went on my way.  So much magic there for the making brother ! 

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 What a privilege. Hummingbirds are so powerful to me. I can't think of a moment of seeing a hummingbird that wasn't magic for me but your experience was intimate IMO. It's like he was listening to his own sounds, playing you a song. Last night I watched the movie Cowboys and Aliens (yup-another aliens as demons movie) but the lead character has amnesia and (spoiler alert now) so is led to take some kind of Indian medicine (trip) to open his mind and make him recall who he is. During the trip a little hummingbird suddenly appears and hovers above his face-he is on his back among a group of Indians-at night- and they see it too. Later, the bird flies into his cabin to say hello and then departs through a hole in the roof where the sun is pouring in. (interesting parallel-eh?) and I bought a birthday card today and it came with........a little gold hummingbird sticker. Hmmmm.
 A fellow I know was present with an Indian friend and was sharing in a shamanic healing -outside- and the Indian guy was doing some powerful work involving his power animal-an eagle. There's a lot more to the story but as they were finishing, an eagle that had been circling above them dropped a feather into the Indians lap.

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 You are one of the lucky few-your huge ship sighting/experience! More synchronicities... Last night i was watching an Unsolved Mysteries UFO episode that had a segment on the Hudson Valley sightings and it started with a huge ship flying slowly just over this guy and his son-and they started to run after it....... and later thousands saw it........g.o.d. we're so ready for disclosure! About 2 years ago, I saw an oval/egg shaped ship (at night) that had tiny pastel colored lights all over it fly slowly by my front door. I called it in to MUFON and spoke with the NC investigator at length. He was excited to tell me that the night before, 2 women living out in the country were out stargazing with a telescope and were stunned to see a huge black triangle go WOOOSH over them and then had two fighter jets come ripping over-full afterburners-right on it's heels. Apparently, this is standard procedure-scramble and shoo them off. Try to keep public sightings as brief as possible. A friend had a craft hovering over her house in broad daylight and had Navy jets appear and chase it off. The jets were so low over her neigborhood that she made eye contact with one of the pilots.

Disclosure is happening now.  Listen with your HEART intelligence and see clearly.

There is more to life than our 5 senses can percieve.

Everything is by agreement.  Change the agreement change the outcome.  This is what each of us are doing as we open our hearts and clear our minds.

I bless us all with Love.


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