Rosario Dawson on Democracy Now

A very well spoken, well informed Rosario Dawson on Democracy Now this morning.

You go girl!

"Love Trumps Hate": Actress Rosario Dawson on Why She Supports Bernie Sanders for President | Democracy Now!

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         She makes too much sense!ha! I think it's obvious that Bernie is a good guy,but I don't think it is up to  the voters anyways. So there's a little something for everyone on the ballot, the candidates are so polarized from one another. Just saw a vid on Ted Cruz, never realized he,,,and his wife, played big parts in the plan to consolidate the Americas starting with a Reagan speech back in 81. That lead to Nafta, oh, and that super highway they tried to put through the US, and other such disasters that only benefited those on the council of foreign relations. Guess who's on it?Yeah,,Mrs. Cruz..she's been pushing it for 30 years

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