Banksters Plan to Steal Your Money and Blame Iran

Mega-Bank’s Plan to Steal Your Money and Blame Fake Muslim Cyber Attack

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
September 27, 2012




Senator and self-proclaimed Zionist Joseph Lieberman declared that it was Iran who cyber-attacked Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase in 2011 and began with more frequency this year. Lieberman, as the chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee states that the financial attack was spurned from the state-sponsored anti-Muslim film circulating the Middle East thanks to CIA-operatives al-Qaeda.

Lieberman explains: “I don’t believe these were just hackers. I believe this was done by Iran and the Qods force, which has its own developing cyber-attack capacity. And I believe it was in response to the increasingly strong economic sanctions that the United States and our European allies have put on Iranian financial institutions.”

The US government is planting the propaganda seed that according to “highly classified” documents provided by the Join Chiefs of Staff’s Intelligence Directorate confirm that Iranian hackers are committing cyber-attacks against US financial institutions.

This report assures that US mega-banks are a “valid target” of the Iranian “cyber army”. However, the attackers used a known forum that is utilized by the CIA-controlled Anonymous to issue threats and brag about their successes.

The timing of the newly formed “digital al-Qaeda” and their expressed anger over the US-produced anti-Muslim film are questionable considering how the US and Israeli government are setting the stage for a justified war with Iran. This fake hacker group is threatening other countries controlled by the Zionist regime, such as France, Germany and Britain. According to the false flag group: “The army was recently formed and we have started to work as a team after we used to work individually. The hacking operations are of course a response to the offence against the prophet, peace and blessing be upon him.”

Radware, a security firm, analyzed the attacks and concluded that the alleged Iranian nameless, faceless cyber army accused to attacking BoA and JPMorgan Chase did not conduct the attack.

This week, Wells Fargo & Co. upped their cybersecurity measures after being attacked by a nameless, faceless group calling themselves Cyber Fighters of Izz ad-din Al Qassam. Wells Fargo announced in a formal statement: “We apologize to customers who may be experiencing intermittent access issues to and online banking. We are working to quickly resolve this issue.”

Customer complaints included difficulty logging-in as well as pages not loading properly.

Cyber Fighters of Izz ad-din Al Qassam claimed that their attack was retaliatory for the anti-Muslim film produced by the US government.

According to House Representative Mike Rogers, the anti-Muslim film was released to cover the US government’s involvement in the bombing and death of US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens at the hand of the CIA-sponsored al-Qaeda.

The film in question is actually a 14 minute trailer written, produced and directed by Sam Bacile, a.k.a. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who is an FBI informant , an Israeli citizen and the pasty used by the Zionist regime in order to facilitate a manufactured revolt of fake Islamic tension in the Middle East.

Just as the false flag bomb threats called in by anonymous members of al-Qaeda earlier this month, this banking threat has the hall marks of a state-sponsored false flag to unnerve the American public, mask a planned implosion of the US economy through the ultimate theft of the banking cartels: the money deposited into private checking accounts by banking customers.

On August 9th the banks were given the legal authority to steal money from their customer’s private accounts just as Jon Corzine had with MF Global with the ruling on Sentinel Management Group.

Based on the ruling, regulatory systems such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SPIC) will not insure customer funds, investments, depositors and retirees who hold accounts in banks. In fact, the FDIC has announced that beginning in January 2013, they will stop insuring all deposits. Of the estimated $1.6 trillion in deposits, and a measured 85-90% in the hands of the mega-banks, large depositors are expected to close their accounts due to the lack of security.

The money in deposits will be funneled through the US Treasury for short-term securities. It is expected that the US Treasury will offer negative interest rates and this combination will surely cause a run on the banks that will put Spain and Greece to shame.

Per request of the Federal Reserve Bank, in 2010 the mega-banks filed contingency plans wherein the US government could not assist them. Called resolution plans, they describe how to liquidate banking assets without causing further damage to a failing financial system. By selling “non-core assets” without upsetting shareholders while protecting the monetary system, taxpayers and creditors is the work of the mega-banks who have contributed solely to the destruction of the global financial markets.

In the event of insolvency, duress or bankruptcy, the banks could use customer secured funds to assist them in repaying debts and loans. Currently Bank of America (BoA) has sold off portions of their domestic assets to secure capitol while Citigroup has followed suit.

By adhering to initiatives provided by the Financial Stability Board, these mega-banks will, when they enact their resolution plans, coordinate with international banking institutions and regulators rather than simply implode.
While preparing for financial collapse, the technocrats on Wall Street are also acquiring firearms, ammunition and control over private mercenary corporations like DynCorp and ‘Blackwater” as authorized by the Department of Defense (DoD) directive 3025.18.

Recently, the former mortgage broker of JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley revealed that due to their involvement in the mortgage-backed securities and derivatives fraud, they are selling off their non-core assets. This means that Morgan Stanley is becoming insolvent.

The recent false flag attacks on our banks falls in line with the scenario that has been coming into view for quite some time. In America, just announcing a banking holiday would cause absolute chaos and there may not be enough armed forces within our US borders to handle the rioting in the streets. However, the banking cartels must implode the US economy in order to gain the sovereign debt – as they are currently doing in Spain and Greece.

Meanwhile, there is a Zionist plot to attack Iran over false claims of procurement of nuclear weapons that do not exist. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has been decrying this lie since 1992. Twenty years later, it appears that the Zionist-controlled Israeli government may just have their war with Iran along with the “unwavering support” of the US government.

Framing Iran for the American banking system’s computer failure kills two birds with one stone. Not only would the banking cartels be able to shut down all banking computers (and simultaneously syphon the remaining money in their customer’s accounts) but also use this fake cyber-attack to engage the American public against Iran and justify their highly anticipated military strike.

By blaming Iran, the technocrats could initiate the shutdown of all domestic banking computer systems in order to “purge” the virus and reconfigure their systems. However this would be a false flag meant to pacify the public to avert mass panic. While the general public would fall for the cover story, the banking cartels would simply electronically transfer all customer funds from private checking accounts out to off-shore banks where they could not be touched and cover their tracks.

The American public, being told that Iran was to blame might not riot in the streets as we have seen in European countries of late. There would be total support for the war with Iran if this scheme could be pulled off. The technocrats could not only bankrupt America but also simultaneously stave off a social display and breakdown of society because the Iranians would be to blame.

The plan is perfect. All we have to do is not be fooled and use the recent riots in Spain as a barometer as to how we can take this country back from the Zionists and the banking cartels.


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