Man Vs Earth

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Thanks, I've downloaded this to show to my students.

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Righteous! Recently I wonder,,have previous incarnations of man done so much damage that they wiped themselves out?, or did cataclysmic cycles wipe the slate clean in the past. It seems as if the present incarnation took a wrong turn with technology, as almost all the forms of tech we have now could have been used to advance in harmony with this incredible spaceship we inhabit, rather than to conquer and destroy it, her, our home. Did previous incarnations pollute the Earth like we have? It doesn't seem so, but then huge Earth changes, axis shifts, etc. have to be a cleansing thing for the Earth, phasing species in and out with the melting polar caps during shifts, and the sinking and upheavals of new land masses.So interesting, yet fatal for the likes of us, fleas on her back. I guess those thoughts lead me to the next question......How will this cycle play out?

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I've been noticing how much propaganda there is in the textbook I'm using to teach English (ESL). For example, the vocabulary words in this month's unit are human cloning, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and microchip implants. Microchipping is being promoted as a way to prevent identity theft. The exam question for genetic engineering bills it as "a good use of technology" and "beneficial for humans." The reason they cite is that GE bacteria can eat oil spills. So why did they spray highly-toxic Corexit on the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill instead of using these handy GE microbes?

Maybe it has something to do with Haliburton buying the cleanup company one week before the oil rig exploded.

In any event, you can fool some of the people some of the time.

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Excellent! Josh Fox's (maker of the Gasland docs) latest documentary is very good too.

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