What's Inside Your Credit Card?

I think this only applies to the credit cards that can be scanned just by waving them in front of a reader.



This is how to disable the chip, but still use the normal magnetic strip to charge your purchases.

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I never take a credit card that has the speaker symbol on it. .

You can also keep these chips from being read by keeping them tightly wrapped in tin foil wherever you go but there is still a chance that someone could have a reader at the store counter and read your number when you take it out to use it.

Just call me part of the tin foil hat crowd...

The scarry thing is to me that I have so little trust for these bankster operations. I'm afraid that someday they are going to start putting the chips into the cards without putting the speaker symbol on the card. Someone could probably have a good business by learning how to make a wallet that blocks the signals coming from the chips.


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I wonder if the tin foil trick really stops the signal. 

I heard the same tin foil wrapping technique would stop a cellphone signal.  Because I use my cellphone as an alarm clock, I sleep with it on all night.  I was concerned about the EMFs interfering with my body's natural frequency and disturbing my sleep patterns, so I began wrapping it in foil every night.  I read that the cellphone would no longer be able to receive signals from the cell tower and so would not be able to receive phone calls.  I thought I was safe, until my phone rang in the middle of the night when a call came through from a friend.

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Hi Noa-

Was your phone wrapped tightly? It's my understanding that if you have any gaps as big as a peice of rice the waves will be able to leak out.

In any case the video you posted is definitely a better solution, so thanks.

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Hey Noa, I understand radio waves from the phone drop off in strength 'exponentially' by distance from your body. Even a foot away it's very weak compared to being within an inch from you.  I also use mine as my alarm and I put it as far away as I can reach and no closer when I'm laying in bed.

BTW-I'm not sure I recommend wrapping it in tin foil. Anything that causes the phone to think it has a weak signal situation causes it to boost it's output signal to maximum to compensate. (Ever notice your phone gets hot when you're talking on it out in the boondocks?) I think the phone periodically signals with the tower when idle so you might be making it worse for you. Runs down the battery faster and stresses the electronics too.

Also, I read a geek article in a radio hobbyists tech magazine about cell phone radiation where the authors experimented informally with trying to shield a cell phone. Tin foil didn't work much. They were pretty surprised too-so was I. They completely wrapped the phone up in various materials including foils but it would still answer calls. They had to buy expensive lab quality shielding materials to really get any traction. But remember it's still very weak when not in use and a couple of feet away. You could stack some books between you and it...Hope this helps. Dr Mercola(?) has some good info on this stuff doesn't he Wendy?

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        When I lived in Taos,,,,cellphones wouldn't work in the old adobe houses. but,,,the walls were 18 to 24 inches thick! so, that won't work in bed! ha! If you have the option, just turn off mobile data,,,,and your wifi,,,when I do this in china,,,I don't receive any calls or messages.

      Another note about the earthen homes. It is highly noticeable when you are in one,,,almost a sense of peace. We are so permeated with microwaves every day, just being outside, the difference is very noticeable when we enter a "safe spot". I have been longing to build a monolithic dome, cover it with a liner, dormer the windows, and cover it in 2 feet of earth, and plant it,,,,then you can grow all your food surrounding the dome,and it will thrive from the runoff that lands on the surface area of the dome. You can also build this same home with a quonset hut, keeping the arched ceilings for economical circulation of the air in the home, but still having some vertical walls for art, vertical storage,etc.. 

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Hi Tscout-

I noticed that sense of peace on a railroad cut that had steep walls of rock ledge on both sides the other day. I thought it was cave like and tried to remember having that same sense of peace when I was in a cave as a kid but didn't. Probably when I was a kid there wasn't so much exposure to radiation so the difference wouldn't be noticed.

Thanks everyone for the info. about tin foil

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Here's another tidbit about tin foil that I just stumbled upon.  Supposedly, if you wad up the foil into a ball and toss it into your dryer, it will remove static electricity.  It can be re-used up to a year and you'll save the cost and chemical exposure of a commercial dryer sheet.

I don't have a dryer, so someone let me know if it works.


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