Slavery and the 8 Veils

Idaho Observer: Slavery and the eight veils

I stumbled upon this (like so many other moments of happy synchronicity) while researching something entirely unrelated, and was inspired to post this excellent video and Idaho Observer paper during my recent re-read of the Human Mind System interview, specifically pages 9 and 10.

Human Mind System Interview

and one very illuminating passage on page 11

"Each of us is our own and only savior, our only master who can truly cause us to stand-up within ourselves and shut down the suppression (HMS) systems and awaken to their Sovereign Integral Consciousness. This is the liberation path and this will be discussed in answers that follow."

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Hi Chris,

       This is a fantastic doc, I have to say much of the perspective of veiled perception has never been a part of my makeup (though as a child I longed to be "normal"). Does anyone else have the same experience ? And how did you cope as a child?


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I sensed very few veils early on, but felt them developing and obscuring more and more as I grew.  At least I was aware that that was happening, but I could not figure out how to keep it from happening.  It has just been fairly recently that I have begun to gain insight into how to begin to peel back all the layers, and there are many of them, more than we might suspect.  One of the other documents that has helped me tremendously lately is this one,

Human Mind System Interview

The description of the vast and elaborate scope of the veils humanity faces is incredible, and the first step is recognition that we have them.  This document helps very much to see what they are and why they were developed to keep humanity in a matrix type virtual illusory prison, a prison that very few would ever suspect they were in.  This document helps to show us the way out... and downloads as a PDF very easily...

Love/Light, and Peace, Chris

I noticed you caught Regina's interview with James (wingmaker.pdf (application/pdf Object) ).  Here is the first 4 segments of Mark Hempel's interview with James in Mark's home in Minneapolis from April of 2008.  Mark is the webmaster of all the WM sites.

YouTube - James Wingmakers Interview Part 1/12

YouTube - James Wingmakers Interview part 2/12

YouTube - James Wingmakers Interview Part 3/12

YouTube - James Wingmakers Interview Part 4/12

the other 8 are to the right of the youtube page

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