Inspirational Video - Perfect for these times

This is mucho inspirational - may be one for one of the transformation courses Fred...

sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotions - YouTube

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Cool stuff, Chris!!! Thanks for that. I've been having a lot of fun with friends playing with sound lately. It definitely helps to create more resonance. Take care and enjoy!

With much love and joy,

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   especially the sound demos,,,,and if I ever have a home again,,I am going to build one of these contraptions as my coffee table !! ha!  i think that would be easy,,,,It's the home part I need to figure out !! Hope you are well my brother...was hoping to get out to the lake when I re-entered the states, but had to pass through Spokane and go right to work...L,,,,T

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Good to hear you made it back safe to the states.  Right back to work huh?  We are such slaves to the matrix, Ha

Wouldn't a walkabout to uncharted territory be divine sometime - no thought to planning, just take a hero's dose of mushrooms and go, haaahahaha

Well, I can daydream about it anyway while I chicken out and remain a willing slave....

Oh, finally got around to buying the ultimate zapper - what a cool little unit.  gonna have to go to the dentist and make sure all trace of mercury fillings are gone before using it on or around my head...

guess I'll start with the foot pads....

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      there are sometestimonials on that site about people using it on their head....I have zapped a toothache with it a couple of times,,,and it works,,just don't use it for more than a few minutes each cycle,,,and not too late at night ,either..I overdid it once, and had the wildest night of dreams ever,,,all kinds,,and woke up feeling like somebody had beat me with a club !! It wouldn't have been so bad if I could of slept all the next day !!  The zapper is part of my "round the world first aid kit"..It kills me that they could be using these in so many places,,like malaria stricken areas,,,just buy enough for the people who come to the hospital to use...There were two other teachers with me in china,,a girl from Italy,,and a kid from ireland,,both 23...Thay were both sick almost the entire 4 plus months,,,and were each even in the hospital once,,,for intravenous antibiotics,,,and brought home two weeks worth of prescriptions...We all ate the same food every day,,,I had suspected there might be problems with parasites,,being on a new continent,(new parasites),  and eating food cooked on a huge scale,,,the school was feeding 8000 kids,,3 times a day....Yet, just using my zapper for maintenence,,I was never even close to sick !

      the foot pads are awesome,,it will light you up, right up the channels in your legs, up through the spine,,,and over the crown,,just try to keep that kink out of your lower back when you sit using it, so it doesn't get backed up at the base of the spine..It is a good way to realize what our posture does to us on a daily basis. The base , and top of the spine are the hardest parts to get energy through,,,they funnel through bone there,,,and the enhanced flow of the zapper can help you pinpoint those blockages..then, it is easier to focus on those spots at will, and open them more regularly...

    As for the walkabout,,I could sure use one of those buddy....Although I did a few overnight ones,,not by choice,,in China,,,I sure did miss the wilderness while there...Oddly enough, I have had animals all around me since being back in New Orleans,,,3 baby racoons,,,lizards bloating their necks at me,,,haha!,,stuff like that..I even had a dove jump out of a nest and hit me in the head yesterday,,,a momma sitting on eggs..,,Hope you are well there,,,,T


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Hi Chris-

Thanks for that video. I would like to see & learn more about the meditation experiment that was corellated to peace in the Middle East. Anyone know who did that?

I found this video after watching your's. It sure is an interesting story.


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I don't know who that was Wendy.  I know that there are myriad of groups of people worldwide doing this very thing though.  Two of my favorite written sources for testimony of such practice are Emissary of Light by James Twyman (his experience with such a group on the border of Croatia & Bosnia during those troubling times in the Balkans), and Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth by Stuart Holroyd who wrote of the experiences of Andrijah Puharich, Phyllis Schlemmer & Sir John Whitmore, more specifically, Stuart's account of their meditation practices in the middle east during troubling times in the 70's as per some very specific direction by The Nine.

There is also the Maharishi Effect groups practicing meditation for peace all over the world.  This whole movement is even more intriguing after you read what "Teacher" says to James Twyman in his account of his experiences with that very special group of 13 - that as soon as mankind begins to do their own meditating for peace, we (the 13) will no longer need to be here (they alleged to have been doing this for thousands of years on behalf of the most war torn areas of the world during any given time).

You would have to buy Emissary of Light, but I still have the ebook of Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth.  There is much controversy concerning Tom & the Nine - were they just a creation of the CIA during the MKULTRA days during which time Andrijah Puharich was working with the CIA on MKULTRA.  My own gut tells me (after reading what I have read) that the Nine are authentic - so many have claimed to have first hand experiences with the Nine for many years now.  But this is definitely one of those things that each has to make up their own mind about what they think after reading...

And Todd, thanks so much for that excellent info about how to use the zapper.  You are such a treasure house of experiencial information ever since your wrestling match with cancer...  All is well here - hope to see you again if and when you get up this way again...

Wendy, here is a link to the Maharishi School of Enlightenment (in Iowa - take that bible belt, LOL) that is a product of this movement...

Home : Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment

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I thought that opening clip looked familiar.   The video that Lightwins posted isn't exactly the same, but it's related to this one if you're interested:

Hey Todd.  Do you know if the zapper can help Tinnitus?

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   I really don't know,,,It appears that there are many causes for tinnitus,,from simple wax builup in the ear canals , to more severe neurological damage...I haven't seen any testimonials of that nature on the site,,,but who knows ?  One cause was listed as MS, and the zapper is reported to do wonders for MS, soooo,, maybe it would help !! Neurological pathways are how the current travels through your body,,,and through your water,,,,,so it might just work !! I used to get ringing in the ears,,pretty badly too,,but I attributed it's disappearance to not being around loud music and power tools anymore,,,haha!  Maybe I was wrong !

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i LOVE you all Beautiful awakening support resonated deep with in me sending love and awaking waves everywhere 

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