Music of the Spheres

Here is something that you will thoroughly enjoy. It gave me such a lift.




Some comments from other viewers:

"I had goose bumps while I was listening to it... Things like these that push frontiers, make us humankind evolve. Muchas gracias!!"

"One of the most haunting, beautiful moments in YouTube since its inception."
As for the Latin lyrics of Lux Aurumque - which means Light and Gold - they are...
Lux, Lux
Lux, Lux
Lux Lux
Gravis que
Gravis que
Gravis que
Pura velut aurum
canunt et canunt et canunt
... which means (according to this translator) ...
Light, Light
Light, Light
Light, Light
and heavy/loaded/pregnant/deep/dignified*
and heavy/loaded/pregnant/deep/dignified*
and heavy/loaded/pregnant/deep/dignified*
Pure as if gold
(They) sing/prophesy and (they) sing/prophesy and (they) sing/prophesy.
*'Gravis que' is actually written and said as one word, Gravisque, meaning "and [definition]. There are so many words listed because it actually means all of those, in a poetic sense that is difficult to capture in one word in English.
It is an English poem by Edward Esch, translated into Latin by Charles Anthony Silvestri. English: "Light,
Warm and heavy as pure gold and the angels sing softly to the newborn baby."
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 Good idea Berry for posting this. I gasped involuntarily and cried. Hearing such angelic sounds is almost too much for me to bear. Deep wellings of sadness and gratefulness and happiness mix together inside me and I just start tearing right up! How is it we can make this music that shows how deep we are and yet our world is filled with so much pain?  Thanks brother.

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When I first heard/saw this, I got the feeling that they were singing for Mother Earth/Gaia, birthing a new world, a new Earth.  Or perhaps the nativity of the Christ Consciousness?

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Berry, this is awsome! Since last night I've been listening to his other videos, especially "Sleep", and I just can't get enough of them, thanks so much for posting this one and the lyrics too!



Thank you so much, Berry!  I enjoyed listening to this many times since this morning.  Thank you!


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Thank you, my brother, Berry.  What an incredible video.  Just beautiful.




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Thanks Berry,



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Hi Berry-

What absolute joy! I will pass this on to the other members of the choir I sing with.

Thank you.


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I just thought while watching this how powerful it is. Like it represents the awakening of the global brain - the many coming together though the power of the internet, the song at sunrise. If we can sing then can we speak as one people as well? Could we ask to end the war on terrorism? I can just see it - thousands of people throughout the world calling for peace, perhaps singing for peace.

I wonder how many people you could gather in this way. Could you gather twice as many as there are soliders in the world? Could we simply demand peace? This could be another way to take the emporors clothes off so to speak. We would all know that we are millions that want peace and we far outnumber those who want war. How could they continue war then?

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Awesome. Thank you.

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