Planet 9 explained & Planet X explained away

Mathematical Discovery of Planet 9 complete and they are now searching the patch of sky where they expect it to be.  Also revealed that the data used to predict planet X is incorrect data (explained in video).  And note that the video is 40 minutes long, even though it shows 1:11:35.  At 40 minutes it begins to repeat...

Planet 9 Explained and Explored with Astronomer Konstantin Batygin - YouTube

Hunt for ninth planet reveals new extremely distant Solar System objects | Carnegie Institution for Science

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That planet sounds pretty cool,,,,like,,,really cool,,ice,rock,and gas! Of course, no one has seen it yet, and it has nothing to do with planet x, it is only affecting some asteroids in the Keiper belt. And that leaves 3 more to be found according to the Sumerians , and the South American astronomers of old. That glitch in the mass of Uranus,,or Neptune would explain why no one found something there. Then again, the probe they sent out in the 80's reportedly found and photographed that red monster everyone talks about, and that's when it became "illegal" to talk about Planet X. It was an open conversation up to that point. I also found it odd that they never even mentioned using Hubble to search,as Hubble has seen way farther than they are talking about looking here, it seems the obvious thing to do. They have invited all astronomers to search that big patch of sky. Hey everybody,,,look over here!

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