Boatlift: An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience

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Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story, Wendy.  Two things came to my mind when I watched the video.

1.  Why are we only now, a decade later, just hearing about this wonderful story of compassion?

2.  Wouldn't anyone with access to a boat do the same thing under similar circumstances?  I can't imagine anyone turning their backs to such a thing.



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I happend upon this video.  It was filmed inside Building 7 after the the South Tower Collapsed.  Interesting footage.  Great camera work. ~ Noa



Uploaded by cod7strats on Sep 4, 2011 On 9/11, shortly after south tower collapsed, this footage was taken. Some very rare and interesting footage of journalist Mark Laganga who enters the lobby of World Trade Centre 7 at approximately 10:10 AM on September 11th, 2001. He begins by walking around just outside the crippled building, then sprinting inside after another man, to be confronted at the top stairs by a secret service police officer who is the "last one[s] in the building". The collapse of WTC 7 is not shown in this clip. This video has subtitles for better understanding of what is being said (some is very difficult to hear).

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 Jeez. I've got tears streaming down my face at that Wendy. I never heard about the evacuation. It got to me after all these years of wearing increasingly thick skin over 9/11. I guess I have tried to protect myself from hurting my heart so much the way it was on that day and afterwards. What brought me to the G-Spot was obsessive surfing of websites on 9/11. Some people were saying that the whole thing had been a false flag attack and I remember my incredible paranoia and a sickening disorientation. I actually felt torn from my moorings and just alone with this terrible truth. Nobody in my family believed me. I was relieved of that being a solitary burden here. Thank goodness.
 I think overall, that the effect on me was to rip me from my complacency. I began to question politics, wars, extra-terrestrials became a possibility-hell-everything became a possibility. I got support from everyone here (and in the Transformation Course!!)in sorting and reassembling myself into someone different or more broadminded(I hope)...and I'm grateful. And thanks Fred-haha. So, 9/11 changed me and I think maybe it's a central reason people are waking up so fast and pursuing a spiritual life. Maybe we dreamed it into being-to shock ourselves awake-bring things to a head. So I feel strange saying this out loud but I am thankful for what happened so that we have a chance of saving ourselves and the beautiful world we live on.

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Brian, don't know if you saw this post:  Architects and engineers expose evidence that the Towers were brought down by explosives.  No conspiracies are mentioned, so it's a good video to show to skeptics.

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Thanks Brian,

That's all the same stuff I've been through and I had the same reaction to this film after all these years. I still cry every time I see a 9/11 film that includes the tape of the firemen at some outrageously high floor - out of breath having climbed all those stairs with their heavy equipment, saying they just need a few lines to put out the fires. The tower he was in was pulled shortly afterwords, many believe because those doing the job didn't want it going over the radios that the fires were small.

I started a local 9/11 truth group for the reasons you mentioned. The loneliness at knowing a truth that others refused to listen to. We were horribly ineffective at producing events or getting the word out but as a self-help, support group for each other I think it made a huge difference to me to know people who like me would have arguments at Thankgiving diner over what had happened.

The boat story and all stories of how strangers come together during a tragedy, gives me so much faith in humanity and also reinforces my distrust in socialism. I think we would always pull together to work for one another naturally if we did not live in such a corrupt system and be forced under duress to pay taxes.

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Soon after 9/11, I fell into depression.  I went to see a psychologist for help.  She asked me why that event would cause my depression. 

Why?!!  "Because 3000 innocent people cried out in fear and pain!"  I said.  Even as I said it, I knew there was more to it than that.  I intuitively knew the world had changed forever.

Someone from the UK recently told me that Americans need to get over 9/11 and move on.  I wonder if that's possible.  Even if all U.S. troops pulled out of the Middle East, even if Homeland Security eased up on surveiling and arresting innocent citizens, even if the Patriot Act was abolished, even if the U.S. Government disclosed the truth about 9/11, can we ever forget that fateful day?

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Wendy, we didn't have arguments at Thanksgiving around it but I remember trying to convince my mom that 9/11 was an inside job. Spewing facts like a machine gun, I watched (in semi-relief) as she fell sound asleep (snoring) right in front of me. Pretty funny eh? It didn't hurt -much-that she fell asleep-I could see she was protecting herself, but it hurt to know (pre-G-Spot) I would continue to be alone with it. I felt that blackness closing around me again. I was very sad. I wonder if it is possible to find the entire world is a lie yet again? After the G-Spot, I'm already conditioned to feel the world is a lie anyway so...
And BTW-kudos for starting that 9/11 truth group! You've got a lot more courage than I. At least you can die knowing you did something courageous, utterly free, and right, in the midst of a fucked up, rigid world. Right on!

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