Microwaves and Mind Control

Maybe you already know this, but for those who don't here are some insights on some of the technologies (like emfs from cellphones) that are adversely affecting our wellbeing on a massive scale. Psychotropic weapons are being used worldwide to control our thoughts and our health.

Preston James suggests one antidote: psi power (http://www.wyrdology.com/mind/psi/). He advocates groups of people gathering together regularly to visualize a better future. Several members of this forum have tried to organize such actions, but they've never really caught on. Maybe it's time we take our innate powers to create reality more seriously and join together to change the course of history.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpIGx3CfjWI (Does anyone know where the embed button is on this new format?)

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scary stuff! I guess the good news is they still haven't found a way to "swallow your soul"!!! I have been lucky in a sense over the last year,,,there is no cellphone service here, none of the carriers reach this ranch because of the surrounding hills, it truly feels different around here. You can feel the difference when you go to town.
The signals in the power outlets were especially spooky!

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Thanks Noa,
During his interview he mentioned teacher cancer rates increasing due to this scary stuff so I looked it up and there were articles mentioned, particularly in California about certain schools having higher cancer rates.

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Yes, as a classroom teacher myself, I worry about my daily exposure to wifi and dozens of student cell phones.

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"Psychotropic weapons are being used worldwide to control our thoughts and our health. " ....I had to stop believing this or I was going to lose my sh.t. for real... so please don't believe it or people will make so many tin foil hats that we will cause a shortage of the strategic metals needed for Psychotropic weapons! Seriously, if you are feeling afraid of such things then ask for help from your favorite indwelling helping being, GOD or spirit and you will be protected.

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Knowledge is power. The truth shall set you free.

Agreed, Brian.

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Right on Brian,

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Gee, I wish it was as easy as ignoring the negative and asking God for help. That would solve everything.

But that didn't save the millions who died in the Nazi holocaust, or the millions that die from starvation each day, or the Palestinians facing oppression and genocide, or the vicims of war, or the American and Canadian Indians, or the Australian Aborigines, etc. etc...

Stop believing whatever you like, but closing your eyes doesn't make it not so. Those who hide their heads in the sand are bound to lose their asses.

There are so many dangers in our new era. Sometimes, one must give it over to God, or whatever method you use to connect to a higher aspect. It does no good to become so afraid that one can not move forward and ceases to live life.

I do not own a microwave. I have a great planter by a smart meter with great happy plants growing in the planter. I live in an area where I surrounded by cell phone towers, not once have I been affected.

I live right next to 5 power lines and I am healthier than I have ever been.

Actually, these past 3 years have been the best for me health wise. What has changed?

Well, I stopped ruminating about all the dangers of the world. I stopped being afraid and instead became aware. I can not control them. And they can not control me if I respond with Love and Knowledge. Love More and Expect Miracles. Humanity is far more talented than we give ourselves credit for Playing small is allowing those who seek to subvert our God Given Abilities. We must always strive to seek the Truth through the HEART. It is the access point to Knowledge.

The New Message helped me through some difficult times. It seemed that even though I had all this wisdom flowing through me, it was not helping me live my life.

I stopped blogging. I limited my online presence and I got down to it, living my life fully and walking my talk . You know what happened? Miracles that is what happened.

Love More Expect Miracles. This is wisdom is present in every religion on Earth. Why is that? I thought when that piece of wisdom flowed through me-- that it was a new ides--- well, guess what? Wisdom is Ancient. There are no new ideas only newly presented ideas.

There are many instances in people being controlled that are already in a state of imbalance and instability. There has to be an "in" to capitalize on to control another. Fear creates imbalance.

Recently, something really challenging happened in my life. Something maybe most of you are unaware of--- my life has been exceedingly challenging. So what? Challenges make or break you. In my case, what has not killed me has made me stronger.

Anyways, this challenge was really tough. It involved a city government, and survellience and a vehicle that had been sold and stolen lisc. plates. It involved a lot of beauracracy and algorithyms and a city gov. that refused to listen.

So, after many attempts to deal with this beast of a problem. I just decided to go old school and give it over to God.

It worked. The issue was shown to me to be a non issue as we do not live in that city or even State for that matter.

I learned a lot about giving my power away to the fear of an unnamed unseen enemy.

I am not ignoring the microwaves or mind control. I am acutely aware of it. I am however, not allowing the fear of this to run my life. I have living to do. I have joys to discover. I have happy memories to make. I have gardens to tend. I have children to raise up. I have relationships to maintain. I have sunrises to gave upon and sunsets to marvel at.

We can only respond to life. Live is about living. I choose to live.

In the Nazi death camps there were those who chose to not be defined or defiled by what was happening to them There were those who chose to live life. There were those who chose to live. It is not easy to walk such a path. It is heart wrenching. But those that did knew something-- they knew they were more than that which surrounded them.

That is what is meant by Give it over to God or what ever you use to access your Higher Divine Aspect of you.

I bless you with Love


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Thanks, Fairy, you expressed my sentiments better than I did, and I'm glad you clarified the fact that you don't ignore things like microwaves or mind control... although I would add that the insidious thing about emfs is that (unless you're extremely sensitive to frequencies) you won't know when they're affecting or harming you.  Just like with the radiation from Fukishima, we won't know the actual effects until after generations of babies are born with flippers and brain tumors.  Just because we can't see it, feel it, smell it, or taste it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

What I was trying to convey is that too many people these days are so afraid of facing their fears that they deny the actual existence of anything negative or uncomfortable. Then some of them justify their position by labeling those who are trying to inform the public as "tin foil hat wearers" or "conspiracy theorists." I think deep down we all realize that there will be tough times ahead. Our current way of life is not environmentally, economically, or morally sustainable. If more people would wake up and face the facts maybe the planet wouldn't have to hit us with a "global coastal event"  or a "global financial meltdown" for us to DO something to change the distructive course we're on.  I seriously wonder, if you can't handle the naked truth now, how the heck are you going to survive when the shit really hits the fan? As human beings, I think it's time we face the facts and abandon the childish name-calling.  It's time to grow up as a people, tighten our bootstraps and say, "We don't accept the crap the establishment is dishing out and we're going to change things to make our world better."   Stop cowering in the corner and feeling so helpless when there's work to be done.

I agree with you, Fairy, that miracles can happen and one's attitude can make all the difference in adverse situations.  What I was objecting to was the rah rah support for the simplistic view that all we have to do is ask God for help and we'll be protected.  At first glance, it sounds good, but if your really THINK about it, it's not based in reality.  Although this idea may feel good in the moment, I think it's dangerous because it encourages people to think happy thoughts instead of taking action while the world is falling apart around them. Personally, I don't see God's role in all this as "rescuer." Instead, Divine Source created physical reality to experience itself through us. As we learn, grow, and evolve, so does the Creator. (From that perspective, I think we're short-changing ourselves and the universe when we wait for someone to swoop down and save us.)

I'm sure the victims of war, famine, genocide, natural disasters regularly pray to God for help, but if it was as simple as "asking," these kinds of things would be brief, rare, or non-existent.  The truth is most of us don't have the faith or spiritual fortitude to create miracles at will.  Therefore, I think a more prudent tact than name-calling and eye-closing is to heed the warnings.  Do what you can to protect yourself and your families, and make positive changes in your own corner of the world.

I believe that when a critical mass of people reject the status quo and chart a new course for humanity, it can't help but manifest into physical reality... just by the shere number of people who want the same thing and share the same vision for the world. So do you want to sit helplessly in the dark or do you want to join the millions who say, "Not on my watch" and create something better?

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