I have already forwarded this video to Fred. I think that, as it says in the video, important to share it with all who have even a suspicion of the coverup/false-flag event that was 9-11.  I am surprised that this has not already been censored and it may well be soon.  I don't know how old it is at this point, comments are only 3 days old, but it suddenly getting attention though the networks.


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Greetings friend

  What blows my mind is how America can do nothing when faced with all the proofs left behind that day....melted, sheared columns in all the trade center buildings, molten metal underneath all three, a hole in Shanksville that wouldn't hold a cockpit, much less a 757, 767 aircraft....no debris, no bodies, no nothing...not even half a tank of fuel that would have exploded upon impact...no fire at all !!...some 50 videos confiscated from pentagon area...and none showing the attack  it all seems so bizarre that no one of authority even asked the question...WAS THIS AN INSIDE JOB?

I get sick to my stomach when I rethink this mess...and I don't think America can take one step forward in its future...until we resolve this issue...of its past !




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i'm reminded that we have our own karma, also known as the law of cause and effect, and that we also play our part in collective karma-call it national karma if you will.

when do we begin as a nation to see that we all are responsible in part. have we allowed the perpetration of this? the past is now the past. how do we walk into the future knowing what we know? to me that is the bigger question. how as part of middle America do we have any impact on any of it? if this was an inside job, my knowing doesn't change it.

do we speak the truth today? do we know what the truth is outside of ourselves? how do we vote? does our vote mean anything? how do we live? do we talk the talk and walk the walk? do the people we place in power?

i'm not 'blaming' 'us' or 'them' for we are collectively of the same 'One'. we have lots of lessons to learn individually and collectively.

to feel like we have no ability to change the future without resolving the past goes against everything i believe. that thought has no power in my thought process. i don't believe we forget about the past (there are lessons there), but focusing on the negative doesn't change anything for the better. want a better world? envision it or it cannot be willed into existence. in the beginning was the word-want a better world see it, think it, speak it and we all will it into being through decisive action. i'm not saying we sit around Ohm-ing without acting as well. Positive action is living prayer.

the 9-11 disaster was questioned as controversy from the beginning, i'm not sure we'll ever definitively know the answers. i do know i don't believe it happened the way we've been 'sold' the story but it isn't as important to me as knowing what to do to stop it from happening again. so what do we do? who do we trust? what do we change? can we change anything but ourselves?

all just my thoughts-

pay attention to our elected officials and move large numbers of them out of office if they aren't doing what they're supposed to be. (anybody want to take their place?) refuse to believe everything we see in the media as truth and use our judgement, intuition and intellect to question EVERYTHING. buy local, support companies and people that emulate what IS in the highest good for all, boycott those who do not (means we might do without some things we think we need). understand what truly is of value and what absolutely is NOT. live and act with integrity, honesty and truth in your personal and business dealings. engage others in conversation even when we agree to disagree. dialogue about the value of NOT supporting an American war machine and we might be able to provide adequate health care or feed and educate our nations children to a higher standard as all of them should be...

i'm being very simple and straightforward, that is what most of the folks i come in contact with in the world outside TT understand. how many of our neighbors are doing anything besides working everyday to feed kids and keep their homes intact (if they still own them)? that's what the government has given us. a hole so deep economically while billions are being made on the sly and lining pockets. (I'm in Michigan, in the hub of the 'Motor City'. There are very few families I know that aren't dealing with some sort of very real financial crisis as I'm sure is true of many of you).

can my actions change that? seems unlikely alone, but i still believe unified thought on the part of enough enlightened individuals can change the collective whole.

(ok so you know this, then don't stop now!)

"I get sick to my stomach when I rethink this mess...and I don't think America can take one step forward in its future...until we resolve this issue...of its past !" 

this thinking only hurts you and has no impact on the past or future. this act, like many other senseless acts in human history was beyond our control. all i can do is act responsibly toward the highest good in my own relationships, work and daily living. 

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I agree.  I used to think the same thing, that we will not be able to really move forward correctly if the events of 9-11 are not revealed, along with the perpetrators of those staged events (oh, I forgot, it was a guy in a cave with a walkie talkie orchestrating the whole thing, along with a few guys who got really lucky on that particular morning, LOL), but I now feel like we are in the process of transcending the current paradigm, and when enough people are thinking and moving in that direction, we will break through the gravitational pull and pressure from eons of collective consciousness thinking and beliefs.

I have a feeling that it will manifest quite quickly when it does, much like the photon that moves cumbersomely through a period of time during a shift of frequency, and then when it hits 51%, its off to the parabolic curve races toward its new higher frequency and color.....

If everything in nature is a manifestation of the true nature of First Source Creator, than we may have a glimpse of how this goes down (or up) by the behavior of physics and nature in general.....

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You are right Kristyne and Chris, but only from the point of view of the soul, from eternity.  However, here in the 3D world of time and space, we are still working to get to the 51% you talked about, at which point the transformation will be like a joyride on a downhill track on greased rails!

I like the idea of comparing our experience with the physical processes. In my life path I've come in contact with many people and events that have moved me in this or that direction, some have dented my hardware so to speak, some have improved it, I've been repelled by some and attracted by others, some produced pain others joy and all these seemingly separate events and people have brought me to where I am now and I am thankful for all of them.  And all of them had some energetic, emotional, vibratory component to it, as well as an intellectual portion, that served to give me an understanding for that moment.  The attributes of those experiences, energetic, emotional, and intellectual, are what pushed me or attracted me to where I am now.  I am certain that we all have moved in similar ways.  It is like we are molecules in a solution the Cosmic Alchemist is working with, then he pours a catalyst into the mix, and when the molecules of that catalyst come in contact with each one of us, it creates a transformation in our molecular structure, the core of our being, a change by which, when we then turn and make contact with the other molecules next to us, we help them to transform themselves according to their own internal situation, and so on... outward until the entire base solution is transformed into what the Natural laws the Alchemist is following dictate.

My point here being that it is not ONLY the vibratory, energetic, emotional attributes that influences the neighboring molecules, but also the intellectual content and context of the situation of the time.

I'll digress here a bit to hopefully make this message more coherent.  We are going through a transformation process and we are learning to vibrate at this peaceful and loving 'speed', that is, we hope, resonating with others to help them also to wake up to the real reality of our selves, thus speeding up the global metamorphosis.  Meanwhile, our brothers are still vibrating at the old speed, which is giving the old structure its strength and staying power.

In economics it is said that "property" is what give wealth and power to the owner.  The lords of old had their luxuries in their castles, fine foods and linens, jewels and gold, leisure time for their games and sports, and all that makes a rich person want to be rich.  It was said he was rich because he owned the land.  What was not said is that the land came supplied with a multitude of serfs and peasant who were not free to move away from said land.  Imagine what would happen to the Lords luxuries if suddenly there were no peasant to work his land.  How long would he have such luxuries and power?

The question is, what kept the peasants on the land?  Several things.  One, the gentle persuasion of the church, working in the service of the elite, "You will be rewarded AFTER this life".  Two, psychological indoctrination, "We are English!  We will not be ruled by the stinking French!" (or something like that) promoted by literary sources being paid by the elite, and Three, the deadly power of the sword, cloaked in a facade of "The Law", written by the elite of course.  There are a few more, but these suffices for now.  So, the peasants, most of them, gave their allegiance to these elite.  They had no choice.  No examples to model their actions with.  No alternative.

Similarly today, governments, institutions, and corporations REQUIRE our allegiance for their wealth and power. Our allegiance is given in the form of obedience to their rules and regulations, to the belief of their pronouncements and instructions, and/or to the purchasing of the products and services they provide.  Without that allegiance they are like Lords in a castle without peasants to work their fields.

This is where the 911 Truth comes in.  I believe it should be promoted for the sole purpose of breaking the allegiance to these institutions by our fellow peasants in the fields.  But not only 911.  Also the incredible corruption of the financial system, government regulatory structure, corporate supported "educational" institutions, the black operations of the CIA and sundry "intelligence" agencies, and so forth.  NOT for the purpose of vengeance, or seeking "justice" to punish the perpetrators, but simply so that people stop giving their allegiance to these institutions, so they have a better chance to vibrate at the rate we are finding out to be better and more natural.  They, the elite, too are part of the mixture the Cosmic Alchemist introduced into us, the chemical compound.  Would you have been in such earnest to "become enlightened" had not Bush been "elected"?  I certainly would have not.  They are not deserving of our wrath.  They too are part of the process.

Meanwhile, changes to a better and more just world are already taking place.  In the economic realm, a more cooperative system has been evolving for years "Economic revolutions is already happening, It's just not on Wall Street" http://www.truthout.org/101009G , on the energy and government coverups, the Disclosure Project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FEyV_-NGyk&NR=1 , and in the community and social realm, the Transition Movement http://transitionus.ning.com/ ...  you know of many more.

So, we just have a bit more to work with the mess, then... enjoy the ride!

In Love and Peace.


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This is so true, for you, as well as for me and most likely for many many others who may have not awakened had it not been for the absurdity of the bush administration and their outrageous behavior at the apex of American ignorance and arrogance.

"They, the elite, too are part of the mixture the Cosmic Alchemist introduced into us, the chemical compound.  Would you have been in such earnest to "become enlightened" had not Bush been "elected"?  I certainly would have not.  They are not deserving of our wrath.  They too are part of the process"

So well said...

Also, we must finally get to the place where the common answer to your posed question about who or "what kept the peasants on the land?", is we the peasants keep the peasants on the land, for if we really knew who what and where we actually are, we would smile and walk, or stay and serve because that is what we truly wanted to do, but we would surely get past the notion that something is happening to us without our permission, for this is the grand mass delusion in a nutshell.

Also, concerning the 51%, it may even be much less than that...  the D.C. study done some years back with transcendental meditation proved, along with many other similar studies done in cities all over the world, that the square root of 1% of any population can affect the remaining population in a very positive way...  With figures like these, it is all the more amazing to  realize how much and to what degree we have collectively abandoned our true and inherent Divine and Sacred power in just the fewest of numbers when intention is really understood and applied...

Everybody sitting in their own private homes watching TV, giving the obligatory greeting to the neighbor when seen, but no getting together with whole neighborhoods to sit around a campfire and be strong as a community.  So much for rugged individualism, LOL....

Great post Bob!!!!

Love/Light, and Peace, Chris


the "square root of 1%"...I love math.........and thats trippy!...lol.......

I just worked it out to give perspective to it.....

population 400 - 2 people

4,000 - 7 (6.3245)

40,000 - 20

400,000 - 64 

4,000,000 - 200

40,000,000 - 633

400,000,000 - 2000

4,000,000,000 - 6325




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Hey Jez, here is a link that talks a little about it

Global Country of World Peace - Great Britain

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Jez 'square root' brought this site to mind. a few 'poems', but the entire site worthy of a gander.

all posts below by Ilexa Yardley.

*clarity makes itself

known and available

from and to

and also because of


****one is

any and many

many and every

all and none

null and infinite

single and multiple

moving and still

quiet and noisy 

subject and object

noun and verb

adjective and adverb

abstract and concrete

hidden and showing

relative and absolute

linear and circular

two and three

any two

so, therefore, any three

is one******

***confusion and chaos

are created by clarity and order and

we cannot have one without the other

(they are in a circle, which started out as a line)

we are smart enough

when confused and chaotic

just to wait for clarity and order

and not try to force it

clarity and order (via confusion and chaos)

are self-enforced (like us, they have their own intelligence)

(they happen naturally)***

                                                                   coming full circle....onesong                             

ChrisBowers's picture

you gave me that excellent John Lennon transcendental meditation feeling with that post Kristyne, thank you.  to sit and wait for nothing to happen, to think of nothing and let everything that is real just be as it is, and may we all learn the art of not thinking enough to fly, to discover anti-gravity that is already inherent within us, the Sacred and Divine, and use this true inherent power for Being Peace for a world that will be along in time....  for we are One....

Hey Onesong,

Thank you....very cool ...but it hurts my head when I try to understand it...;)    Lol.........

and the circles!...I love circles.......look for them everywhere in everything......Lol....

The funny thing here is that when I researched the square root of 1 percent I did find something.....circle!....Lol....

I'm not sure if you are into math, Chris might like this or have seen it before...... but a long lost thing that puzzled me in school was that the square root of -1 could not be explained....it was given a name.....i   for imaginary number......well guess what.....there is a new theory on this imaginary number, probably out there but it makes sense to me,


I'll take a couple of bits out of the site....

Understanding the significance of this imaginary number would link
space, time, matter, energy, gravity, and inertia, all to a single
unit of conversion."

This is based on new revolutionary idea that (E=mc^2) =
(E=mc^circled). This is because c^2 or cxc, being c in linear
direction x c in 90 degree angular direction, which creates a 90
degree arc which if constant creates a circle, and a balance of
centrifugal and centripetal forces, leads to a -1 charged particle or
electron. Therefor (E=mc^2) = (E=mc^circled) = Einstein and Minkowskys
(c x square root of -1) and/or ( c x square root of-1) which are all
energy in circular and or spherical motion with rest mass and -1
charge and therefor c = (square root of -1) = (square root of
electron). No wonder (square root of -1) works so well in solving
problems in electronics

Much love,



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interesting thing about the square root of 1% finding, it did not happen that way in the first D.C. TM experiment led by the Maharashi, but in subsequent studies.  it was only when the "flying" kicked in at that level of release during transcendental meditation did it come to that.  previously the figure was 1%.  This is exciting on so many levels, personal through collective..... imagine flying, literally floating above your station of meditation because you had achieved letting go of determinative thoughts to that degree....

Hey Chris,

Would be so cool!....

My Swami was at a demonstration back in the 60's?.......and another Swami took a student and layed her down....then he put his hands lightly under her shoulders and raised her up while chanting....when he had her at 45 degree's with her heels on the ground he just stood back and let her go......Swami says it was the most amazing thing to witness....she just floated there.......Ommmmmmm.....Lol

but personally....I think I would rather just be an eagle....I wanna shapeshift!....Lol...

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