Profound video on transformation of a veteran of Iraq war

Profound, 10-minute video on how the life of an Iraq vet was completely transformed. Wow!!!

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It must be awful to be a soldier. It must take a lot of "brainwashing" to keep most of them doing what they're told. So nice to see one over ride the program. We've seen many just turn into protesters against war,,,but to see one straight out talk about love is uplifting, and hopefully will lead to more

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Moving transformation! I hope this is the real revolution not being widely televised during this crayzee wacko wetiko-virus-malignant-egophrenia time that is being so widely televised worldwide (because the ratings are so much higher on dark sensationalism than an amazing human/humane transformation towards inner and outer peace).
But alas, this video is from July of 2011 and there are just over 2,000 views. I look forward to the time when this is the kind of video that goes viral instead of some Trump or Clinton video, or trivial cute kitty video. Or maybe a flood of transformation videos going viral, peppered with the occasional cute kitty video?

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haha! yeah,,,a cute kitty transformation video!

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No problem, Chris. Repost, repost, repost until it goes viral.

Conor Curran and Josh Stieber gave this interview in 2009 during their Pronoia bike tour . Before the audio cuts out, they describe how a bleak situation turns into a synchronistic encounter.  Life is magic.

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. You change beyond your wildest dreams !!! WOW!

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