Bank Hackers create 1 Billion in digital $$ - The Fed now has competition

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   it sounds like they did what the american bankers have been doing for a lonnng time, creating money out of thin air! L,,,T

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Wish they'd put a little in our account! Just $100,000 or so would be nice. Maybe $200,000...

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It's interesting that there is nothing in this story about the actual arrest of these hackers. You would think that it would be easy enough to trace these people through their bank accounts. The fact that they use the word "spies" makes you wonder if the part of CIA or NSA weren't the real counterfeiters. Since so much of the news is faked these days, there's also the idea that the entire story is faked and then you have to question why they would fake a story like this.

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   In  this case , the motive could be to use it in relevance to the governments quest to get control of the internet

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