Time sensitive! - Ty Bolinger's new film on Cancer Cures available for free for a limited time

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You need to be willing to give them your e-mail address for this one. Personally, I'm just now loosing a friend to cancer who was unwilling to listen to me. Maybe consider buying the film and sharing with your loved ones BEFORE they get sick. Sometimes I think that is the only way to get people to listen.


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    I signed up to watch,,,hopeI can download them. I am interested to see where this goes. I would imagine the prevention is along the lines of quitting processed sugar and flour,and dairy products,sodas,and basically anything else  so acidic. I saw  a flash in the video of a guy doing enzyme treatment,another thing that has been known for a long time,,,I used simple enzymes from papaya and fasting to kill the tumors in my bladder years ago...I hope they go beyond the dietary measures, I am really interested to see what else people are trying...He used the words scientifically proven a few times, which makes me think they will lleave out a lot of treatments....T

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Being disillusioned about allopathic medicine in general I'm interested to hear what is said as well. When my dad was diagnosed and his oncologist was trying to 'sell' him chemo it was very clear to him that the doctors were doing just that. (He'd spent his whole life in 'sales'.) I wish he would have been open minded enough to try some nutritional and adjunct alternative therapies and not listened to his doc's prognosis. When he was told he had three months to live, it was as if he lived (and died) that to a T.
Having lost 8 family members to the big C in my early 30's in a course of a two year period, I hope some day soon we see the traditional medical and pharmacological community coming round to wanting to actually BE healers rather than profiteers. Thanks for the link Wendy. Blessings to ALL.

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the show Vice had a very interesting episode on Cancer two weekss ago.

Killing Cancer – A VICE on HBO Special Report

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I just signed up too.  Allopathic (modern) medicine has been around for less than 100 years, but natural cures have been with us for thousands.

I'd be more inclined to go the natural route, rather than the virus treatment method.  Although using viruses for good does sound innovative, there are too many things that bother me about it.

- First, why make yourself sick when you don't have to?  Natural treatments rarely produce adverse side affects.

- These "beneficial" viruses are GMO.  "Genetically modified organisms genetically modify you." (David Icke).

- The narrator in the video mentions that HIV is one of these altered viruses.  Does that mean that AIDS is a manmade disease?

We already have (IMO) too much experimenting with viruses under the guise of helping humankind.  Often, then we're left with biological warfare weapons along with our "miracle cures".

Intuitively, I've always felt that nature's way is best.  The earth provides everything needed to sustain life, but for some reason, man's always tinkering with perfection.  If ain't broke, don't fix it, I think.

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   I am impressed so far,,The first show was a repeat for me. I found just about all of that info years ago when I was researching for some answers. But the 2nd and 3rd show are very good. Personally I like when they explain how these things attack our systems. Aspartame was a bio-warfare agent? It turns to formaldehyde once you consume it, and is corrosive in the body,,,mimicing ms symptoms! It eats the neuro network,,,which includes your brain! Thay didn't mention Rumsfeld;s involvement, but the descriptions of how these things damage us are really helpful to me. I hope a lot of people see this....

     I am watching them on youtube so I can download them with keepvid

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One must become one's own center (and savior). And thereby be of more use to the rest of the lost sheep. Yes, hiv is a manmade disease designed to decimate the population of Africa and also targeting the gay community. First introduced in a hepatitis b vaccine in Haiti... Check out the Strecker memorandum

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   I downloaded the series, and I have to say,,,I was impressed. There are some amazing people out there doing some amazing things. Using chlorophyll to feed tumors! They love it and hog it all in the body. Then they activate the chlorophyll with light or sound and it turns to oxygen INSIDE the tumor and kills it! organic genius! and there are many more just as clever...By the way,,they are replaying them all this weekend at this link....  Go here to watch all 11 episode replay marathon for the next 48 hours    

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