Exposing Donald J. "DRUMPF" Trump

Last night John Oliver did an excellent job exposing the real Donald J. Trump, along with revealing his real family name, "Drumpf", that was changed a few generations ago for obvious reasons.  The following link has the video of last night's show.

Please share with whoever you might know that is being drawn in by this pathological egomaniac (or maybe we should stay quiet and let dumbed down Unawted States of uh-murica vote for someone who truly represents the utterly ridiculous state of the divided and conquered union?)...

Nah, this is too important to let take its present course of ignorant action.  PEOPLE NEED TO SEE THIS!

John Oliver Finally Takes on "Serial Liar" Donald Trump and It Was Brutally Fantastic | Mother Jones

Thanks Chris for turning us on to Scott Adams' Blog.

Yes we need to consider Trump's persuasion techniques.

There are people that have access to wave devices that emit waves that make one feel good or can have persuasive effects. My understanding is that one can go into certain peoples' houses and have a real good feeling when one gets inside. The effect is that a naive person never knows what it is but whenever they enter their house they feel real good. Often times in these situations when one leaves the house they all of a sudden get a let down feeling. This is a result of no longer being near the device emitting the waves.

My understanding is that the technology used is similar to the Rife machine. A Rife machine main purpose is to kill any specific kind of biological cell. This is done by emitting waves at the cell's resonant frequency causing it to burst apart. This is similar to when, say a singer hits a specific note and shatters a nearby wine glass.

Many times a side effect of the Rife machine is that they can have a side-effect on the brain, changing the mood of a person or even how they think. Some will exploit the machine for this side-effect.

One can even use a certain frequency that turns the machine into an “Orgasmatron”. Once turned on one has a hard time turning it off.

Rife machines could, for example, be used to put a person under house arrest by having feel good waves in his house, and every time he left he would experience a let down effect and immediately want to go back in.

Scott Adams' blog entitled “How to Spot a Wizard” has  a list of clues on how to spot a wizard.
Clue number 7 seems to address this persuasive effect with “Observers detect a reality distortion field”.
Consider that a Rife machine may be in use if one feels :

  • * a let-down effect after
  • * one feels different when
  • * one feels they did something they wouldn't have done normally when

entering a building or area.

Trump's staff may not be the only “wizards” that could use something like this. There could be “wizards” behind the scenes at other rallies.

These wave emitting devices may be called something other than a Rife machine.

It is NOT a good idea to allow oneself prolonged exposure to these devices. They could experience a let-down effect that could be permanent or last for a long time.

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Watched Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night and Maria Konnikova was on and had some interesting things to say about Donald Trump being the externalization of the clinical definition of a psychopathic narcissist.  And it was interesting to hear Bernie Sanders come right out and say that Trump is a pathological liar.  One thing I know for sure, Trump is a natural at what he does - he was made for this.  Another thing that appears to be true too after hearing him talk over a dozen times now, he doesn't really say anything of any real substance, and he keeps saying the same stuff over and over again, and the crowds he draws love the circus atmosphere and love to engage the emotional content of his delivery.

It's getting old though and it will be very interesting to see where it goes from here.  As I said before, the anarchist in me would love to see him become president just for the entertainment value (since nothing really gets done in DC anymore)...

Real Time with Bill Maher: Is Donald Trump a Con Man? (HBO) - YouTube

Oh, and I have yet to hear anyone being interviewed (that likes Trump) say anything specific of any real substance about Trump's viewpoints and policies.  They just seem to have a gut level emotional attachment to him.  This makes some sense in the context of the Conman/Psychopath analytical perspective. 

In that context/scenario, nothing of any substance is ever really sold to the "buyer".  The confidence man is selling him or herself.  The Donald is a natural, a bit of a genius and a seasoned veteran.

Oh, and Wendy, I am with you - don't know if Hillary is any better.  What I get from her is that she is pretty much willing to do or say anything that will get her elected to become the first woman president.  What she would actually do after being elected is anyone's guess.  This system is so broken, bought and sold that I have little hope that anything good can come of it.  It seems to me that it has to crash and burn before we can get to anything of real value to the commonwealth of the world.  And this elitist behavior has been going on so long throughout human history that I don't know how to realistically hope for anything of any real value at this point...

Voting for candidates reminds me of adopting dogs from the pound - they are on their best behavior during the vetting process at the pound, but then when you get them home you find out what they are really like after a few weeks...

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Another thing occurred to me about all of this political stuff.  Politics is known to attract psychopaths and pathological liars.  The halls of Congress are rife with them over the years.  So in that very real context it is a bit unfair to be too hard on Trump just because he is so damn good at and proud of being a conman slash saleman.

Maybe it is just that!  That people are naturally and intuitively attracted to the fact that he's not ashamed of being who he is!!!  That he is very proud of who he is!  That he is extremely impressed with himself!  Just ask him!  No, just wait until he speaks and he will tell you!

Another thing about being conned by a professional con artist is that the "mark" feels good emotionally during the grift, all the way up to the point they realize they've been conned, and then they are very pissed off about it, "how could this happen to me?".  Maria Konnikova mentions this condition/symptom of the con at about the 5 minute mark of this "Overtime" segment:

Real Time with Bill Maher Overtime – March 11 2016 - YouTube

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Hit em on the head! They want a celebrity. That's why I wear a "Deadpool for el Presidente 2016" pin on my vest at work

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Allow me to confuse the decision making process even more.  The following 8 minute clip is by a very well-spoken and articulate person who is voting for Donald Trump.  He makes a compelling case.  My only problem with his argument is it does not explain or answer for the quite bizarre very self-involved narcissistic and racist behavior of Trump at times, except to say,

"If you don't like Donald Trump because of his personality, I would ask you to reconsider.  It doesn't matter if he is a nice guy or a mean guy because that doesn't corrolate to his job performance and his competence."

Why I'm Voting For Donald Trump - YouTube

If I knew for sure that this guy is absolutely right about Donald Trump, I would vote for him.  My problem is, I just don't know for sure after watching his very consistent self-consumed behavior so many times now.  You know, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it's probably a friggin' duck.  If someone told you that the thing you were about to ingest might be poison, but most likely is not, and might even be very good for you, would you eat or drink it???

One thing's for sure, this election season will go down in history as one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting in American History.

and here is one more for good measure and due diligence

The Untruth About Donald Trump - YouTube

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Yea Jez, the racist thing, the other white elephant in the room.  Wouldn't it be interesting to discover that The Donald is not actually racist at heart, but that he is a master at intuitively tapping into the dominant energy in a crowd and the crowd is predominantly racist, so Trump runs with it like a surfer on a wave?

Just a thought.  I find myself looking for anything that might explain this bizarro world shit of late.  In the end, the simplest deduction tends to be the correct one, as in the "walks like a duck" reference, but everything is so off the scale lately that I have to give some room for "I didn't see that coming!"

Ya knows whatta mean Vern?

Yeah not sure which is scarier...if he is this dumb...or if he is that smart.....

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It's kind of funny watching you try to decide who's going to be the  racist. And the other thing, are you saying that Trump is fond of himself? Lol ... Sorry it's just weird seeing you in this light of political fervor.

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Am not following you Gary, what are you trying to say?

Where I'm at in this bizarro world political thing is trying to understand all sides, what makes people fond of someone like Donald Trump.

After listening to those pro trump videos I posted I get the compelling points made in favor of his candidacy, but they do not sufficiently address his very irresponsible behavior when he gets with a crowd at his rallies.

I conclude that Donald is much like a spoiled child who has been sheltered from consequence for so long that he believes he can say or do anything and get away with it and return to his limo and ivory tower far from the maddening crowds he has stirred up.  so far he has been able to reinforce that personal confidence with the way things have gone - so far.  I can't wait to see what's next.

He's a fascinating political phenomenon, but I think it speaks more to the state of mind of the body politic that is enamoured of him, infatuated with, smitten with, captivated by, enchanted by, fascinated by, bewitched by, beguiled by him.

I look forward to a time in human history when the entire world's body politic would laugh a conman like Trump off the stage.  It's so sad to see history have to repeat itself over and over again, people acting like this shit has never happened before while history is full of similar scenarios.  It's like the political science version of wack-a-mole.

Robert Paxton (a historian very familiar with former examples) was on Democracy Now this morning.  Here is that clip (I encourage people to watch the full episode by pressing "watch full show" above the clip - its a good one, but then again what Amy Goodman show isn't a good one):

Father of Fascism Studies: Donald Trump Shows Alarming Willingness to Use Fascist Terms & Styles | Democracy Now!

Billy Bragg & Wilco - All You Fascists - YouTube

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I am of the feeling that we've all given Donald enough energy and maybe it's time to focus on what we DO want rather than what we don't. I truly believe giving enough energy to something as negative as his message has been thus far can bring more and more of the 'bad shit' about. What we give our energy to, we bring to us more often than not. I don't like the politics we're seeing at play, and agree we need change, but this isn't bringing it. It's bringing more of the hate and racism we've struggled to free ourselves from.

It's going to be my focus to again meditate and discuss with those with open enough minds to listen that it's time for truth and transparency from all politicians everywhere and agendas that make our world a better place for the American people and people of the world.

I can't and won't buy into any belief that treats anyone, Christian, Muslim, black, yellow, red or rainbow as 'less than' anyone else. It's the only way I see our world becoming a place we can leave behind as a legacy worthy of our children.  imo.   love,  kristyne


The problem with trump and what separates him from Clinton is that he openly advocates violence, division , racism. And uses peoples fears of these things to justify his crap....he has a belief that one man is better than another...political leaders can't do that....every country thinks theirs is the best but you can't take it to the point of believing it absolutely......the Aryan race was never better than the rest of us..........he is so close to Hitler's ideology it is not funny.....they say history repeats.....germany learned the hard way what the price for following someone like that is.....I always wondered how Hitler got them to believe in him.....now I watch as America follows someone in the same way.....scary shit.....

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      I was so impressed that you were able to walk into that place and just observe! Going to places where you feel llike you don't belong is tough. I used to have to do radio promotions for big clients who were mobsters, ornery business owners, or owners of chain  stores, yuck, it really bothered me sometimes. It sounds like the crowd at a soccer game, or opening day at yankee stadium,,,no one is paying attention to the game(speaker), they are just completely f,in wild. I don'tknow what to think of the drumph, I just see these examples of how emotion spreads through a crowd through people's water in their bodies. It sounds funny, but I see it over and over again. Like the "wave" at a football game.. The energy starts getting crazy, and just spreads like wildfire,,,orrrrrr,,,,like energy! I watch these vids, all the violence,and the people being complete idiots, and I keep going back and looking for this vodeo I took in China. I was going to post it here, but I seem to have lost it in  my computer transfer. My first year there,I was in a small city, one and a half million. 99 percent of the people there had never seen a foreigner,so, I couldn't do anything without a constant crowd of people around me anywhere in the city. When I came into the school yard(5000 kids), it was insane, I would be surrounded by jumping, screaming, touching,kids. So bad that sometimes the school officials would have to come out and try to break it up. So one day, I brought my camera and videotaped it, 360 degrees around me,,,no,,,I was pinned to a walll,ha!. I was panning the camera slowly,,,from left to right,,and right in the middle of that zoo, there was this little girl, standing there like a budda,,,completely, totally ,,still, with soft eyes.She was one of my 4th grade kids. She was there, in that turbulence, in perfect calm. Later I showed that video to some teachers, and they didn't get it. ButI did find out, she was an ace in school, tutored several kids in her spare time.Spare time? Those kids goto school until 8 at night there, then do more homework until ten, and have to be on the field every morning before 7am..  Anyways, I later met her family,  and am still in touch with that kid on occasion, and hope that she will visit me here one day. EDgar  Cayce used to talk about people living spirit lives, in between biological lives here.Oneof the guides spoke about living a spirit life on Jupiter,and not being able to leave until they could be in a complete meditative state amidst the mammoth never ending storms on Jupiter. THAT is the lesson I am trying to learn as I watch all this crap unfold. Whether the Drumph is really going for it, or whether he is part of a plan to set up Hillary to get in,or whatever,I am not giving what I have to him or her, they are both worse case scenarios. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone was an interesting thing to do brother, I admire you for it. It all seems like a new ,,,or old,,,,harsh way to divide people up again, and it sure seems to be working. And the people who bust out as protesters are being treated as if they were the politicians that all the trumpies are so pissed at,,,a dangerous place to be! It's almost like Trump is a way for people to vent all thos frustrations that are building up here,,,just venting!, no real thought about what they're doing, just a new dick too follow........  

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Amen, Amen, anddddd, Amen!

And diddo on Brian's political science field trip!

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This is my point. I get it that all of you think Trump is the devil.

What I don't understand is, the giddy pleasure evidenced and the fervor that arises when, expressing it. Couple that with the fact that it's the whole governmental, political monstrosity and every passionate, fervorous supporter involved, that ails the masses, and I'm left utterly confused at the comments in this post.

I just wonder why you would single one man out and spend time on that, when he is not the real problem. There is a lot more to it. Plus there are other candidates that out Trump even Trump. Such as the Clintons and their horrific actions throughout the years. I mean HORRIFIC. Then ..........

It occurs to me that old habits die hard.

I am always poking and maybe that's not right, but there is no one easier to poke than a so called "left wing" political supporter. I'm probably going to regret this whole comment, but just go back and re-read the comments, holy cow ...

I might be the only (I'd like to say "former") conservative here and I'm surrounded. :>

IMO this video hits the nail on the head. Todd I have to give you some props.

ChrisBowers's picture

Me no left lean mon.  Me just know when me like this or don't like that regardless of which side of the reptilian political spectrum slimy slippery rock it crawled out from under IMO.  Its all just opinion and personal perspective isn't it?  We can give the labels a rest at this point since the whole thing is so thoroughly f-cked up.  Who knows, Trump could end up surprising us in some way.  Also, totally agree about the Clinton Dynasty.  Just as bad or maybe even worse than the Bush Dynasty.

But that's all just varying degrees of same shit diff day.

I bet that felt good gettin' that off your chest GG, LOL

All that said, Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr sure do look like excellent visual candidates for the Antichrist, haaaahahahaha

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Such as the Clintons and their horrific actions throughout the years. I mean HORRIFIC. Then ..........


"The Hunting of the President" The Truth, The Lies, The Conspiracy.............???

Maybe worth a watch if you haven't already, or maybe the doco was a complete set up who really knows?



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Chris, Thanks for that Stephan M.(untruth about Trump) post. Funny thing is, I would hate Trump if the MSM wasn't bashing him so much. As it is, I'm completely up in the air - half hoping he'll win, half fearing he'll win and wondering if this isn't a new MSM trick - an attempt at reverse psychology.

This is the first election I will completely skip. I already missed the primaries and I'm just so repulsed by all the candidates, it just isn't worth the 5 minute trip to the polls.

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Whatever else we may think of him, you'll have to admit that he has a unique style.  Here's a campaign add of his re: Hillary--



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lol Bob, might we be better off if dogs ruled the world?

all that licking, barking and chasing tail might bring about better outcomes than we're currently witnessing!  

and I wouldn't have to wonder who the 'ell to vote for.

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I have been giving my ballot to my wife for some time now and letting her have my vote.  She still holds out hope and sees some value (for things like the Supreme Court) in self-informed voting.  That said, here is an interesting clip of last night's John Oliver segment (it really does a good job of exposing just how little accuracy or consistency there is in the things that Trump says constantly):

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Border Wall (HBO) - YouTube

and count me in on the dogs rule thing.  how could they possibly do worse than the all the hypocritical whores in our 2-party corporatocracy political system.  hail hail to the hubris-saturated brazenly-ignorant smirk of faux freedom.

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I don't know if you all caught the twitter posts about Trump from Senator Elizabeth Warren yesterday, but boy did she come out with guns blazing (she called him a loser, among other things).  Two things are quite interesting about this latest development.

1.) She had been keeping her head down during all of this Trump circus stuff and the primaries in general, but all of a sudden shoots several huge shots across the bow.  Is she just concerned about what a Trump presidency would bring, or is she putting herself out there for the VP slot, or both? dunno dunno

2.) When Trump was asked by a reporter about the tweets from Warren he replied, "Oh, you mean the Indian? The Indian?"  Warren has a fraction of Cherokee in her bloodline.  In that very short reply Trump exposed himself a bit IMO, his racist mindset and his tendency toward childish behavior in public.

It may be nothing, or it may be a revealing insight towards understanding the man and the possible irratic behavior he may exhibit once in office.  I suspect the latter...

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a great comedy show as well you know if you've ever seen it.  last night Chris had an hour long special  featuring a mock debate between Trump and Sanders.  It was hilarious

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 - @midnight Episode - Season 3 - Ep. 03083 | Comedy Central

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more on this amazingly courageous human rights advocate of the Puente Human Rights Movement.  People like her give me hope for Humanity - I take this moment to surround her bravery with Love and Light - I ask all of you to do the same if so inclined (thanks for mentioning her GG, I forgot to post about her):

Trump Protestor Says She Was Transferred To ICE After Her Arrest

Jacinta Gonzalez Goodman | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

Meet the Activist Sent to ICE Despite Being Citizen After Blocking Arizona Highway to Trump Rally | Democracy Now!

Microsoft Word - 27-immigrant-Puente.docx - INT_CAT_CSS_USA_18544_E.pdf

And here is a look at some of the people that Soros is funding with a description of the skills they bring to the table of working for justice worldwide.

Open Society Foundations Announce 2015 Soros Justice Fellows | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

"To carry out their work, fellows receive a stipend of $58,700 to $110,250 for full-time projects lasting between 12 and 18 months. The 2015 fellows join more than 350 others who, since 1997, have received support through the Soros Justice Fellowships to create and clear pathways to justice for marginalized populations."

"The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. Working with local communities in more than 100 countries, the Open Society Foundations support justice and human rights, freedom of expression, and access to public health and education."

Donald Trump's Top Foreign Adviser, Joseph Schmitz, is a Former Blackwater Executive | Democracy Now!

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Interesting to hear that about Elizabeth Warren. Trump made the indian comment because she supposedly lied about being part indian to get her Harvard scholarship. That said I wish she was running. She would be someone worth going to the polls for.

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        Once about every two weeks or so I catch an Alex Jones report, they are always showing on my youtube suggestions.A while back I could see that Alex seemed to like Trump a little. He has a pretty big crowd these days,and a lot of his listeners are angry enough to follow the Drumph. But, last week, AJ did a special report saying that many of his inside sources have assured him that the Drumph is for real!  So Alex is backing Drumph now. I didn't bother saving the link,,,but I'm sure it would be easy to find under AJ special reports on yhe boobtube.....   This whole thing is starting to look like a vote for the NWO with Hillary,,,or  mayhem with the Drumph..   I was following some stories on all the world leaders who met in Antarctica last week and ran into some interesting stuff about the new financial system being negotiated down there in private. B.Fullford has posted some info on it again, of course involving the Dragon families funding it with "black gold", gold that isn't on the books. Things are really heating up,and the election is beginning to look like a big silly diversion for the real exciting stuff that's going on behind the scenes. It gets a lot wackier with the Antarctica story, as the Nazis have been brought back into the current events in a big way. Some of that relates to the refugee profile post,,so I;m gonna post the link there,,it's wild stuff.

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exactly what, who knows for sure (as usual).  I heard from one news outlet that Trump was strategically inserted into the process with the intention of topping out at about 12-15% and then fading into the sunset with a boost to his branding and the intended effect for the republican side of the race for POTUS.

So now we have this glitch in the matrix, this runaway train loose cannon and the republican party doesn't quite know what they're gonna do about their miscalculation.  Politicians have been manipulating stuff so long now, it's about time it blew up in their proverbial faces.  It is such an interesting time we live in man.  the other report of interest I heard from another news outlet is that the international community has placed Trump in the top ten things to be very concerned about when it comes to highly potential causes of world instability.

That should have many in the game of politics very concerned about present and future international relationships, to say the least.  Charlie Sykes, a very popular republican radio talk show host in Wisconsin, had a 15 minute interview with Trump that sets the standard for how reporters should be pressing Trumps feet to the fire concerning all the inconsistent, offensive and down right nutty things he has said.  Here it is:

Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes batters Donald Trump in contentious interview - YouTube

p.s.  I got stoned last night and had this really cool very simple mini epiphany about mental balance during this bizarre political season and world situation in general.  with everything so over-the-top polarized and the constant temptation to rant at something we are upset with, it is ours to remain dutifully poised at the balanced center, regardless of our personal feelings and political leanings.

Like a constant inner prayer/meditation focusing on calm balance on behalf of a world in chaos...

may the ohmmmmmm be with each of youuuuuu now and forever ahmonnnnnn...

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Donald Trump was visiting a primary school in Orlando and visited a grade four class.  They were in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings.
The teacher asked Mr.Trump if he would like to lead the discussion on the word 'tragedy.'
So our illustrious Republican candidate asked the class for an example of a 'tragedy'.
One little boy stood up and offered: "If my best friend, who lives on a farm, is playing in the field and a tractor runs him over and kills him, that would be a tragedy."
"No," said Trump, "that would be an accident."
A little girl raised her hand: "If a school bus carrying 50 children drove off a cliff, killing everyone, that would be a tragedy."
"I'm afraid not," explained Trump. "That's what we would call great loss."
The room went silent.  No other child volunteered.  Trump searched the room.
"Isn't there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?"
Finally at the back of the room, Little Johnny raised his hand.  The teacher held her breath.
In a quiet voice he said: "If the plane carrying you was struck by a 'friendly fire' missile and blown to smithereens that would be a tragedy."
"Fantastic!" exclaimed Trump, "That's right.  And can you tell me why that would be a tragedy?"
"Well," says Johnny, "It has to be a tragedy, because it wouldn't be a great loss... and you can bet your sweet ass it wouldn't be an accident either!"
The teacher left the room..

tscout's picture

     he set himself up for that one

onesong's picture

the story came from a long time friend from Canada, I suspect it is just a 'little johnny' joke, but wouldn't you love to see the look on 'the Donald's' face if 'twere real?? but then again is any of this REAL??  'cause I'm beginning to believe the only thing TO believe is it's all a grand illusion....like we suspected all along!

Blessing my brethren, happy day, happy weekend, with love to all...one tired grama song   ;)

been working wayyyy toooo hard today

ChrisBowers's picture

Grand Illusion works for me

Styx ~ Grand Illusion (Live) - YouTube

ChrisBowers's picture

was that a setup for the joke, or did that actually happen?  if it really happened, in a primary grades school no less, then there truly is hope for the future if kids are equipped with such perfect wit!

I suspect it is just a good setup for the joke since the witty kid's name is "Johnny", LOL.  Johnny's in all the good jokes...

Did anyone see Lyin' Ted get run out of the Bronx?  The Statue of Liberty flipping him off on one tabloid and another front cover telling him to take the "F" "U" train.

Can you say, "Outta Touch"?  Sure, ah new ya could...

oh, and the woman at Starbucks confronting Governor Rick Scott - Absolutely Priceless!!

Viral Video Shows Woman Confronting Gov. Scott at Gainesville Starbucks

Governor Scott gets an earful - YouTube

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Hi Gary,

I'm just now getting round to listening to the Trump video you posted - definitely good stuff. You aren't the only right-winger here. I was republican because of Ron Paul until this year - too disappointed with Rand to stick with the party so I switched back to democrat thinking I would vote for Sanders but I'm so uninspired by his old school socialism (even though I basically think he's an honest man and the best of all the candidates - LOL not saying much these days) that I never bothered showing up at the polls.

Noa's picture

This well-spoken commentary really goes beyond any political candidate.


ChrisBowers's picture

Thanks for posting.  Transcends any one political candidate for sure.  Trump was in my neck of the woods over the weekend.  He chose Spokane and Lynden WA, two of Washington's more conservative areas.  He was still met with many protestors though.

What a wild and crazy time we are living in!  Would be a perfect time for the crash of the USD and the derivatives-saturated stock market this summer/fall.  Can't help but think that that has to happen before change of any lasting substance can happen...

tscout's picture

       God if we could just replace the drumph with russel brand,ha! I have yet to hear a real issue brought up by any candidate. Sure, Bernie is the one who might seem to care, but the rhetoric is the same, create jobs, new infrastructure, blah blah blah. If he creates jobs, which isn't possible,,,,the need for something by the people creates jobs,,but even if Bernie got in and  created some jobs,,,,,then what? Bernie can't stop the bubble that is about to pop again, and will probably pop right after whoever wins takes office(if it can last that long), and he will never get congress or the senate to initialize any programs that might seem,,"socialist",ha!  The real issues are disclosure and free energy, which go together, and coming to an agreement with the rest of the world so we can dump the fed without collapsing the world economy, about our only shot at not becoming a 3rd world country when the crash does come. reducing the crash to a fender bender.

    Free energy lets us walk away from the world of fossil fuels, and all the  politics, death,war and  destruction that go with it. Has anyone here seen the new project that Steven Greer announced? I just saw it this morning before work. He says he has backers now that will pay to develop and distribute free of charge any form of new energy device(there was a long list). They are also pursuing a legal means of forcing disclosure, as, due to the secret nature of the projects,and the long list of people ready to blow the whistle, they have found a legal route to prosecute those who have operated these projects for decades. Technically they are illegally run, with illegal funds, because they were kept so secret..On and on it goes!

  People have been exposed to a lot of basic truths about the system and the people running it over the last 10 years, If someone in the running actually explained to them how much their lives, and the world as a whole would change by just addressing those couple of issues, I think they would get it, I really do. Maybe we could get a shaman to put Russel Brand in Trump's body,ha! I think it's too late to save the Clintons!

tscout's picture

      https://youtu.be/NysvY3VQU_c          He makes a great point in this short rant, about how similar we all are,,,whether they support Trump or Sanders,,,haha! sounds crazy huh? Not really, I like it better than the longer one where they flash Sanders' name in sync with what he's saying..  


    Any of the candidates will only respond to questions about foreign policy based on  what we are shown in the press,or on   TV. But we're not shown this!   https://youtu.be/-bZHsyZ9mr0?list=FLaac2yfdtuVIUD1hYnRctKQ         Maybe many of you have seen this,and there are more interviews of Putin like this that never get to mainstream, because it would contradict the madman they make him out to be...    Just another example why there is no substance  to the election process. I see Russel's point! Sorry,,maybe I should have put this in the other post

ChrisBowers's picture

I've liked Putin for some time.  He seems thoughtful and grounded, and is nobody's fool.  America's leaders on the other hand....

Brand in Trump's body, HA! Getting Russell to agree to that one would really show how committed he is to his agenda!

China and Russia are positioning themselves well for the coming fiat currency debacle with all their gold purchasing of late.  And are well aligned in the SCO and BRIC community.

America's leaders and the West in general on the other hand....

Can you say a stubborn and determined self defeating DUH?

Sure, ah new ya could....

Don't worry Duhmurica, those manufacturing jobs will be back soon enough at the rate we are going because profit-hungry corporations love to set up shop in 3rd world countries...

tscout's picture

    God, I didn't think of the horrors poor Russel would face in that switch,ha!

   I'm sure Putin is no angel, but he talks openly about things that should be on the table here,,,but not a word is spoken. If it's true that he ran the Khazarian bankers out of Russia a few years ago, then we should be taking some pointers from him. Still it confuses me,as there is a whole other group that says Russia only buddied up with China  to get long term info from them, and is really aligned with the US. That would be funny, and the way that countries are abandoning the us right now to join the new world bank  china is forming, it just doesn't make sense. Who would jump on board with the US at this point when there is a good chance that they will have to nullify all debt surrounding the USD when it finally goes kaput! That could free a good part of the world from the empire of doom they have worked so long to build. I even saw a line from Trump yesterday talking about buying back debt for pennies on the dollar, like all the debt chasers do here in  the  US..

  There is another thing that mystifies me right now. The news seems to be everywhere about China buying up all that gold, and the rmb is now officially backed by gold. But, I have a good friend in China. She is pretty well off, and plays in the markets there. She has visited me  here in the Us twice since I've been back, and, at night, she is always checking the markets, she seemsto be in touch with what's going on.But, when I asked her how much she knew about all the gold they were buying,and backing the rmb with gold,the  new world bank, etc., she didn't seem to know much about it. She did hear about the rmb being backed by gold, but didn't think it really meant anything. It's so strange. She watches all these financial programs there,,,,even when she's here, but, they have lived under fiat currency themselves for a long time, never knowing what a lie it was. Nothing really bad ever happened there, because they have been growing like crazy for 3 decades, so I guess they just don't see how important it is. And no one there has a clue that the US is about to pop, it isn't on TV there. This woman's friends actually change huge amounts of rmb to USD, and are still doing it. Maybe they can hide it that way, I don't know. Her friends are much wealthier than she is, import/export billionaires here on the west coast. They are living lavish lifestyles here in the US, and don't have a clue, they all wave little us flags in their photos,haha! They are in the 1 percent club in China, the proportions are pretty much the same  as the US, just larger overall numbers. But, they still have a middle class just like we did here in our big growth periods. My friend is very intelligent, and I admire her in many ways, including the life she carved out for herself and her daughter over there in a man's world,much tougher than here. But still, she gets these bits of information, never enough to integrate and get a bigger picture, so, even though she is brilliant, she can only get so far with what they are given there. Strange to realize that a huge percentage of the world has no idea what's playing out right now.....  Sometimes I wish I could join them!


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It makes me crazy too.  Do they know something we don't know about the USD and we are concerned about nothing, or are they in the proverbial dark about what we anticipate is about to play out?

I really don't know at this point.  I still feel like the guy (bill murray's brother) in Caddyshack at the end of the movie, while everyone is being distracted by the explosions set off by Carl, he is watching the golf ball on the edge of the cup to see if it's gonna fall in...

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Here's Jon speaking on the subject of this election cycle

Jon Stewart - Donald Trump - YouTube

and here's the whole thing on the Axe Files

Live Taping of “The Axe Files” with Jon Stewart, hosted by David Axelrod - YouTube

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   I have to ask why do we play this game, it is a big joke. Even here on the  G-spot it   is/was a big topic .

      Trump / Clinton /Sanders

   Crooks no good, nobody in mainstream will ever be good . LOL I must be in the twilight zone .


       Is this really here ??????????????????????


           That is coming soon !!!!!!!!


Why do we give them energy they do not deserve, one has to wonder ???????

Donald Trump has mastered looking like he is Strength- Authoritarian. This is what many Americans crave. They see Authoritarianism as Strength and as Safety. They also see Belligerence and Bellicosity as admirable traits. Trump certainly meets their criteria. He is a Master at bleeding energy. Unfortunately, many people seek to learn through pain and hyperbole. 

I enjoyed this refreshing article! 

http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/how-america-made-donald-trump-... I bless all with Love, Fairy

In Cleveland, spirit of Reagan is alive and well for GOP

McClatchy Washington Bureau

CLEVELAND - Donald Trump will become the Republican Party's presidential nominee this week, the celebration of a quixotic, populist-fueled journey that should signal a new era for the GOP.

It won't.

The Republican Party, which will begin one of its most tense, uncomfortable and seemingly disorganized conventions in memory Monday, remains at its core the party of Ronald Reagan.

"Reagan still has a psychic hold on this party," said Craig Shirley, a Reagan biographer.

The path the GOP began following at the dawn of Reagan's presidency nearly 36 years ago survives and thrives, with little dissent from party officials.

Reagan's shadow lurks over this four-day convention, providing comfort at a time when few party regulars trust Trump. The spirit of Reagan is a reminder to the 2,472 convention delegates and thousands more in the audience that theirs is a movement that has shaped the party, politics and policy for nearly two generations.

"In the next few days, the party will take on the identity of the nominee," said former Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan. "But then it will revert to the philosophical base of the party."

As its draft platform approved in Cleveland the week before the convention shows, the party itself remains deeply skeptical of government, trusting in muscular foreign policy and allied with Christian and social conservatives. The disagreements in this summer's platform meetings, for example, didn't involve whether a woman has a right to an abortion _ opposition to abortion has been a Republican staple since the Reagan era _ but whether babies not yet born should be called unborn or preborn.

Trump is trying to put his brand on the party. He got the platform to support his call for a U.S.-Mexico wall and a harder line on trade.

But while many Republicans across the country applauded those issues, most say they will vote for him more out of disgust with Democrat Hillary Clinton than support for the GOP candidate. Take away a dreaded opponent, and his support plummets. A new McClatchy-Marist poll this week found that Republicans would go overwhelmingly for Reagan in a head-to-head choice with Trump. Bottom line: He's too new, too raw and too divisive to be regarded as a seminal force.

"Trumpism is Donald Trump, someone with a unique personality who got most of the votes this year," said Sal Russo, a former Reagan aide based in Sacramento, Calif., and more recently chief strategist for the conservative Tea Party Express.

The skepticism about and often disdain for Trump are vividly reflected in the quiet but stubborn movement to deny him the nomination, an effort that was headed nowhere but persisted into the eve of the convention.

The skepticism and outright dislike are more obvious in the long roster of familiar party names who aren't coming to Cleveland next week, notably the GOP presidential nominees in six of the past seven elections since Reagan left office.

Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush are staying home, appalled at Trump's belittling of their son and brother during the primary campaign.

Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the 2008 nominee, was offended by Trump's assertion last year that McCain, held for 5 1/2 years in a North Vietnamese prison, was not a war hero "because he was captured." Mitt Romney, the 2012 nominee, has been a fierce Trump critic, branding him a "phony" and a "fraud."

Only 1996 nominee Bob Dole is expected to show up.

Yet there are similarities between Trump and Reagan.

Both men took unconventional roads to political success, and used their skills as entertainers to capture the public imagination. Reagan was an actor whose first run for office came in 1966, at age 55, when he won the California governorship. Trump, 70, a New York-based business mogul and reality TV star, had never sought elective office.

Both also displayed forceful personalities with a knack for rallying frustrated voters.

But there the similarities end.

Reagan led a conservative movement with deep intellectual roots, one that tasted success in 1964, when Barry Goldwater was the nominee. By 1980, "there was a palpable sense of excitement. Delegates had a sense they were writing history," Shirley said.

That feeling hasn't emerged this time, at least not yet. Trump is not leading, nor has he been embraced by, any such movement.

Reagan had a knack for making people like him, and he brought the party together during the sometimes-bitter 1980 convention by choosing as his running mate George H.W. Bush, then a favorite of center-right Republicans.

Trump has a flair for making people dislike him; just last week, he refused to apologize to McCain and criticized the senator's record on veterans affairs.

Trump forces also have sought less of a policy imprint. The most public opportunity came earlier this week, as Republican platform-writers met to craft a guide for the next four years. Reagan's allies used the preconvention platform week in 1980 to change the party's center-right direction, firmly steering it to the right.
His forces moved the party platform on abortion rights, opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment, a strong defense aimed at thwarting and intimidating the Soviet Union, and shrinking the size of government.

Trump's lieutenants did get victories. They worked quietly, getting support for building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and for abandoning long-held Republican backing for free trade pacts.

Those are important points, because the party of Trump will be a party that is promoting a new sort of politics, a very personal, scathing, angry politics, rejecting Democratic and often Republican insiders alike.

It's a politics that expresses the frustrations of middle-class Americans over the years.

"It speaks to a large contingent of voters who haven't had a raise in 15 years," said Gary Bauer, president of American Values, a conservative group.

Reagan also spoke to the economic frustration of the late 1970s, blaming the federal government. Trump rails against the government, too, but also blames broad groups of people for the country's fears, including Mexicans and Muslims.

As Reagan wrapped his agenda in the broad mantle of the party and conservative movement, Trump signals that his is a more personal, top-down approach. There is no unifying, intellectually based document or movement underlying all this. Top adviser Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., urged only a "lean, short platform" describing what the party stood for.

Should Trump win the White House, 2016 could be viewed as the year that this angry, unscripted outsider took control of the Republican Party. It could spawn more people from the worlds of business, entertainment and other nontraditional political training grounds to try to shake up and streamline the government.

"Fourteen million people did vote to go in a certain direction," noted former RNC Chair Duncan.

Should Trump lose, though, the way he'll win at this convention underscores that there could be little about his effort to shape the party that would survive his campaign.
- See more at: http://www.unionleader.com/voters-first/In-Cleveland-spirit-of-Reagan-is...


Trump touts VP pick Pence as job creator, budget balancer


NEW YORK - Presidential hopeful Donald Trump on Saturday presented his vice presidential running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, as the man who can unify a fractured Republican party and help him bridge the gap created by the candidate's outsider status.

In a wide-ranging speech in which he touted his own "landslide" victory in the Republican primaries, Trump cast Pence as a perfect complement for the White House: a veteran of government, a man with a Midwestern sensibility and strong Republican credentials as a job creator and budget balancer.

"Indiana Governor Mike Pence was my first choice, I've admired the work he's done, especially in the state of Indiana," Trump said at an event in New York City.

"And one of the reasons is party unity, so many people have said, party unity. Because I'm an outsider," he added in explaining his decision.

Trump and Pence made their debut just two days before the beginning of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where delegates from around the country will convene to officially nominate the pair as their party's ticket for the Nov. 8 election.

Frequently straying from the notes on the lectern, Trump talked about himself and likely Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, often detouring from the purpose of the event: to introduce a little-known politician to the broader public.

"Back to Mike Pence," Trump said, interrupting himself during a lengthy explanation about why evangelical voters support his candidacy. He then read a series of statistics highlighting the job growth in Indiana.

"He looks very good," added the New York real estate mogul, who is known to comment openly on people's appearances.

Trump had a bit of a winding path to settle on Pence, a devout Christian and conservative. He postponed his planned Friday announcement after the deadly attack in Nice, France, and saying he had not made his "final, final decision," Trump privately had second thoughts on who to pick in late-night conversations on Thursday, said a Republican source familiar with the situation.

Trump had been annoyed that the element of surprise had been taken away by the leaking of Pence's name, the source added. Trump ended up announcing Pence as his running mate on Twitter on Friday.

Saturday's event in a New York City hotel ballroom had few of the traditional hallmarks of what is arguably one of the most important decisions for a presidential candidate. Before it started, supporters listened to the Rolling Stones song "You Can't Always Get What You Want," a tune in regular rotation at Trump events.

There were no "Trump Pence" signs distributed to the crowd or adorning the room. The two appeared together on stage only briefly - each standing out of view while the other one spoke.

On stage, they made scant eye contact and shook hands rather than raising arms together in the classic pose of running mates. Neither offered anecdotal stories about their private time together.

Pence, in sharp contrast to Trump, delivered a prepared speech, discussing the love of his wife and country and his adoration for Ronald Reagan. He gave a full-throated call to fellow Republicans to back Trump.

"Lets come together as a party, as a people, as a movement, to make America great again and that day begins when Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States of America," Pence said.

Trump has struggled to bridge the gap between himself and the establishment and conservative wings of the party. The drastically different styles highlighted Pence's ability to provide a complementing tone to the presidential ticket.

It's unclear when the two will appear together again. Pence heads back to Indiana for a solo event on Saturday night, and the Trump campaign hasn't released a schedule for the convention that would include a joint appearance.

The pair recorded an interview with CBS's "60 Minutes" that is scheduled to air on Sunday night.

One of their big challenges will be to brook their policy differences in public. Pence gave a nod to that by saying "strong Republican leadership can bring about real change."

Trump has made renegotiating trade deals a central theme of his campaign, while Pence has spoken in favor of trade agreements. In an appearance on Friday night on Fox News, Pence offered a moderated take on trade, saying he agrees with Trump that deals should be renegotiated.

He also softened his vocal opposition to Trump's call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States.

"I am very supportive of Donald Trump's call to temporarily suspend immigration from countries where terrorist influence and impact represents a threat to the United States," Pence told conservative Fox News commentator Sean Hannity.

Pence added that he supports Trump's call for building a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.
- See more at: http://www.unionleader.com/Trump-touts-VP-pick-Pence-as-job-creator-budg...

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What kind of paradigm are we feeding if we villainize Donald Trump (or Hillary Clinton, for that matter)? What repressed part does Trump represent in me and in each of us? Is the intense antipathy and disgust towards him not unlike some of his own behavior? Is it possible to breathe sacred love with Trump and his supporters? Is it possible to see the divine literally in every one of us?

I am surrounded by Trump supporters I can honestly say I have observed most as belligerent toward any one or anything that is not part of the Patriarchal Paradigim. They seek to blame and hate others for their own misfortunes. It is unfortunate that this is usually aimed at the wrong group.

Escaping from Freedom, by Fromme comes to mind.

I do not see any of the candidates as capable of Leadership. The world needs Leadership. Our Country needs Leadership. And in this time of need, those who are best to Lead are not heard as they are not seen as Powerful.

All of the Candidates represent the unhealed parts of our collective Psyche. Great. Now what? This revelation is largely irrelevant when faced with the Great Waves of Change sweeping across the Earth.

I have been studying Trump. I have read countless biographies, read his speeches, watched him in action. He wants to win at all costs. Winning is the main motivater of Donald Trump. Being the Most Powerful is also part of Winning. He is a Savvy strategist. He has tailored his message to the broken, the new poor, the wealthy, the elite, the Religious Right, the Racist, the Bigot, the worker, and all those who like to Bully. This is not Leadership. And there are many in the USA that find this to be very attractive. It is considered to be admirable traits in the person in charge.

So what, now what? He represents most typical males world wide. He could be any man throughout the world. His rhetoric is no different from any that are Patriarchal and Authoritarian. Might Makes Right crowd.

I bless all with Love, Cause' we all gonna need it.


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I see the Trump phenomenon as a kind of conjuring. when the people are bat shit cray cray ready, he/she will come. we are living in very interesting times, a perfect storm of sorts. at the very time that we collectively might need sober and clear smart critical thinking concerning issues like global climate change we appear, many anyway, to be exhibiting anything but. And whatever happened to simple old fashioned common "horse" sense? Geez Luueez! Ahh, but there is always a silent remnant. My hope lies with that silent remnant now.

Force of Nature, Law of Nature may be guiding Humanity through a correction of numbers for the sake of the Planet as a Whole. That's one way of looking at it anyway. Don't really know how to make sense of it any other way, so many so proudly and angrily voting against their own best interests, proudly voting for an arrogant self-absorbed climate change denying clown that couldn't care less about them or the eco-environment that supports them...

I will stick with the late Bill Hicks' take on all this - its just a ride - don't take any of it too seriously, and enjoy Life as much as you possibly can while trying to do no harm because its just a ride...

by the way, did you all catch the blatantly obvious plagiarism last night by Melania Trump? Just keeps getting more and more bizarre-er man! Hang on to yer hats folks because this cray cray ride is just gettin' started! Yeeeeehawwwww
and a sobering look at a very probable near future
anyone voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party? maybe one last good conscience vote before the fit hits the shan, eh

Marshall Viens Summers of the New Message predicted that during the Waves of Change people will elect unsuitable leaders.

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Right on Fred !!!!!

Thats what I like to hear man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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